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Group buying is a disruptive innovation model in the e-commerce industry

‘s attitude towards group buying is somewhat negative. It has written "buy group that has to talk" and "group buying will eventually become standard.". But this negative attitude is limited to independent group buying websites, not the group buying model. This thought now the conclusion from two aspects: one is the main mode of group purchase (independent type and configuration) development and data; the other is by reading an assistant professor at Harvard Business School Clayton · Christensen’s masterpiece "the innovator’s dilemma: when new technologies make great failure" when talking about "disruptive innovation" the emerging companies in the original edge market position, and then through this position makes the edge gradually developing market to the mainstream market, the ultimate success of the new leadership of the company.

what are the characteristics of disruptive innovation? In general, disruptive innovation does not involve particularly complex technological changes…… Disruptive innovation does not become a better product for consumers in mainstream markets, so it is unlikely that such innovation will take place in the mainstream market. Instead, disruptive innovation offers a completely different product mix, and only the emerging markets that are far from the mainstream market or have little meaning to the mainstream market will value the attributes of these portfolios."

relative to the disruptive innovation, is a continuation of the innovation, such as GOOGLE and Baidu search around, Tencent around IM, Sina and Taobao are around the portal around C2C/B2C for a series of innovation. This disruptive innovation seems to be taking place in all sectors of the industry, and the IT industry and the Internet industry are particularly obvious because of their rapid growth. I have been in Sina micro-blog also said that the ultimate goal of an enterprise is to achieve absolute monopoly, but the goal of miles away, but when Microsoft wants to do so, GOOGLE shattered the idea; when GOOGLE want to do so, FACEBOOK shattered the idea; when FACEBOOK want to do so, TWITTER shattered the idea.


of this kind of situation seems to China Internet has not occurred, because is very stable Chinese pattern of the Internet, and Chinese "profit response particularly fast, remarkable from happy net, renren.com and Tencent, 51.com example.

These large areas of

search, portal, IM, e-commerce, video, social networking SNS, micro-blog basically are showing a steady pattern of monopoly, emerging companies how to "disruptive innovation" position in the edge of the market, then the edge of the market become the mainstream market, creating new leading enterprises


Chinese Electronic Commerce Association of senior experts, China Mobile Research Institute experts and think-tank members of group purchase mode in the following five aspects of the analysis, that the group purchase will become China e-commerce industry’s most innovative mode of failure:

1, online shopping mode: one day a!


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