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No gift on the Christmas tree electricity providers generally can not be honored before the delivery

NetEase technology news on December 26th, according to the Wall Street Journal reported that many customers rush to buy gifts before Christmas, but delivery delays make this year’s Christmas is particularly bleak.

Amazon, WAL-MART and Cole department store (Kohl’sCorp) and other companies have promised to deliver the goods before christmas. But the national transport delay families live a Christmas without gifts under the Christmas tree, they absolutely empty, not a gift can be placed.

Christmas Eve, Branden Scott (Brandon Scott) is still waiting for him on Saturday in the Amazon ordered a 46 inch Samsung TV and watch kaitesibei (Kate Spade).

Scott said, I am very frustrated, because these things can easily be purchased in various retail shops near my home. If it wasn’t for Amazon to guarantee delivery before Christmas, I would have bought it in a retail store."

retail analyst pointed out that over the past few weeks, online orders soared, more than expected, which makes retailers and courier companies too busy to attend to all. Bad weather, network fault and delay in delivery and the manufacturer "add fuel to the flames".

on Tuesday, UPS (United Parcel Service) said that due to the online shopping surge on Christmas Eve, so that the company’s cargo system overwhelmed, it is impossible to deliver goods in time before christmas.

UPS spokesman Susan • • (Susan Rosenberg) in response to a reporter’s question, said, delivery is far more than expected, but also exceeds the delivery capacity of the company’s system. UPS shipped 45% of the country’s total, and on Monday, the company’s delivery has exceeded the expected number of copies, and the need to deliver more of the package is still a steady stream of the emergence of the 7 million 750 thousand.

in some of the Amazon customers received notice, UPS pointed out that there are some delays due to delivery has not yet received a parcel from the shipper."

Amazon spokesman said on Wednesday, Amazon operations center is timely processing of customer orders, and delivery of goods to the courier company. At the same time, we are following the courier company’s delivery."


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