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The medical industry site optimization is why every love Shanghai to suppress



this is a hospital I was looking for K station, please see below the promotion effect of

four, station groups: Hospital Station feature is the Love Lane station group, big promotion efforts, making search results of chaos, the user experience is poor, causing users don’t know which is which is the official website of the vest, do good can monopolize a keyword, so that the user does not select >

, a cause of credibility problems: do what should pay attention to a reputation, the medical industry is no exception, after all medical large blocks of fat, as long as a little bit of qualified hospital like to eat, so there is some "cry up wine and sell vinegar" speculation, but obviously not the strength blowing on the Internet, causing the user consumption by deception, including the love of Shanghai itself has a problem, Nanjing Shanghai dragon see a hospital station is "pulling", but also the promotion of the first, and the search principle is not completely opposite, who have money who are either not at first? The qualification can be on the front page, is "pulling" station is definitely a reason.

two, the content of medical industry is profiteering all hearts are, so the competition is fierce, the article must relax, pseudo original common, copy and paste is also the original rarely seen in business with pop, basically a station without user experience to talk about. This is also the rapid growth of the enterprises, enterprises will not waste a cent on the Internet, just want to see the results you want, will not consider whether a violation of the rule of the search engine, do not have a business on the Internet do not value advertising! Certainly is the main reason for the two K station.

Why is every love Shanghai website

three, the chain: the medical station most of the external links is quick, the chain is often meaningless to the site when the nutrients, for example, the title and content of classified information does not match, the forum only a few words, a blog is to copy and paste, most of the source of the chain belong to junk the chain such as, encyclopedia, library, rarely soft outside the chain of high quality do, after all, the audit also strictly, batch do time-consuming, not suitable for the medical enterprise crash station.

to suppress the medical industry? Love Shanghai 6-22 and 8-23 two K stand the medical industry There were many discussions. And the most miserable, 6-22 webmaster many medical riots, launched in Shanghai to promote love offensive, but a long time naturally subsided, all the webmaster or peace of mind to do new sites; 8-23 love Shanghai struck again K nearly 60% medical stations (estimate), worse than last time, let the strength is not too much to handle the recovery of medical treatment, medical care for the love of Shanghai is also a key reason, Nanjing Shanghai dragon consultants analyze what is the specific reason.


K is the hospital station after the promotion of


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