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How to ER and Shanghai dragon net to catch fish

method two: make full use of the advanced search

has experience of the old fisherman will determine where to fish, so they will cast their nets often gather in the place to fish, but not every smart fisherman put the nets in the few places, they will find a new place to put the bait. The same reason, many Shanghai dragon ER have a clear mind, do the chain to find those high weight website, but a lot of people do every day the chain is limited to the few sites: Shanghai know love known to every family (space, Post Bar, experience), Tianya, NetEase, Sohu, Sina, A5, Chinaz, ask, Shanghai dragon why, the site of the chain effect is very good, we all know that, but it’s not necessary to spend all day in these sites, the Internet is very big, we can go to dig some new sites. (before this, it is recommended that you install can display the browser plug-in below PR Alexa with convenient operation):



then is the display list in the selection of high quality website: we can see some of the posts are before a few minutes or a few hours and then released search records, we can see these sites into PR and see if this ranking, 2 are OK, we can think of some method of post a topic or reply. These skills I believe we all know more than me, in which I don’t do

we need to find some update website, how to find? We can love Shanghai in the search box enter a keyword + the date;

date transmission

said that if the Internet into a world of waters sea, Shanghai dragon ER is him, so the station is outside the station is link bait, fishing nets, and the spider is fish. A fishing people know that fresh bait is easier to catch fish, we built the station, station to have fresh content to lead the spider, it is often said that the original, the contents of many predecessors have said, not discussed here, mainly to a say how to put good net catching fish, following from finding a site with looking for friends of the chain in 2 aspects:

method: find the key word

looking for friends of the chain of this topic is not new, but to see a lot of Shanghai dragon ER to spend some time Links exchange group, at the beginning I was ignorant, in the group.

in Shanghai the input field enter the keyword, displays the search results, then we can see at the bottom of an advanced search, click the "advanced search", out of a page and then choose to search our limited "time is" choose "drop-down menu in recent days, with the best way is that we can look at the opponent in the past few days, where the hair of the chain, we can also go to. (this way some injustice, but in a way, this is also the competition is relatively feasible!)

Looking for friends of the chain:


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