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From academic employment to venture Zhang Yan to adhere to win the market

Zhang Yan

of the Hubei University students, after graduation, work and study, the entrepreneur of a series of arduous process, and ultimately in the business successfully developed to meet market demand for environmentally friendly products, now has hundreds of thousands of potential profit, very good.

unique services in the family

"China due to existing data released by the official website is a large area of data, so we aim to obtain continuous real-time data of various points, to achieve full coverage of the surface, make the environment detection no longer blind" Zhang Yan said. They are different from the detection of government data, environmental data for real-time but more focused on the area of multi point convergence, through exclusive networking platform, provide accurate services for businesses and users, collect the detector data and provide data visualization interface.

at present this product mainly rely on electronic business platform sales, "our customers most home users and decoration users, we provide detection tools and data networking services for users." Zhang Yan said, "according to our survey, I state the desire to buy the newborn family, home and car users and users pay much attention to the environmental quality of the potential customers have 1.4  million families; the potential market is enormous."

start to go back to school

2009 Zhang Yan graduated from Hubei University after the development of automotive electronics industry.   in the work of Zhang Yan feel that many professional knowledge is not enough, lack of knowledge reserves, but also need to learn a lot. In 2012, she quit her job and went to Hubei University for further study of electronics and communication engineering.


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