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Love Shanghai credit rating and V buddy, you’re going to do


: if you are a business owner, see competitors in the sex Shanghai Jingjia, and the people of the "V" level higher than you, you are to Shanghai dragon ER pressure to engage in the opponent’s Jingjia website or to give them sufficient resources to support, to make their sites also have the word "V" escort


Baidu now and get out of something new, buddies you noticed? Yes, credit rating and V certification, is seen not above 9998, not 998, as long as 600/, yes, you’re not wrong, really as long as 600 years. The cat thought this thing Baidu out is to search for a user to build trust, the credibility of certification in a certain extent, but also for users to shield the waste site, improve the user experience, so the cat said: the launch of the V credibility of certification, will gradually affect the love of Shanghai Jingjia website ranking and click rate, which leads to influence the weights of the website, so this is a chain reaction, Shanghai dragon ER you know, let us wait and see!


kitten that: medical and cosmetic plastic surgery industry if you have the qualification to apply for advice.

said: we often say that sex kitten in Shanghai Jingjia site before, in Shanghai love natural ranking advantage, this is Shanghai dragon ER who recognized the fact, then for Baidu, the credibility of certification is to better the user experience, so there is no natural ranking advantage? The cat believed that some this is certainly.

now the cat would say, if you are a business owner to decide whether to do Baidu new "V" certification? Here Kitty said several suggestions, for your reference, please don’t say good buddies you ha.

kitten think: the credibility of certification, is a standard website experience, some companies can hit out money credit rating, of course, this company is no nouveau riche to cat. So, the net recognized you, no matter how good you are, if you do not recognize you, do more things are useless, each one according to his lights, the kitten’s level is so high, nor what unique opinion, buddies don’t think I’m just nonsense.

from the beginning of 2014, the security alliance certification (including website certification), 360 certification, QQ computer housekeeper and so the basic realization of the business model, only 360, computer Butler is free. Security alliance Baidu also with the on-line reputation certification and dropped out of love on the stage in Shanghai. In fact, at the end of 2013 when the love of Shanghai jin>

three: for Baidu credit certification, the majority of net buddy or not? On their company’s website ranking would affect

two: if the enterprise website "V" certification to 2 to 3, so the enterprise website natural ranking is the advantage of


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