Baidu site is actually very simple

Baidu website is actually very simple, just tell everyone to Baidu included new sites method. There are a lot of people say CN domain name is not included, oh, my CN domain name, used as a test, collected 2 days, included time is June 19, 2008, has been in the revision, also not included, formal testing in June 17th, a auction companies of Baidu enterprise station every day, a sand table should be out of love, friends can look at those one or two days, said the new station included out hundreds of thousands of individuals that can not be trusted, but now the past, especially after mid June, is unlikely to be a problem: Baidu not to how do? Look, Baidu to update their station, to let Baidu climbed to his station. But what if Baidu doesn’t come? Then we’ll try to take him. How do you hold on? Keep looking. The simplest way is to create a keyword, such as "seven is different", "eight is different."". Must ensure that the uniqueness of keywords, Baidu search results relevance is low. That keyword to appear in your home page, and there are relevant explanations, the purpose is to revolve around key words to do relevant content. Then go to Baidu update soon, release relevant information. You publish the article around you create keyword write, keyword can use one or two colors, or bold, underline, key link to your home address, the content in add one or two times your home address. Don’t go too far.

is the most important to, plus a good keyword, the information is released, should do now is to trigger Baidu detection database, so that Baidu will follow the new content to find your home page! How to trigger? Can you ask? Just do a keyword, has uniqueness, and low correlation. If someone search the key word, Baidu search will be preferred the most appropriate page, Baidu may temporarily not to you stand, but Baidu can analysis to the new collection of information, and then updates from the new collection of information related links up to your station! Preliminary experiment a bit, probably dozens of times every day, you can trigger, if not to accept your own Baidu keyword, this will do. How to trigger Baidu search to create their own keywords? Too much! Go to some popular forums, published some easy to reply post, the key word to you stand, also can be the XXX keyword search. You can go to the QQ forums, ask what is the meaning of the keyword XXX send 100QB?! you can go to Baidu know, O XXX keyword explanation! There are many other methods, you want to use your brain!! to the popularity of the many places! Like going to the webmaster of the forum released "Baidu was black, search keywords XXX connection address all point to GOOGLE!" can also go to other BBS release Baidu news, tomorrow XXXXXXX! "In short guide users to trigger your keywords, I believe, a dozen people


above method is to use Baidu to use other keywords to update, friend station has already used this method experiment >


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