Share some ways to deal with cyber cheats

Two days before

, 1 met a liar, the cause is this: he bought my program, let me help the installation and debugging, do not pack after the service fee is 50 yuan, the Taobao deal, we sell program is to help others to do well, give him finished directly after the station, but in the chat in the process of feeling of the people is also very good, he will not let me teach him from distance, then I want to teach people, will help him get up in the remote QQ. As we all know, QQ distance is relatively slow, I am also very patient with half a day to help him. Finally, he asked, can you name, I can say, and tell him how changed after setting, and then he changed the domain name. In the evening, when he had finished all, he pulled my QQ black and asked for a refund on Taobao. That’s why I didn’t provide service. I thought, "why is this man a liar and a little suspicious?". Finally, how he is not back, but I got angry, because the 50 pieces of money does not matter, but I spent half a day to teach him, not necessarily a grateful heart, in turn the pig so heartless people make unfounded countercharges, must not let him go. Before doing sales skills learning website sales. ( when they encountered a liar, so there is a little experience, is not afraid, and about his search for his together available information (which is really a stupid liar, Taobao transaction, buyers can find information all about him, home address, telephone, mobile phone what), so I A5 out to expose fraud to cheat issued stickers, detailed chats and events (thank you webmaster friends posted the top, attention) describe out, we are very angry, he taught a technique, in turn return kindness with ingratitude evil for good. Good is the Baidu second days included in this post, it is like a liar in the online business to pull off the assembly line, estimated his QQ was a liar search out the post, lost a lot of customers, he let me know, I do not delete, delete, Taobao there is also no confirmation, no way at last he still beat me, darling confirmed.

this event although they have not been crooks succeed, but to see every day there are a lot of friends was cheated, estimated to be in the majority of things crooks succeed, so in order to reduce the more friends to be fooled by fraud, put the share in some small way I summarize to you, what a good prevention skills can say the thread. Well, don’t talk nonsense, go back to business.

meets the cheater should do step:

1. calm down. Encounter a liar, do not worry, we must calm down, the more urgent, the more chaotic, especially Taobao trading what, do not be liar threat (say to you bad what). Cool looking for all information on the liar, QQ number, website, check the domain name registration information, Baidu search all information on the liar, the more you collect the better.

2. posting. The best place to post is A5, behind the times, and Baidu in the front


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