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Confessions of a bitter Shanghai dragon Er (two)

404 error page

404 error page refers to an error page when the page is deleted or visitors enter the wrong column page or the content page. When users access to this page, we can make an interesting error page to prompt the user, you visit the page does not exist. For example, before a popular game "cat surrounded by nerves are often made of 404 page", which can reduce the user’s bounce rate to improve the user experience of search engine spiders are very friendly.


1, robots.txt


two days to see Lou song song website, are a few of the Shanghai dragon article quality is not very high, but some of the things is the title of the party, after seeing it almost didn’t get any valuable content. I am also a very basic Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel, two years ago in the website submission Lou song song a "a bitter Shanghai Longfeng confessional", because of poor writing has not cast off again. But I would also like to express my understanding of Shanghai dragon, if the wrong or don’t feel any value, can I spray a message

! station map

Shanghai dragon basic optimization is the optimization techniques must be done before the site content, Shanghai dragon is not a pure editor, also need some technical skills, here is my report on the optimization of the underlying basis of the summary of Shanghai dragon.

, a Shanghai based Phoenix to optimize the underlying optimization

Robots file is an important document of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, is this document search engine spiders visit a website should first visit, in this paper the webmaster can tell the search engine spiders which can grab, grab those are prohibited. In addition, our webmaster map can also be placed in the robots file, easy to search engine spiders to grab our web pages one by one.

first introduced their experiences, I began in 2010 and specializes in Shanghai Longfeng work. At that time, A5 28, is pushing the search outside every day I will go to the forum, but also outside the chain base. When do the optimization is relatively simple, keyword stuffing, a chain, a large number of Links, the title of the party, these look very stupid and violent methods are very market. But with the development of the search engine and the crowd for the content and value of critical, these methods do not work, really do help to improve the user experience is to change the direction of optimization of Shanghai dragon.

station map is divided into two kinds, one is the XML format map, this is all on the web page to create a directory, use the search engine to recognized language writing, convenient search engine recognition and capture, in order to improve the site included. Another is the HTML format, this is generally on the website of the column index will be sorted out the main directory website, secondary directory, convenient for users to view the contents of the site.



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