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The best way of marketing who destroyed Yu Minhong’s (a)

according to common sense, such a good way of marketing, both in the industry and among users should be won, full of praise. But the fact is not like a description of Mr. Yu Minhong macro so beautiful. The author is currently working in a German listed mobile Internet Co Beijing branch network, Android (Beijing) Information Technology Co., Ltd., is committed to the vigorous development of the Android application developers and mobile application store to provide high-quality, professional, one-stop service. In the company’s network shop Android search marketing, I have a deep experience:

The best way to export marketing

then, either at PPC or above Shanghai Longfeng, want to get the marketing effect from the search engine, time or expenses must be paid and higher than the effect of several times. "Conversion rate" has been plagued by search marketing enterprise scale disease.

again, let search marketing experience to reduce the search, search by users accused.

June 20th "entrepreneurs salon fourth held in Beijing, New Oriental Education Group founder Yu Minhong said that the development of the Internet has a major impact on the education and training industry. If it is in his early start, do brush pole enrollment speaking, start-up education companies basically do not up, search marketing is the best way of marketing.

indeed, search marketing has changed the education and training industry marketing mode. According to the relevant data show that a Chinese search engine, this search for the promotion of education and training industry is ranked second in the industry. New Oriental is to establish a strategic cooperative relationship with the search engine, in addition to the daily search promotion, the search engine platform at the same time, it is also an important base of New Oriental brand building. Search marketing has on the change of traditional marketing mode of the remarkable.

in New Oriental Mr. Yu, why would be a double criticism from users and enterprises? Who ruined the search marketing this way? The review, we discuss together! (text / Murong exhibition)

first, SEM (Search Marketing) in a broad sense, including not only the PPC (pay per click promotion, namely PPC also includes Shanghai), Phoenix (search engine optimization, namely natural ranking). In the two directions of search marketing, PPC and the Shanghai dragon focus is different: the former is paid advertising on the search engine, and the latter is to improve the website according to the search engine sequencing rules, and the ranking obtained natural flow;


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