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Entrepreneurial experience of the founder of love gene, Xiamen University

response to the call of the country, and actively carry out entrepreneurship, has become a symbol of the times. A lot of people with lofty ideals have invested in the wave of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship. Today and Xiaobian together to find out, after a 85 graduate students in the entrepreneurial experience of Xiamen University.

last week, is located in Xiamen, a well-known gene sequencing brand – love gene and the Ministry of finance directly under the venture capital institutions China Galaxy investment (000806, stock it) held a signing ceremony, officially opened the prelude to the A round of financing. After the current round of financing, born in 1986, the founder of love gene Wang Xiaobao net worth has exceeded 100 billion yuan, becoming a veritable Gao Fushuai".

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out of Xiamen, the famous financial host Chen Weihong, also appeared in the list of shareholders of love gene.

it is understood that love gene was founded in 2010, is one of China’s first gene sequencing company, engaged in R & D outsourcing in the early years, before and after 2013 to enter the genetic testing, mainly used in major disease risk defense. At present, the headquarters is located in Xiamen free trade area of the cloud Valley powerise.

"we invest in love genes, fancy two points, one team, the two is the big health of this sunrise!" Galaxy investment in China, said Tian Guoqiang, responsible person, China Galaxy investment is directly under the central state-owned financial institutions, the shareholders of the Ministry of finance. Prior to this, China Galaxy capital has set up a special committee of biomedical experts, the establishment of bio pharmaceutical mergers and acquisitions fund, frequently in the field of biomedical action.

it was revealed that the current round of financing the total number of love genes in the tens of millions of yuan, in addition to China Galaxy investment, there are a number of institutions involved in the investment. Thus, Wang Xiaobao’s net worth has exceeded billion.

love gene angel investors – letter letter Li Qiang, chairman of the venture capital Book floating profit tens of millions of dollars, becoming the biggest winner in addition to entrepreneurs. It is worth noting that, out of Xiamen, the famous financial host Chen Weihong also appeared in the list of shareholders of love gene.

observers believe that the investment in love genes, the galaxy investment to further integrate industry resources is very favorable. For the love gene, the background of Galaxy investment finance, as well as in the field of biomedical accumulation, can also provide rich resources for the development of the company.

Wang Xiaobao said that the current round of financing will be used to strengthen R & D investment, enhance the technological advantage; followed by the end of the race for the end of the market enclosure, the layout of the service team in more places.

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