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10.25 love Shanghai earthquake on some speculation web site is down right


4. love Shanghai products chain implicated. Many people may have not to consider this problem, how to say my other sites use the same technique to optimize are no problem, but the love of Shanghai Post Bar chain of love Shanghai station was drop right, so it is probably because I love the Shanghai products do influence the hyperlink. Love Shanghai anti hyperlink algorithm if the implementation of the first to check it should be Shanghai love home products, so that a period of time in the recent don’t love Shanghai product links.

recently and we may discuss more is to love the latest news on Shanghai "love Shanghai – Ultra connection algorithm ‘, in the love of Shanghai the news just released second days have told me his love Shanghai station was drop right, unfortunately his small station is the main performance of this drop right is such that the website and website snapshot whose what changes is the keyword ranking all 100 to fall away. Why is there such a problem, what are we there resulting in improper operation site is down right? Here is the small series of some speculation that a web site is down right.


3. love Shanghai algorithm to update the injury site. I believe that many people know, love Shanghai often by some formal algorithm to update the web site optimization, for if this is the case, generally when the next update can be restored. So we don’t know whether the site is injured before the first not on the site for action to wait a week’s time to look at the site in decision making.

1. site outside the chain of high quality. Most of our website chain from the forum and blog, forum outside the chain is mostly webmaster forum, I think most people like me, such as A5,28tui etc.. The forum outside the chain of resources are used too much, not to mention what nature is outside the chain of high quality.

2. is probably to love Shanghai WWW domain name right down again. Because my site has been optimized with the domain name WWW, some time ago I think we all know that the love of Shanghai with the WWW domain name of a large area of K station, if it is for this reason that can be optimized without www domain name, the domain name of the first use of 301 weight transfer to take the domain name WWW.

above is the editor of their website according to the current operating practices and the website speculated several possible reasons to own the site was down the right, below small to do is according to different situation formulation method to restore the site. I send the latest information feedback to you hope right down to everyone in the recovery love Shanghai website can help you here.


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