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Keywords new station how to layout the detailed Laoniao

Title:title tags in the sentence should be placed on your main keywords, the most important, placed in the front. Generally the main keyword set 2-4 can be easily dispersed, too much weight of keywords, is not conducive to ranking. Special remind to love Shanghai suitable for display in the search results, the title is not too long to love Shanghai line search results can show all the keywords for the best.

2. column layout

if you put the three tag keyword layout well, let these three labels complement each other, your site will have a good start.

Keywords: for a new sites for, Keywords tags are necessary to do this, the inside of the key words in addition to the main keywords you set, you should also put some target keywords, long tail keywords index low. Of course, the long tail word can not write into the keywords, can be updated when the content of scientific and rational interspersed in the article.

here emphasize, the website do not use too many subcategories, unless you have a lot of original content, to ensure that each column is updated daily as a relatively new, multi column Never mind, if is the enterprise stand two to three columns can be.

said that under the first page with the title, we can use H2, H3 tags, in the title of the appropriate add keywords to optimize. Of course, in order to avoid excessive optimization, in the title > wear

Keywords Keywords

general site will set up several columns, two level menu, then the menu is not free to set? Here should also note that the program should also be set with words related to text, you know, this is the first spider contact place, so also should pay attention to oh.


we all know, to a new station in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, keywords layout is very important, especially for a novice webmaster, web site keywords layout has been a headache, then we should be how to carry out the key words for a new scientific layout? We are going to discuss keywords new station how to scientific layout. In this paper, we take the Korean luxury Taobao world Fengge store as an example, to talk about how the new keyword layout from the following four aspects.

Description: description tag requires a words to master, and this sentence is not just to write this passage, which need to set the keywords you. It is best to include all the key words you write.

three 1.Keywords

(warning: determine the good, don’t change, the spider is not love this behavior.

new station layout, the first consideration, should be three Keywords tag set.

3. the article page or product page with page keyword layout

tag set


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