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The website page structure and content optimization techniques in Shanghai Dragon

1, the text must contain your keywords to do

optimization of Shanghai dragon?

medical and business class, technology class website is not updated every day, but also to pay attention to the actual value of each article.

2, picture content must have the ALT property

Pay attention to the details of

in the 07 year, the anchor text chain to the home page or column page, will give the corresponding page weighted voting transfer. But later, love Shanghai has this chain in order to found cheating behavior. Because the hyperlinks in the article almost no users to click. Of course, if there is a link click, not cheating. In simple terms, love Shanghai determine whether your inner chain is cheating, one of the judging standard is to see the chain click rate whether the minimum standard of love in Shanghai.

principle to consider the needs of the user, rather than search engine. Can do video + text, picture + text according to the demand of

5, do not use the H tag

A: the

principle two: don’t cheat the user

if there are pictures, no alt attribute, but this page will be the search engine to give a certain right down

< h1> tag a page can only be used once, can be used as the title of the article, otherwise they will be convicted of cheating. That is to say, do.

two, content editing:

site is updated every day to

principle three: let the page become the one and only

someone may ask, breadcrumbs nobody, cheating you. Of course not, because the breadcrumb path is some point, and it is very important, whether it is love or Google Shanghai, attaches great importance to the breadcrumb path.

3, hiding the true content of

general information station, gateway station need to be updated every day, the news is the user group.

4, not into the anchor text in the content inside

, first of all, the website content editing need to pay attention to the following three principles:

web pages, is often the most a web page. Also through the long tail keywords flow into the site the most important page, then for each article pages, how to do

about the heat now medical website optimization, many people will fall into a misunderstanding. Medical website is a service platform, so there is no need to make that kind of information inquiry platform, medical website has been 39 Health Network, Xunyiwenyao, the monopoly of a good doctor and other major sites, the long tail word is basically very difficult to make a good ranking. So now the medical station, if it stays on continuously update the article, and then update the article, the site’s ranking is not any effect.

? Then the


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