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Discussion on how to strengthen the credit business website website

All kinds of

third party certification


professional website image

no matter what type of website, should set up a separate page put on their website contact, contact to write more detailed better, let users in the website, want to contact us, can be found in a variety of ways, as users encounter problems, want to seek help or customer service is what happened. Do not contact us, if contact is not correct, or not all users will think you are a liar, you will doubt, therefore, we must have the contact details, including website, phone, QQ, email etc..

the text on the site no matter how to write, how to say, it is still on your own website said, want to let users believe that there is a certain degree of difficulty, persuasion does not say, and puff feeling, therefore, if you have some kind of qualification of the third party, and trust your site will immediately increase to a level. If you have received what rewards, then you can put the award-winning certificate on a web site.

detailed information

contact Goods are available in all varieties.

a fully detailed and effective information allows users to trust website, if you are selling products, so the product information provided by the more detailed the better, the user can not touch, by only you upload pictures on the site and some text, users understand the content is only to provide you with information on the website. Therefore, to keep the site updated products and try to put the related news products are written, the more detailed the better, in addition, industry news, new promotional activities will often update.

is now doing e-commerce sites more and more, and this kind of website users can not see the real goods, cannot touch, there is no corresponding sales or sales staff to do so, that is a bit difficult, want users to be assured of my wallet shopping so much, how can we eliminate user concerns, build trust website and let users rest assured choice for us? The A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝.Admin5贵族宝贝/topic- Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng.Html) is from the following aspects to talk about how to strengthen the electricity supplier Website Trust website:

website and the people in reality is the same, the first impression is very important, first look at the comfortable website, users will want to come back, if you provide goods in the website is just the needs of users, and the price and quality are guaranteed, so that users choose your possibility is very large. But need to be reminded that the user in the site if users need real and effective information, and the website design is appropriate, the content is also very perfect, not what typos, pictures can not open, access speed is too slow and so on, so as to improve the site’s professional image.

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