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A rich 20 years of entrepreneurial experience highlights


need wisdom? Of course, in order to become a good entrepreneur, with more entrepreneurial wisdom is necessary. So where does entrepreneurial wisdom come from? From the book, you can learn from other people’s entrepreneurial experience. The following is a rich 20 years of entrepreneurial experience wisdom, worthy of entrepreneurs who read.

– there is a dream, and strive for the

if you decide to start a business, the first to establish the first target for the company to create a stable economy, and maintain the independence in the economy. Also, don’t be afraid of failure, learn to learn from failure.

– learn to "hidden"

– Multi seek new ideas

if you do not have a particular idea and have no place to seek help, you can chat with friends to your area of interest, they will have a lot of good ideas to the novel.

– don’t let yourself idle

– to establish friendship between generationsNetwork

now action. A career is something bigger than anything else in the world, and it’s cruel, but it’s true.

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