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Shop explosion of the building to avoid errors

is now almost any open shop entrepreneurs are in constant pursuit of the explosion, however, while building explosion models for shop operators is indeed a great help, but if you entered a misunderstanding, there will be a negative impact on the operation of the shop. So, want to successfully create a burst of money, naturally also need to avoid misunderstanding. So, shop explosion of the building to avoid what errors?

misunderstanding blindly copying

many sellers see Taobao on the baby in the hot, will go to the same style of goods, this is actually a misunderstanding, "volume" of the word has a strong lag after – volume high, means that the baby is in the product life cycle of "maturity", although the current sales unpopular, but this means soon after the baby will enter a recession".

error two for

to do a promotion will certainly produce sales this idea is wrong, there is no hard work to support the promotion of almost no role. Perfect baby page, a good shopping experience, look forward to Taobao that explosive products are amazing details describe the use of the product description, etc. Therefore, a good introduction is not to be ignored.

error three to create a number of explosive

explosion is characterized by the amount of walking, low profit, is the main store sales, but the profit contribution rate is too low! To create a number of explosive is unrealistic, the store’s profit structure is unhealthy!

mistakes four deliberately pursue

deliberately to pursue the explosion of money, then there are two questions behind the explosion of money: 1, bet type management. So, you bet on, will sell, if it goes wrong, the rest will be a large number of unsalable goods; 2, the purchase is not a reference in previous years sales experience, with vision and personal feeling to order, or to order quantity structure is not reasonable, finally out of stock or inventory backlog, unplanned order when the.

Although the creation of

explosion is very important, but if blindly copy or too sedulous pursuit, but can not really create a shop explosion products. So, if you want to shop to create a successful explosion of the above points of view should also pay attention to our attention.


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