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Staging shopping platform for college students in College – shopping backing, diversion of purchasin

more than eleven temperature is not over, just when we hesitate to chop hand, twelve with enthusiasm and full of discount Pumianerlai, let the small owners hands itch again. In the face of one after another shopping spree, college students have what kind of attitude? Therefore, renren.com launched the "students – consumer behavior survey, statistics show: 50% students prepare for next twelve, per capita consumption is expected in the range of 200-400 yuan, while the consumption of college students is more diverse, nearly 40% of students choose students staging shopping platform join twelve.

survey collected a total of 1239 questionnaires, of which 1002 valid questionnaires, covering nearly one hundred universities. Among the surveyed students, girls accounted for 54%, boys accounted for up to 46%.

5 College Students – targeted for battles, double 11 shopping "regret"

found renren.com survey, compared to nearly 80% college students to participate in this year’s double 11 shopping enthusiasm, ready to join the army of twelve shopping college students is only 5, reduce the proportion of 3. Most of the students said: Eleven spend almost twelve, did not have the strength to continue to "prodigal".


However, different

and double 11 to cheap shopping ideas more clearly, twelve students choose to participate in shopping. From Beijing Junior Xiaolv said: "double 11 know what to buy goods, so don’t start, as friends began to found the bedroom when closing the courier, looks like the things missing, that they should buy, so the shopping list, twelve when."


, renren.com users College Research Center official said: 11, many students buy, and to buy twelve students, seemingly become calm a lot, tend to demand to buy. There are many reasons for the calm, including the end of the study, students have no time to take care of online shopping; a semester end, college students in the hands of the money has been relatively tight, etc..

Super 8 into the college students’ consumption budget in 400 yuan, twelve double discount is not generally considered low


survey shows that in the twelve shopping college students, advance costs mainly concentrated in the range of 200-400 yuan, accounting for 62%; college students plan to spend more than 400 yuan accounted for 17%; and plans to spend 200 yuan of the following students accounted for 21%.


college students from Shenyang Xiao Li said: "the two do not intend to buy what the big ticket items, from the school to the double 11, he has lost a lot of things, this is going to buy two bottles of hand cream, dry winter, keep the stockpile. "

renren.com users College Research Center official said: Taobao, twelve small sellers of carnival, less than double momentum >


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