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After graduation from a primary school career journey

was envious of successful people when they were young; they had enough time to control their money, and they were free to spend money when they wanted to or when they needed it. They have too many mysteries to be admired and respected. After I came out to work, I felt that everything was too far away from me. The gap between dream and reality was too great. I lost my former dream and had to go back to the reality of life.

clearly remember that I have 95 years of study, our hometown is a famous national poor county, everywhere is a mountain, home is a staple of potatoes and corn, the 97 years of junior high school graduation, I have to face the problem of early school tuition. After leaving school, I eased the financial pressure on my family, so that I could go to school at the age of 10, and I was on the road to work.

my father asked a friend to find me a job. He said he was working, but he didn’t have any salary. He was an apprentice and learned how to fill the car. Just to work what I do not understand, master told me to do what? I have been living in the countryside, no TV, so the TV at home in the master, then the most popular TV series is "The Flying Fox Of The Snowy Mountain", I am tempted to take advantage of the master is not at home when I was in watch TV, then the master did not say me, but after a period of time the master spoke to me and said: "your father told you to learn your skill, you do it every day Oh, so sorry mom and dad." From that after I did not watch TV, to seriously study the repairing technology.

not long after, a village neighbors to find me, said a few days ago my brother on the way home from school drown, then heard the news when you cry, I very love my brother, 86 years of the tiger, at the age of 4 in his home play. My father is a carpenter, get in the house for others, the axe accidentally fell from the sky fell in her brother’s face, his face scratched 4 inches deep, not the head injury and bones, we felt so lucky, if you drop on the head when his brother may be dead. Often hear people say "will escape from death in a great catastrophe to come", we also report that hope, so the opportunity to study for my brother, but 96 years or drown.

is a blessing, not a curse. It’s a disaster. But I have no intention of working. I go home and cry with my mother for half a month. But in the end, we have to accept the unfortunate fact. In July of the same year, my aunt’s husband died, my mother died in December, a year in the home killed 3 relatives, the world does not know why you do this to me? What can we do, in addition to bear or endure, ordinary people may not understand at this time our family in the feeling of the heart, in addition to pain or pain. The new year soon, the greater misfortune slowly closer to me, my mom and dad to divorce, father to Guangdong to go to work in Shantou, the mother didn’t know to what place, leaving me alone at home to celebrate the new year, the year I was 16 years old.

says poor people


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