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The wedding business chain needs to pay attention to what the problem – you know the whole

now people when the marriage money is many, making the development of the wedding industry has become faster, the wedding is popular in modern industry, a lot of investment, but to the successful operation of a wedding chain, need to be ready, so success will be closer to you. So, for the wedding chain operators, how to successy operate? Need to pay attention to what the problem?

open a wedding chain store in the early stage: in the emcee, camera, band, team, makeup, CD burning these services you want to have a part of the resources, to take the anchored, commission approach. Of course, you have the best expertise in this area; manpower as long as one or two assistants, two or three people is enough. In particular, the team, it is best to drive with friends often contact, walking relationship. So when come in handy not cramming, can not find the car and hurry.

investment to open a wedding chain, as for the funds: can be small, or even can start from scratch. General limited liability company registered the minimum registered capital of 30 thousand yuan, but there must be two or more than two registered shareholders; company name is the etiquette Service Co. Ltd. business scope: etiquette service, public service, marketing planning.

camera, video camera, you can choose a wedding photography shop, or direct hire; looking for a wedding car rental car company, and establish long-term cooperative relations, to ensure the car timely; the wedding ceremony master of ceremonies can get in touch with the TV host, or hire play one or two people often presided over the wedding…… Wedding service is the key to the quality of service, and creative, so that the new unforgettable.

if you think this is a industry in the current market, you can find a good management way to proceed, to understand and grasp the knowledge, can make your wedding shop better opening, faster to normal, to create the most beautiful future! In this paper, the operation of the wedding chain stores need to pay attention to what issues made a detailed analysis, we want to help.

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