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Sports industry investment hot! Tiger founder said, 1 billion U.S. M & A will occur

Abstract: Cheng hang forecast that the second half of this year to early next year, the sports industry mergers and acquisitions, the level of 1 billion U. s.dollars will occur several, the entire sports industry will be very hot.


as early as March, we have reported to you, tiger diving sports and founder Cheng hang, I think he has already been very understanding. In a recent lecture, a dual identity of the founder of tiger bashing away Hangzhou to meet with you again, brought to the hottest "Internet plus sports" views, let us look at the history of Hangzhou exactly what was said.

Cheng hang talks about his own entrepreneurial experience,

, after graduating from Tsinghua University, Cheng hang, a Ph. D. in mechanical engineering from the Northwestern University, was supposed to live in the middle class of the United States with an annual salary of $100 thousand. In his own words, is "a house of two cars, two children and a dog’s life, but he chose to return home left with nothing whatsoever, but, from childhood obsession with sports.

During the

college early in Chicago, the use of spare time to start the process of Hangzhou sports reporter, he can be the first time to contact the Chicago Bulls team and players, write an excellent sports coverage, and can be released to the Chinese exclusive sports weekly.

More than half of the

sports reporter experience, let Cheng hang see China sports media compared to the United States sports media, there are still some gaps, so on the initiation of the original business idea, created a sports media, 260 pieces of money so he started a website "hoopCHINA", is the tiger’s predecessor, 2007, the site has become the largest sports vertical sites, but he was faced with graduation in America and returned to work, he chose the latter, with Morningside technology investment of 1 million dollars, to create now has become the Internet sports media China the latest tiger.

Cheng hang talks about identity change,

is now the process of Hangzhou, was not only a successful entrepreneur, in 2015, guirenniao shares with ESPN, Greenwoods co sponsored investment, create and manage the total size of 2 billion yuan of sports industry investment fund "dynamic domain capital", Cheng Hangzhou has become a focus of sports industry investors, has cast in more than 20 sports items.

talked about his views, for entrepreneurs and investors said that entrepreneurs should think that this thing only I do well, but investors are able to see this thing, but they are not suitable for doing it can see for the thing. When the enterprise develops to a certain scale, these two identities need to coexist actually.

, Cheng hang, talking about sports industry

a year ago, the sports industry was not noticed until last year, when the State Department was published 46, the sports industry was identified in China with such an industry and needed strong support


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