What are the jobs to be done after Taobao

after the early unremitting efforts, many sellers finally opened their own shop in Taobao, the product has been on the new, it seems that now is waiting for customers to come, and they have nothing to do. In fact, there are a lot of other work on the product to do, I suggest you look at the background of the Taobao you can see about the function, you can immediately configure the configuration immediately.

some of the work is as long as the new set of things to go, it is best to write down the new time to remind ourselves.

when you open a shop, a new, basic settings have been done, slowly embarked on a regular, some work has become your every day to consider and study the matter, some of the work you need to look at the work of regular adjustment.

(I) on the new work to do

1, the window recommended: important, this must be done, in addition to natural search, Taobao to your products on the platform and the opportunity to show, so this is why the main map to try to clean and don’t have freckles reasons.

2, up and down time: important, the closer the next shelf time, your baby’s ranking more forward, the more opportunities to display. This is not recommended to use some automatic software automatic scheduling, must be based on their own product characteristics, for the crowd, the user may browse the time frame set up and down time,

3, charity baby: the proposed settings, can not spend a few money, do a good thing, the user also think you look at love, Taobao is pleased to be able to give you more traffic.

4, the consumer protection service (7+ return service): basic consumer protection is a must have, if you are qualified for more than 7 days set by unreasonable return, the conditional mean is the quality of your products is relatively stable, the appearance is good, in general, your products should also be the case in fact, set no harm.

5, the user return shipping insurance: set of products according to their own situation, if users think that the possibility of return is not high, the recommended settings, if users think that the possibility of return is relatively high, I think you are not set this option problem, you should not continue to sell the products in question. Of course, some products are not suitable for use or can not return, such as virtual goods, underwear, etc..

6, selected (PC+ mobile): This is important, related products you show important position, must be set up, PC terminal display position than the mobile terminal, just below the main block diagram and the price, the above product details. Very few people to see or move the location of the end to see, you can set up a smooth set it.

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