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Grassroots from the growth of WeChat, learn from the growth of its brand

, a mobile chat software that sends voice, text messages, video, pictures and text over the Internet to support multiple crowds, is correct. Tencent defines WeChat as such. As a software that has been up for only two years, its growth can be said to be amazing, and it should be said. 400 million of the users are not only the embodiment of WeChat’s function, but also the appeal of the brand. Open WeChat quotes applicable to the crowd, fun, human, social and other personalized labels abound, and as a platform with a large number of traffic, WeChat will naturally be favored by marketing personnel. Especially in the micro-blog activity level drops today, WeChat’s existence obviously has one kind of substitution tendency.

but like I said before, the use of WeChat’s success is definitely not the Tencent for their users, can be said that no Tencent mass of users, WeChat is still likely to succeed, just cycle may be longer, from another angle, search failure should permit the number of users is not benevolent. So, what are the aspects of WeChat’s growth?.

is the first WeChat marketing strategic layout is very reasonable, because only from the aspects of communication, obviously Fetion advantage, if starting from the LBS social function, Unfamiliar Street started to go than WeChat, but if you really want to engage in social networking, WeChat brand strategy can not be presented, and Tencent have so much QQ users really do social difficult to bring them together. WeChat can not be used alone, involving these two aspects, but from friends, contacts, micro-blog, sharing information and other levels of development, the layout of the brand is divided into 4 more obvious points.

global, first from a perspective of WeChat communications products as long as do their own communication function can be, but careful friends will find that WeChat is a marketing tool, is not to say that WeChat has a huge user can be used to do marketing, unfamiliar street user group itself is not small however, it will not be able to do the marketing, because WeChat in the overall view to further, may be a kind of enterprise culture connotation, at least in the micro channel friends circle, the public platform to set the bar is no longer a simple communication software.

is a WeChat brand oriented second points, because from the angle of Tencent, to do a similar to the products of others have no need to continue to expand the market, so we must firmly grasp the user’s habits, let the feelings of their own products, such as WeChat in brand marketing the "friends" label on description, because the Tencent itself is relying on the QQ started, since the definition of brand has been ingrained, so WeChat can use this to continue the development of friends, we will focus on the communication ported to the mobile platform, and this connection oriented ability is best reflected in the WeChat brand value.

system, brand publicity and related strategic development should be promoted, compacted, protected, updated and retreated, and it is a ratio


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