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Shenzhen Guangming New District first entrepreneurship lecture auditorium

now social entrepreneurship has become a topic of the whole society a commonplace talk of an old scholar, at the same time, there are a lot of people will have the idea of entrepreneurship, recently, in the city of Shenzhen in carrying out entrepreneurship lecture activities to help promote entrepreneurship.

the entrepreneurship lecture to the development trend of electronic commerce and business opportunities as the theme, the e-commerce marketing expert at. At the same time, the organizers also invited by the e-commerce marketing has achieved rapid development of the business enterprise, "Maisi mall" operations manager and free trade zone in Qianhai listed commercial enterprises — "love clean home" in charge of the scene to share their entrepreneurial experience and entrepreneurial experience.

in the event, the organizers also carefully selected with successful experience, 40 business for area residents to join entrepreneurial projects on display. The new local enterprises Tyco refrigeration equipment Co. Ltd. Italy ice cream tasting at the scene, attracted everyone’s attention. The company also invited interested members of the public to their production workshop, production inspection and production process of ice cream equipment.

It is reported that the

, entrepreneurship lecture is to carry out the social construction of Guangming District Bureau 2015 incubator series of activities "the first song". In order to promote the new "public entrepreneurship, innovation, stimulate the area residents entrepreneurial potential and creativity, New Social Construction Bureau in August this year, ~12 month organized business lectures, entrepreneurship salon, e-commerce training, entrepreneurship training and a series of business incubator activities.


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