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What are the purpose of building materials store promotions

in the current business market, almost every shop will take relevant promotional activities, the purpose of each shop promotion may be different. In short, if you want to open a business hot shop, it is necessary to take the relevant promotional activities. Of course, advance understanding of the relevant promotional purposes, will have a very good role in promoting the development of promotional activities. So, the purpose of building materials store promotions? Let me see small series of.

customers in the purchase of building materials products have what characteristics? Because building materials products are cold attention products, customers in the purchase of these products is often only several rounds of final products, so the sales staff patiently and carefully to introduce customers to our products. Each person’s shopping behavior is impulsive, sales staff just lit a group of heat, often a customer out of the building materials store was immediately blown out by a variety of cold wind, how to do? Customer order in advance with promotional activities to stimulate, in case it is the first to Undue delay may bring trouble., building materials store sales.

because customers do not understand the building materials products, so it takes a lot of time to stay in the store, how to extend the time to stay in the store customers, building materials store promotional activities to become the second purpose. In addition to taking into account the customer’s time, but also take into account the customer’s money problem, that is how to make customers buy more, buy more expensive, this is the third purpose. The fourth purpose is to encourage customers to become your brand duty propagandists, willing to help you with.

promotional purposes one: to stimulate customers in advance orders

special offer, buy gifts and sweepstakes are three main forms of the building materials store promotions, many people are planning to focus on the innovation of content and form, but ignore the promotion purpose of what is it? To stimulate customer orders in advance, there are two ways to stimulate, one is positive, one is negative stimulus. In many promotional activities, my personal favorite is to upgrade the deposit and installation costs returned.

deposit upgrade: is a form of positive stimulus, if you buy in advance you will get more. When the customer has not to purchase time, you can advance the advance payment to the merchant, if the final purchase of the building materials store products, the deposit can be based on the amount of purchase gradient. For example, deposit 200 yuan, if the total amount of the actual purchase is 3000 yuan, deposit $500 yuan in cash; if the total amount of the actual purchase is 5000 yuan, deposit $1000 yuan in cash.

of course, to attract customers to pay a deposit in advance of the favorable conditions in addition to the deposit upgrade, if you do not have a choice of businesses can be unconditional refund deposit. Many of the building materials store businesses have already used the deposit upgrade activities, and promotions are upgrading, if you pay 200 Yuan Dingjin enjoy


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