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Share modify the website TDK one month after the weights of two levels rise



although this is a problem called a commonplace talk of an old scholar, but Shanghai dragon back and forth cannot do without these elements, but the key is that the author of the site updated to meet consumer tastes is keeping pace with the times, that is to say, write some of the more relevant in the current environment of Shanghai Longfeng paper. The benefits of doing so can let consumers interested in click on your article, by colleagues for the spider included will have a good effect, for example, before the Christmas Eve, Christmas singing activities "," Guangzhou No. six subway line opened near what fun tomorrow "and the upcoming" Eve Countdown "and so on, writing for the author to provide Everfount material for the Shanghai dragon.

, a regularly updated website

said we often hear an argument, is the site of the TDK (Title, Description, Keyword) three elements try not to modify, otherwise it is easy to cause the site is down right.

is shown in Figure 2, this update, can be realistic, and can let you write something new, naturally easy to be included in the spider love Shanghai.

However, if this

(Figure 2)

so we have reason to believe that a point is the experience of others is the experience of others, in fact, modify the TDK does not necessarily be right down, but because there may be modified so that consumers at a glance to see the site of the focus, are interested to visit the site, in this kind of situation, the spider will naturally love Shanghai the record, and then modify the TDK to minimize the loss.

today I queried by the "master of the house site of Shanghai Longfeng comprehensive query platform, Amoy K nets have 3 to 4 weight from the weight to the sea, from the love flow is expected to reach 1040 IP, to know that in the modified TDK, Amoy K net love everyday in Shanghai is expected to flow only 450-490, that is to say, to modify the site TDK this month, let Amoy K net home owners love Shanghai from 2 to 4 weight, rose two.

must appear? Is not the case, because the website Amoy K net in about a month before the TDK changes, and the modified two level more than more than 40 websites, until now, love Shanghai has updated the release of these modified the website TDK, but not in the whole process of any tier two website ranking fell, but several website ranking also rose.

K then we Amoy net is how changes in the TDK will not only be right down, but also can be obtained with an index of the amount of sea rising? The following the recent practice to write out and share with you:



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