How not to hurt the foot shop

guests in the shop after the consumer has the feeling of injury, the impression of the store is also very poor, so how to get the store sure? How to attract repeat customers, so that the store to get a better operation? So, if a store wants to get a good long-term operation, naturally need to do not hurt the customer". So, how do not hurt foot shop?

first: about effect. As the operator foot store, there must be a clear understanding of the foot store is not the hospital, even if the hospital did not dare to boldly cure. For the effect of customer attention, pedicure division should combine professional knowledge to give the correct guidance. For example, for some guests lumbocrural pain, can tell the customer, and these problems is not a day for two days, the same is not a short time can be resolved, so the health care project is not low, the price is not cheap, but if the long-term insist, will be from quantitative to qualitative change, the compared with certain do not, there is a big difference.

Second kinds of

: About pedicure accident. This is a lot of foot store most headaches, occasionally a store will make trouble. General to the foot of the guests, in the body is more or less of a problem, some of which customer’s problem is more serious, the physical condition is relatively weak, sometimes a little attention will be a problem, so the foot store should pay attention to reflexologist technical training, the introduction of new projects in the foot must examine carefully we must ensure that no danger of anything going wrong. If the division is not professional clearance, coincidentally, the problem is more serious physical problems, the consequences can be imagined. But in case of this accident, the foot shop must go as soon as possible, is in the shortest possible time, in order to avoid New problems crop up unexpectedly.

third: on the forced sale. Whether it is the formulation of performance tasks or store reflexologist daily sales, which is a very important point, is to sell before the customers to do the analysis: physical problems, key demand, economic capacity, consumption characteristics and so on, and according to the customer can afford, given purchase suggestions, only in this way, the sale will be targeted instead of letting the customer feel reflexologist were forced to sell in.

fourth: over marketing. Due to the fierce competition in the market, many foot shops can only continue to change the pattern by relying on patterns to attract customers to the store and generate turnover. Model does need, but too far. Guests experience more, it will become more and more smart, the more engaged in activities is less than the store. Therefore, there must be time for customers to recuperate, spend some thought keep off, do a guest, guests keep well, customers do well, no matter what the other foot store mode, are very difficult to poach your guests, you can make the activity when the guests are not particularly resistant.

in fact, these problems, I am afraid that many foot shops have been encountered in the course of the operation >


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