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Optimization of the keywords ranking why not stable

well, the word "Shijiazhuang Shanghai dragon" has no difficulty? Just love Shanghai, love Shanghai for you to find relevant results about 268000 (love Shanghai regularly clean junk pages, so great changes), PC (computer) index 58, mobile index 27, fell in love with the sea is 2 pages. The sea fell in love with the top 20 web sites, the shortest time site is 9 months.

website 1 shortcomings: user experience.

website 2 disadvantage: authoritative, it lacks most of the site.

today, most of the site is the original content, compared to those collected copy site advantage is much better, because the love of Shanghai, the original site is also paid more attention to.

No matter how long the word

for years and have been doing so, Shanghai dragon, Shanghai will certainly give the evaluation of love this site is very high, but also pay more attention to. Certainly than the new popular.

domain name 1:


time 2:

but sometimes to love Shanghai second page 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, most of them are in love in Shanghai before 2 pages, visible, my site belongs to the site 20 in the name of love Shanghai.

is up to do, we look at our own strengths and weaknesses.


The content of

everyone to love the sea search "Shijiazhuang Shanghai dragon", see the rankings in the first few trouble, give me a minute, I just used the noble baby chrome and ie10 two version of 37.0.2062.120 browser were tested, "Shijiazhuang Shanghai dragon" the words in Shanghai love home page eighth.

who are you? And what relationship? You do this for a few years? How many customer cases? You are not a good title, how could people believe you? Not just as simple as the rankings do go up.

like those domain names containing "Shanghai dragon" SJZ Shanghai "dragon" site, itself has certain advantages, because the good domain name will let you save a lot of manpower, time, weakness, this is the domain name advantage, so we must choose a good domain name before.

optimization ranking why not? I love for example, take their own site to push 1 push studio, one word is not stable, what word? That is "Shijiazhuang Shanghai dragon", although the word is a regional word, but the competition is very fierce. So, I website ranking is not stable is normal.

so, if you want to play for, or >

Some sites do

this is all sites missing, how to enhance the user experience? Thought to the user’s perspective, your site can solve what your site to the customer? How to attract customers?



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