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Novice entrepreneurs open shop purchase guide

for many novice entrepreneurs who, for the first time in entrepreneurship among open shop is a very good choice in the process of entrepreneurship, business shop, to find a suitable source is a key factor.

1, the factory supply is king    

Third, diligent. I believe that is the most God helps those who help themselves. A lot of people will say, I have neither friends nor foreign trade factory, a lot of opportunities to participate in the party, then I would not find the source of foreign trade since? What are not, the industrious and not by your own decision? No information, may wish to check online, such as the Ningbo base in which a piece of clothing the title, what can be found. As long as the basic information to run out, waiting at home is definitely not the end.

2, the wholesale purchase of    

if it is from the big city developed a wholesaler purchase, the price is very advantageous, it is particularly worth mentioning is that here, you don’t need to go to a lot of goods, you can enjoy special discount wholesale price, compared with the manufacturers purchase way, which greatly reduces the purchase the threshold, reduce inventory risk, and the price is not much higher than the direct manufacturers, is very suitable for small business sellers. Therefore, the seller of large cities, where the wholesale market where the purchase, is also one of the best channels of purchase.


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