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The medical website how to coordinate the relationship between the Shanghai dragon and the user expe

has been observed for a period of time the flow is smaller, the number of advisory also have some more, but found.

Shanghai dragon The

medical websites are doing to have a doctor needs people to see, is to bring direct benefits, not just to see a spider. Some of the webmaster very care hospital included in the site, site traffic and the keywords ranking, as everyone knows, a good user experience, is the verification of medical website quality standards, can bring the hospital consultation quantity is the ultimate goal.

in Guiyang Shengji Andrological Hospital (www.sjnk.cn) as an example, at the beginning of the construction site is now less than 5 months, but has experienced four times of revision! The first time, with particular emphasis on Shanghai Longfeng, site for on-line acquisition has good 2K article, article title, keywords, content of keywords the density, are doing very well, the page design is not very good, is to imitate a large health portal, the original idea is to get through a lot of content with long tail words, so the traffic there, a website online, the result is indeed to be expected. This piece of medical industry, people are aware of the fierce competition, needless to say, love Shanghai promotion costs on the way. But in a period of observation after the website traffic is indeed to around IP1000 daily, but the amount of consulting really exasperating, but there are many traffic sources in other provinces, the regional hospital service is strong, unless you are a very famous big hospital, the patient will have not quit thousands of miles came to the remote medical treatment, if it is a large hospital that is not necessary so hard to engage in what Shanghai longfeng. All the crap, then locate the target group in Guizhou, keywords are also around the Guizhou andrology hospital to carry out, has been ranked first in the class is in Guizhou; disease treatment such as * * * *.

to solve the problem of more traffic problems, and it is more important to obtain high quality analysis of traffic problems, or bring huge invalid flow will cause the burden of the website.

user experience (UE) to solve the problem is transformed into the problem how to make it runs through a series of process needs to see a doctor who finally completed the online consultation, including web page design to coordinate, collocation is reasonable, content to have value, let the patient as soon as possible consultation, even if there is no sick people to pay attention to, want to check.

a lot of medical website articles often love in the article often insert meaningless title or keyword, such as Shanghai dragon I think there is some help, but for the user experience, is undoubtedly a big mistake.

always stand in the angle of visitors, stand in the customer’s shoes, told the visitors want the most information in the most direct and effective, if successful. Medical network marketing, I always think, UE+SE (user experience optimization + Search Marketing) combination is the inevitable trend of hospital marketing.


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