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Fuzhou this fall will recruit 645 students of special education

living standards in the continuous progress of our various aspects of the conditions are getting better and better. Fuzhou, for the "special students" to carry out more modern, more educational policy implementation. Below and Xiaobian together to understand it!

Fuzhou City Board of education yesterday announced on the fall of 2016 special education admissions work, the reporter learned that Fuzhou this fall will recruit 645 students of special education. Since the fall of Yongtai, Minqing, Luoyuan, 3 "teach to teach" pilot counties (cities).

county (city) District special education schools should be based on the actual situation of autism classes. Mawei District to set up a special disability in ordinary schools (including autism) class. From 2016 to increase the Yongtai, Minqing, Luoyuan 3 pilot counties (cities) area.

Fuzhou City, Fuzhou star school, Fuzhou school for the blind deaf mute school

school enrollment. Gulou District, Taijiang District, Cangshan District, Changle City, Jinan District, Minhou County, Lianjiang County, Yongtai County, Luoyuan County, Minqing County special education schools and special education classes in Mawei District for the county (city) district to recruit and mentally retarded autistic children enter. Fuqing City special education school for the county (city) recruit autism and mental retardation, deaf children. The number of children with autism are enrolled in school placement alone should be based on the actual situation. County (city) District special education schools to recruit at least 6 years of age (born before August 31, 2010 without admission) of school-age children.

looked at a group of "special students" can be sent to students, to receive formal education, Xiaobian heart really excited. In the future, with the continuous improvement of medical standards, I believe they are likely to recover. Gifts of roses, left hand "in life, we want to help these people who need help, let love down to the earth!

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