October mummy to try O2O mode

with the Amoy brand, some small and medium-sized clothing brand open shop to gain a complete victory of some influential brands, "Hold live", have opened up the electricity supplier in the new territories. While pregnant with a well-known brand in the on-line year October mummy business will reach monthly sales exceeded ten million in April this year, Sequoia Capital investment is not the electricity supplier valuation October mummy when included, but now feel like picking up a wallet.

in recent years, some of the "net" of traditional enterprises have suffered in Waterloo, the e-commerce is fragrant "hoe" defeated. There are some struggling with the traditional enterprises, although the online success, with the loss of huge profits is offline exchange, it can be described as "losing money earned crying". Some of the traditional enterprise network marketing once up, will directly affect the store’s sales agents, to complain incessantly.

is also the traditional clothing enterprises, October mummy the opposite situation, the first month of business is only 28 thousand yuan in sales, after a month was 100% growth, to September this year, more than 5 million sales force, the monthly sales of more than ten million online October mummy, let the industry speechless in the growth of network speed.

in early 2007, October mummy have begun to focus on the subway ads, so when the business in the rush, October mummy already famous in the subway. This makes the business at the end of the year when the winter came, many electricity providers have been evacuated from the subway ads, but still in the October mummy, unremittingly and moderate brand in the October mummy has become one of the brand in last few years the fastest growing enterprises, also make its business is profitable.

In this year, Taobao

once a year the highlight of "double eleven", the first time to participate in the "double eleven big promotion: October mummy distinguished record products (including pregnant women occupy, confinement meals and other pregnancy related products) 98% market share, was completely in a monopoly position in pregnancy. The turnover of maternal and child products ranking, the top two are children, third is the October mummy’s flagship store, the turnover of nearly ten million.

in order to develop business, from the beginning of this year, October mummy began testing the waters of online transactions, pick up the line "O to O" (on-line to off-line, online and offline combined marketing) mode, such as online on sale, the original price of 1500 maternity can take 400-500 yuan price. Customers can also directly open a new store online shopping experience maternity, enjoy the value of shopping experience.

"in the future, we will strengthen the experience of this online customer line mode." According to Zhao Pu said, they are brewing a big brand, together is a month of meals, pregnant women, pregnant women and postpartum weight photo related industry. This is like a boat on the aircraft carrier, the formation of a mother and child category of large industries. In the experience of the store, pregnant mothers who can print a variety of pregnant women service coupons, play >


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