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see the conversion of Amoysh419 Wang Zhan talks about the career path doing the right thing in the

012 years in July 31st, "sh419 certification" conference held in Hilton Beijing Hotel, from the well-known enterprises, universities, industry associations opinion leaders gathered to open the "sh419 certified" comprehensive social promotion curtain. At the conference site, Wang Zhan, vice president of sh419, shared his career experience and stressed the need to do the right thing in the industry."

when users use the keyword search to your website, click to enter a commodity, so much, not looking for that type of baby, the result will lead him directly off your website click on the link below.

two, in-depth target population, single product promotion

there was a time in the Internet to see Taobao customer daily earn 2005001000 a number of articles and tutorials, and found in a large number of online selling Taobao, also carefully read a few articles, some mentioned do flow in micro-blog with long tail keywords, some also do more to explain how the long tail keywords of a commodity to drainage in sh419 Post Bar. Maybe it can do up the flow, but the flow conversion rate, is through a large number of tedious work for us is that these come and go faster traffic today? Roast potatoes together with you talk about how to improve the conversion rate.

, a station humanized interface, enhance the user experience, the user to extend the residence time of

selection of goods also affect the conversion rate, think, or do not choose the cold door goods, this late hard work is probably futile, commodity promotion mom can see a commodity sales data, some 30 days of commission payments, such as goods relatively unpopular said the data is very low, who are not willing to go to the promotion, market demand is relatively low. We can select their own here will promote the goods.


, a sh419 certified, a happy job,

there is an old saying in China: "men are afraid to get into the wrong business, and women are afraid to marry the wrong man."." Wang Zhan said, I am very lucky, in the early development of the Internet Chinese entered into this industry, into sh419, "for each person, the most important is to choose the occupation career of the industry, to choose a suitable for their own development and industry play. Today, the Internet is undoubtedly the most advanced in this era, the fastest growing, the future prospects of the most beautiful industry."

talent shortage in the industry, sh419 is also deeply affected by it". Wang Zhan said, 7 years ago, when sh419’s annual revenue of 300 million, the industry is not a scale, the demand for talent is not large. And this year only a sh419 company revenue will reach about 20000000000, the entire market for talent demand can be imagined. Since the establishment of sh419’s search engine marketing department in 2007, the supply of talents has mainly gone through the internal training mode. Soon, by 2010, the sh419 division had become a "disaster hit" for other businesses, and many of its best people had been poached by 2-3 times as much as others. "Because the market is growing so fast, they need people, and it takes time to train people. The best choice is to poach people from sh419."." Wang Zhan explained.


the overall interface of a web site is two words for the person who accesses it. Feel good can in inside, see, even in their own interest to find some things, prolong their residence time on the page. The Taobao station, images of each product size should be moderate, simple arrangement, neat, described by some soft text, the whole to have a visit to the user as a shopping guide feeling, in this way, will it be possible to increase the turnover rate.

so when I suggest you do the Tao, the best choice of single product promotion. Single product promotion is more conducive to our further target population, we can use the community life shopping plate, group, space to communicate with the target user, of course, not too direct send ads, you can chat with them early some other topic, slowly talked with him very well, then appropriate to introduce them to you to the promotion of the goods. Roast potatoes in such a way that the promotion effect is relatively good, but a lot of skills, to get through in the practice experience slowly.

seeking is the explosive growth, talent supply continues to be scarce, has become a constraint to the development of the industry. sh419 needs to do something,

Internet marketing professionals in the workplace "flip board jump" confirms the fact that the entire industry for Internet marketing personnel need

According to

China well-known recruitment website "51job" data show that in 2012 Internet marketing post demand an increase of 97%, a total of about 1 million 160 thousand, while the number of job seekers is only 48-52 million, the supply and demand ratio up to 1:2.4, equivalent of 2.4 enterprises in a rush to the average search engine marketing talent, a huge talent gap. In the next 3 years, the demand for enterprises will increase by 30%, and the shortage of talents will be difficult to alleviate.

since Microsoft and CISCO can pass IT certification for the industry to train their own talents, as one of the world’s largest Internet media sh419 can also naturally. After some consideration, sh419 decided

women, female supplies has been keen to promote Taobao off the popular baby, in great demand, competition is very fierce, then it The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea Gexianshentong.

but, Wang Zhan also admits, the most beautiful industry is missing talent, especially search engine marketing talent.

three, choose the right goods, to meet the needs of

the most beautiful industry, the most missing is talent


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