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Responsibility allows websites to advance in the wind and rain

do stand and stocks, from the psychological point of view is very similar. Remember the day of opening stocks, because the stock price rise but also did not sell ecstasy, cash to the restaurant to make friends with congenial persons "zhumenjiurouchou"; the next day, the stock fell sharply, the heart is also the pain cut their meat, really do not want to eat". Until now, the price of the stocks have stimulated not my enthusiasm, really sit see cloud out feeling.

do stand also has a period of history, in retrospect, and the stock market mentality is extremely similar. When I first stood up on the Internet, than picking up a 1W dollars also excited, search engine is not included, I will tell all the people who can tell, every update, modify, hard work, the mood also changes with the site traffic and Chaoqichaola, therefore also had great sorrow too. The only idea in mind is how I can get more traffic, regardless of the quality. After a period of time, especially after we made the Yunnan city online line, the mentality is even more peaceful. This site was formerly a classified information network, traffic information update friends in general, is not very good, we get together to discuss something Yunnan network, the overall feeling of Yunnan network development lags behind other provinces and cities, to Yunnan or to Yunnan netizens leave regret and inconvenience, to get all the garbage station we feel some boring, think about their own struggle in this industry, what should be for the Yunnan

network development?

echoed, several friends have the same feeling. So, start planning positioning and direction of the site to a series of problems, we decided to focus on the development of segments of the industry and the interactive community vertical connection, construct an urban lifestyle portal website in our hard work in the forward step by step. Start early is quite hard, basically completed the work of several people a person, a lot of physical overdraft, a lot of time, have to give up the idea, but the thought of mind, think of you to give up your job to do this site, support each other, slowly recovered.

and the stock market actually caught, up feeling like the site is now increasingly popular. Sometimes some of the data is not updated, I want to sleep, but think if someone to your web site, no new thing is wasting people’s time and trust of others is irresponsible, and he becomes more of a sense of responsibility.

said, "our website is hard on the way forward, in the wind and rain, we encourage each other and spur on, and always feel that there is a force pushing us forward.". Now, is a kind of responsibility in pushing us, than the station, refuse to do more hard, but the station is personal, closing and opening are just what a wrong thought in passing and now, Yunnan city network actually think is not an individual problem. Internet users come in the need for and trust in our website. They feel they have what they need on the web, and they think we can provide them with information, so here we are,


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