Page 8 website optimization of weights

: at the beginning of the search box has been automatically generated keyword in breadcrumb navigation also appeared keyword.



at the bottom of the page: page navigation, repeat key.

page keyword echoed tail




the use of science nofollow

: in the middle of the page are in the picture, the use of the title and ALT tags for the text of product pictures in the product links, the text also uses the title tag to text connection are described, such a product can be the keyword repeat four times, in the middle there is a page the classification of the search box, search box also appeared in a keyword.

websites in order to increase keyword density, often from the inside of the emergence of a large number of keywords, in fact, this is likely to be the love of Shanghai that the key word accumulation, but also reduce the user experience. You can see it here whether the page at the beginning, middle or end of the page, there are keywords, can the entire page keyword is evenly distributed, the tail echo feeling, and whether the page has no product, keywords of the page will be repeated 4 times, score >

opened its products within the pages of source files can be found in the use of nofollow is very scientific, do not only in the nofollow at the bottom of the site links to web service and so on, the nofollow is used in the product page, many people asked, let love Shanghai crawl more pages that Rongsheng not better? Smart this makes sense, the page series is very smart, very likely billion, as everyone knows, the search engine to give a number of Web sites included is limited, so smart nofollow blocked the same product page, this can make the search engine more product page.

in the key distribution, it can be said to be the first in the tail echoed, see how it echoes, in search of Shanghai love Hamilton watches (love Shanghai index 400), after a page, in the first row is the site open, you can see:

Within the pages of The head of the page in the page

as one of the best domestic comparison shopping site, smart believe we are not unfamiliar. Check the weight of up to 8 in Shanghai love station network, what is the reason for it has so high weight

In the first



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