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The four point is to teach you how to make creative promotions

we have not thought about some of the store business is very good, some people’s business is indeed very bleak phenomenon, which is why? May be because the way of promotion is very good, and now, more and more promotional tricks, but only in line with the needs of the customer’s psychology and the way it may receive good results. Promotion is reasonable or not directly related to the effectiveness of the promotion of good or bad, in the development of promotional policies, we must first target customer market survey, so as to be more conducive to success. Here are some tips on how to make creative promotions:

how to develop creative promotions, low-cost attract

"creative pharmacies" boss put a price of 200 yuan to sell ointment, special price 80 yuan, the news people stampede in, so the pharmacy of fame, Business Flourishes, bustling. The more it sells, the more likely it is to be a deficit, but in fact the pharmacy has reached an unprecedented level of profitability.

reason is that people who come to buy ointment, think that the store is also the cheapest of other drugs, all the way to buy some, while other drugs profit is far from the ointment of the deficit. A loss is a win-win, pharmacy visibility, and earned, pharmacies can be described as fame and fortune.

how to develop creative promotion, play with the charm of gifts

in Wuhan a McDonald’s store during the holidays are what All seats are occupied., to attract diners? It is not only convenient, health, delicious food, especially for kids is more attractive toys gifts, each kind of toys are different styles of creative novelty.

children’s needs to bring the family’s consumption, the children eat music, toys hand, happy, and parents to dig a little pocket is willing. Gifts of the original cost is not high, due to the large number, the lower the cost of fast food restaurants with a small amount of free gifts brought a huge return.

how to develop creative promotion, set point consumption

is now a lot of shopping malls launched a membership system, the issuance of discount cards, when the customer reaches a certain number of shopping in the store can get a certain amount of rebate. Such as the cumulative purchase of 100 full rebate of $20, the purchase of $200 rebate is $50, in the form of physical or shopping vouchers to honor, attract a lot of consumers come to buy, and effectively cultivate customer loyalty.

the use of point of consumption promotion is the key to the credibility of the commitment to the policy must be honored, so that consumers get tangible benefits.

how to develop creative promotion, pay attention to innovation

wants to get the consumer’s approval is to be recommended


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