Jewelry enterprises how to brand innovation

industry competition is more and more intense, jewelry industry competition is also very intense, want to break out of the encirclement in the jewelry industry, started the brand awareness, we must focus on innovation, so as to be invincible.

Zhou Dafu allegedly, this "Crasis" fusion of double gold color ring first Sterling Silver with 18K gold two kinds of metal fusion technology, technology transfer has been the first "fusion" concept, and taken with the NOKIA * * Brand cross industry cooperation mode, deeper cooperation in the brand and the value connotation, explore both cross industry business cooperation mode, is the point of view, value and ways of consumption share. Such cooperation has a profound impact on the leading brands in two different industries.

Zhou Dafu as the jewelry industry well-known brands, the brand was founded in the recent eighty years has always been based on the local community, as the spokesman of the oriental culture, in the eyes of female consumers in the Asia Pacific region to establish a unique brand image with the European jewelry completely different. At the same time, "Chow Tai Fook" brand also very good to grasp the current situation, wide alliance.

we are bundled with NOKIA’s Zhou Dafu strategy and cheer and applaud at the same time, we have not thought of innovation: brand jewelry enterprise, how to, when to cut, in order to adapt to the new pattern of the market, gain more market opportunities?


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