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Food and Drug Administration no store network ordering a minimum penalty of 50 thousand

third party platform catering service providers should be reviewed on site

(reporter Yang Bin) to provide network catering services, must have a physical store and obtain food business license. Otherwise, will be at a minimum fine of 50 thousand yuan. State Food and Drug Administration recently announced the "network catering service supervision and management approach (Draft)", the third party platform network catering services to the catering service providers on-site examination and registration.

draft proposed to provide catering services using the Internet, should have physical stores and food business license in accordance with the law, in accordance with the food business license as the main format, project management in business activities, shall not exceed the scope of business. Online publicity network catering service provider name and address should be consistent with the real name and address, the publicity of the facade, lobby, kitchen and other pictures should be consistent with the store; publicity information, main dishes and actual dishes and accessories shall be used by the main accessories; publicity pictures should be consistent with actual dishes.

network catering service providers should use non-toxic, clean tableware and food containers, packaging materials, packaging good food, avoid direct contact with food delivery staff, ensure the delivery process of food is not contaminated. Prohibit the use of disposable tableware.

network for catering service platform to third parties, the draft proposed deal with the catering service providers on-site examination and registration, signed an agreement with the catering service provider, clear responsibility for food safety, the homepage prominently publicized food business license. Third party platform should also be catering service provider business conduct and service checks and monitoring, found violations should promptly stop and immediately report to the food and drug regulatory authorities. If a serious offence is discovered, it shall immediately stop providing the service of the network trading platform.

third party trading platform food network provider and web self catering service provider should faithfully record the network ordering order information, including the name of the food, single time, delivery time and food information flow, save time not less than 6 months.

if the consumer through the network of food trading platform to third parties ordering, the legitimate rights and interests are infringed, may demand compensation from the catering service provider network. The third party Internet trading platform provider can not provide catering service provider network real name, address and valid contact information, by the third party network trading platform provider compensation.

Beijing food and Drug Administration Department of the relevant personnel, online ordering platform, easy release of fake information mainly has three kinds: one is the network store brands and industrial and commercial registration is not consistent; two is the store operation between photos and the actual operation places do not match, some operators from the network to download pictures to cover up their own store the three is dirty and messy; store the actual place of business with the registered place position does not match.


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