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Love Shanghai hot real time preview adjustment algorithm

preview only for search results page for the latest information of this type. When we move the mouse to the vocabulary when real hot inside, the result is a preview of the search results page home page top, and belong to the latest information related to this arrangement, but when we move to Zhou Chenghai when the name, the result displayed is not the case, as shown below:




just love Shanghai is adjusted, but this is probably only to have love Shanghai accounts. Because only love Shanghai accounts in Shanghai love home to add real-time hot columns, actually love Shanghai before the launch of the home page to add the application, has been in Shanghai account for love publicity, tell everyone, love Shanghai registered account, can get a better user experience. Now the further expansion, perhaps is also just a test. But now let’s look at the Shanghai love this test, we can get the guess what.

from the results we can see that love Shanghai is pursuing the latest information this list ranking, how to make the site is our webmaster pursuit of adding the latest list. But the latest relevant information or observation we found that the site is a list of famous news sites. We can not think so, the relevant information is the latest hot love Shanghai for real-time of algorithm. The double s weight-loss drug 贵族宝贝cmxmc贵族宝贝 original, reproduced please indicate the source, thank you

in fact, before this, Shanghai has love love Shanghai in the search bar drop-down box preview test, but now has been removed, and now to be a preview of real-time hot test. Otherwise, guess, love improved Shanghai’s next step algorithm, will add the preview function. In the other search engines have a preview function and performance is good, love Shanghai is already in the hands of the test.


However, this seems to be


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