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Two foot pounds foot operating in good faith to make business long

scale is not allowed in the current phenomenon of the retail market is a common thing, however, in general, the boss does not say, even if there is doubt about the customer, but if the relationship is handled well, the patronage will patronize. However, if you want to do is a long-term business, such deception is very undesirable. In short, only enough to do business enough to operate the two foot long enough to allow business.

There is a fruit stall in our

cell door, two years ago the business in particular fire, recently suddenly die, the boss squatted on the stall in front of sad, lost in high spirit. What’s going on here?

The reason for

is that he made a mistake.

Wang aunt not long ago to patronize the fruit stand, asked: "how much a pound of apples?" 5 yuan a jin." "Is your scales accurate?" Quasi 6 yuan a pound." Wang Shen was completely "thunder", can not help but sigh, "the boss is really really, gave away the secret of a pound of things called out several weight, it is kill you top."

that fruit stalls are roadside stalls, vendors used to passers-by are 82 scales". Before the district people to patronize, he said to be finished to catch a few fruit, or wipe out the fraction, it seems very generous, but also to discuss the people like. This time, he mistook the king aunt also as "outsiders", be careful not to say "the truth", the Wang Shenyi said, let the people in the village are insecure, who did not dare to go to the shops to buy things, when the "big".

win customers by means of cheating "favor" and trust, which can not achieve long-term cooperation and development. Fruit vendor the consequences of doing so is to make the original hard established connections and sales groups soon fell apart, which is tantamount to their own entrepreneurial path set traps, and then step by step jump.

for retailers, the interpersonal is one of the most important resources, fruit vendors need to know how to use this resource, but the mentality of quick success deviated from the track of integrity, failure is the final result.

with the development of the entire commercial market, in fact, more and more operators know the importance of good faith. Also began to make their own business in this direction. Quite a few people for their retail shop named "integrity shop", "good faith supermarket", is the people’s good faith is the retail brand, the brand keep, polished, careful, careful and attentively need time.

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