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Micro-blog selling sushi fire Chongqing sister at home to earn a million

you’ve heard about micro-blog, but have you ever heard of micro-blog selling sushi? Recently body reported a little girl at home to buy sushi, fire! The whole network and small series together into the Chongqing woman, to know her story.

in Han Yu Road micro shop Chiya Zushi is following this idea, to win a lot of repeat. Unlike other restaurants, many customers come here, because the love is called "sushi" of salmon in sina on micro-blog, micro-blog released this love the way of life, came to this shop.

here is the social networking site collection here is a staircase into the shop, hung on the wall in front of a pot of lavender, glass in the cupboard A Doraemon dolls, a popular Japanese pop wave. The whole store looks clean and tidy, with the owner’s taste.

"I’ve logged Chongqing group purchase, but also delicious dog anonymous Ma Jiafa post, but later found that the group purchase is peibenzhuanyaohe, the customer does not buy it, eat dog post also has suspicion advertising. Later discovered micro-blog, only to know that the effect of micro-blog is the best." Sushi shop owner LILY said.


and Guangxi fans point takeout began, LILY just published some sushi new photos and some advertisements, in Sina micro-blog for example: "always is the best flavor" and the like, but the reaction is not warm, even some fans are also "zombie fans", not only pay attention to, comments, forwarding. Later, Li Kaifu’s book "micro-blog" change everything for her inspiration, the above mentioned "if you want to use micro-blog to promote your business, please do not use hard LOGO and" advertisement ", because when you first fan >


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