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Budget Bulletin Focus on Families in Need

first_imgMORE SUPPORT FOR NOVA SCOTIANSProviding support for low-income families continues to be a priority. An additional $32 million will be invested in programs and supports, bringing the total budget for Community Services to $748 million. This investment in Nova Scotians is helping people achieve their goals, and many are returning to work through enhanced employment support services. In fact, the number of people receiving income assistance has steadily declined, from 38,000 in 2000 to 31,000 today. INCREASING ASSISTANCEFor the third consecutive year, income assistance rates will be increased. Effective Oct. 1, 2006, all income assistance clients will receive a personal allowance increase of $10 per month. Shelter allowance rates will be raised by $15 a month for single renters and $20 a month for households. PHARMACAREChildren of low-income working families (with an income under $20,921 and in receipt of the Nova Scotia Child Benefit) will benefit from extended prescription drug coverage. More than 33,000 children under the age of 18 will benefit from Pharmacare, through a $1-million investment by the province this year, increasing to $2 million next year. HELP FOR FOSTER FAMILIESNova Scotia’s foster families provide a valuable service for children who need a home. Foster parents ensure that children are living in safe family environments that promote their physical, mental, and emotional well-being and social development. The province will increase base rates by 5 per cent for foster families to $14.46 per day for children under the age of 10 and $21.02 per day for children 10 years and older. PROVIDING MORE AFFORDABLE HOUSINGHomes that are safe, affordable, and sustainable help to create healthy communities. In 2002, the province signed the Affordable Housing Agreement with the federal government, committing $56.18 million to create affordable housing by 2008. As of March 31, 2006, $37.3 million has been committed for the construction or renovation of more than 900 units. In the years ahead, another $18.9 million will be invested in this program. As well, the province will invest an additional $3.4 million in housing repair programs. -30- Note: For further 2006-07 budget information, see the Department of Finance website at www.gov.ns.ca/financelast_img read more

General Election Called for May 30

first_imgNova Scotians will be going to the polls for a general provincial election on Tuesday, May 30. Premier Stephen McNeil met with Lt.-Gov. J. J. Grant today, April 30, to ask that he dissolve the government and call a general election. “I encourage all Nova Scotians to exercise their democratic right to vote,” said Premier McNeil. By law, the campaign must be a minimum of 30 days and the election held on a Tuesday. -30-last_img

42 people fall ill after consuming food at fair in Rajasthan

first_imgJaipur: Forty-two people, including children, were admitted to a government hospital here after they complained of vomiting, diarrhoea and other food poisoning symptoms, a health official said Thursday. The people fell ill after consuming food at stalls put up in a fair in Basyalalu village of Dholpur district on Wednesday, Deputy Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr C R Meena said. He said most of the patients were discharged on Thursday after their health improved.last_img

Brian Blessed Gets Behind Campaign To Ban Wild Animal Circuses

first_imgAs the political saga surrounding the promised ban on wild animals in circuses in the UK continues, legendary actor Brian Blessed has urged the government to “end this circus madness” and finally legislate to ban such acts.The ‘Flash Gordon’ star’s call for action comes as Animal Defenders International (ADI) reveals that the only and much criticised lion and tiger circus act will not be touring Britain this year.Brian Blessed said “I am deeply opposed to the use of wild animals in circuses and have been working with Animal Defenders International to oppose such acts for many years. Despite repeated promises from the Government, we are still waiting for the law to pass and the animals are continuing to suffer. Please end this circus madness.”Brian Blessed is among a string of high profile supporters of ADI’s campaign to ‘Stop Circus Suffering’ in Britain which includes Ricky Gervais, Sir Roger Moore, Brian May, Moby, Imelda Staunton, Eddie Izzard, Twiggy, Annette Crosbie, Sir Paul McCartney and Dame Judi Dench.Back in 2011, Brian Blessed made a similar plea following ADI’s shocking exposé revealing the terrible abuse inflicted on Anne, Britain’s last circus elephant. The actor joined the organisation and a delegation of MPs to present a letter to the Prime Minister calling for a ban. At the time Blessed stated, “now is the time for the government to legislate and put a stop, once and for all, to the draconian and humiliating spectacle of wild animals in circuses.”As a result of changing attitudes and greater awareness of how circus animals are kept, trained and treated following investigations by organisations such as ADI, just two circuses in Britain currently tour with wild animals.ADI can reveal that Thomas Chipperfield, a relative of the notorious Mary Chipperfield who was prosecuted for animal cruelty following an ADI investigation, who presents the only lion and tiger circus act in Britain, will not be touring with a circus this year. The act featured in Peter Jolly’s Circus last year, attracting widespread criticism and local protests.Whilst in the circus and at their present overwintering location in Scotland, ADI documented how Chipperfield’s lions and tigers exhibited abnormal repetitive behaviour – not seen in the wild but commonly observed in circuses – indicating compromised welfare. Seeing the footage, vets Marc Abraham and Simon Adams said “Big cats are never meant to live like this” and “the limited space available in a travelling circus is unsuitable to big cats”. Although the animals will not be touring, they will likely remain in their temporary, confined living quarters.ADI President Jan Creamer said, “While the government fails to take action, the suffering of wild animals in circuses will continue and it must take full responsibility. It is time to pass the ban that has long been promised to the public and the animals.”Little progress has been made since the Government announced it would ban the use of wild animals in circuses in 2012, leading Jim Fitzpatrick MP to introduce a bill. Despite having cross-party support, Christchurch MP Christopher Chope has blocked the backbench bill on seven occasions. The bill will have its next second reading on Friday 27 February.Whilst Britain stalls on progressing the ban, 30 countries have introduced laws prohibiting animals in circuses. ADI is working with authorities to rescue animals from circuses following wild animal circus bans in Peru and Colombia, and is currently caring for 30 lions and over 20 other animals. The organisation is seeking donations to complete its groundbreaking rescue mission ‘Operation Spirit of Freedom’.last_img read more

Conditions deteriorating for tens of thousands of Iraqi children UN reports

As United Nations agencies continued to aid victims of the massive bombings that killed hundreds of people and wounded many more in northern Iraq earlier this month, the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) today reported growing risks to tens of thousands of displaced children in other areas of the country due to pervasive heat, poor hygiene and lack of water. “Conditions facing many children are worsening, particularly amongst IDPs (internally displaced persons), whose numbers have now topped 1 million,” UNICEF said in an update on the situation. “With little electricity available to power fans and air conditioners, children in central and southern Iraq are in increasing danger from heat-related conditions. Moreover, everywhere adequate water remains a significant unmet need. Of growing concern is that an increasing number of IDPs are being forced to stay in temporary camps longer.” The agency noted that living conditions for IDPs and their host communities in Baghdad and Najaf are worst. There are currently at least 50,000 IDPs in Najaf alone, with many living in mud homes and/or camps outside the city and diarrhoea rates near outbreak levels. Adequate nutrition remains a major issue for many Iraqi families, UNICEF stressed, adding that it is continuing to respond as best as it can despite serious funding limitations. In the last month, the agency’s water tankering operations provided 128,000 people with safe drinking water in poor communities, schools, hospitals and IDP camps across Baghdad and in parts of Anbar province. It also delivered health and hygiene kits to 12,000 IDPs and provided recreation kits for children and support transport for local health authorities to conduct mobile health visits in collaboration with the Iraqi Red Crescent Organization. It expects to expand on this and increase the number of operating partners in the very near future. Meanwhile, the UN Assistance Mission in Iraq (UNAMI) reported that it was working with non-governmental organisations and federal and regional authorities to strengthen the delivery of aid to the victims of the “heinous” bombings that killed over 430 people, wounded more than 500 others and destroyed an estimated 500 homes in the Sinjar region of Northern Iraq on 14 August. Durable shelter, potable water and sanitation, medical supplies and health care, food, fuel are all urgently needed, with income generation and rehabilitation for the longer term.Road access to the area is often considered insecure due to sectarian violence, which has impeded aid delivery, prevented ambulances from transporting the wounded, and continues to block other needed public services such as the distribution of food and medical supplies. Under these circumstances, UN agencies and many humanitarian actors have had to rely on local implementing partners. UNAMI also sought the support of the local authorities for escorts and access to affected communities. These authorities have also assisted in local coordination and provided some of their own supplies to supplement aid. 27 August 2007As United Nations agencies continued to aid victims of the massive bombings that killed hundreds of people and wounded many more in northern Iraq earlier this month, the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) today reported growing risks to tens of thousands of displaced children in other areas of the country due to pervasive heat, poor hygiene and lack of water. read more

UN blue helmets help spur recent Liberian progress General Assembly hears

23 September 2008The presence of the United Nations peacekeeping mission in Liberia has been critical to the West African country’s progress in revitalizing its economy, rebuilding basic infrastructure, tackling corruption and consolidating peace and security after years of civil war, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf told the General Assembly today. Addressing the opening day of the Assembly’s annual high-level debate, Ms. Johnson-Sirleaf – the first democratically elected female head of State in Africa – said the economic, political and social gains posted by Liberia since the war ended in 2003 are “truly a success story for a country coming out of so much destruction in so short a time.”She noted that Liberian gross domestic product (GDP) rose by 9 per cent last year, numerous schools and health clinics are re-opening or being built, and the once-despised security forces are rapidly modernizing.Ms. Johnson-Sirleaf said that while the country’s people deserved credit for these advances, the support of the international community, led by the UN, has also been vital.She urged UN Member States to support the continuing mandate of the UN peacekeeping mission, known as UNMIL, “until the peace is properly consolidated, thereby removing the threat of the country relapsing into conflict again as some others before Liberia have experienced.”UNMIL was established by the Security Council in September 2003 to support the implementation of that year’s ceasefire agreement, and the President said the ongoing presence of around 11,000 blue helmets contributes to national economic growth by signalling that peace is guaranteed.“The presence of the UN Mission in Liberia has given hope to the people not to surrender to the threat to peace and development that are represented by the large percentage of unemployed youth who cannot be absorbed by an economy still too weak, in spite of the recorded growth; the large number of ex-combatants who were not properly re-integrated into society; and the resultant armed robberies and drug and arms-related crimes,” the President said.The current mandate of UNMIL, which had nearly 13,000 troops, police officers and military observers in place as of the end of July, expires on 30 September. read more

Deadly outbreak of acute watery diarrhoea spreads across Horn of Africa –

22 November 2011Recurring drought, insufficient hygiene and ongoing regional conflict are driving a deadly outbreak of acute watery diarrhoea (AWD) across the Horn of Africa, the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) reported today. WHO spokesperson Tarik Jasarevic told reporters in Geneva that more than 50,000 cases of AWD have been recorded in the region this year, resulting in over 700 deaths in Djibouti and Somalia. A clinical form of deadly diarrhoeal disease, AWD can last several hours or days, depriving the body of water and salts that are necessary for survival. Most people who die from diarrhoea succumb to severe dehydration and fluid loss.Pointing to reports from the health ministry in Djibouti, Mr. Jasarevic said the incidence of AWD had rapidly spread across the country, more than doubling since last year with 5,000 cases announced in 2011 alone. He noted that the number of cases was likely to be under-reported as not all were being detected.But Mr. Jasarevic emphasized that prevention and contingency planning from WHO and the health ministry was already having an impact in Djibouti, with both entities providing training for health workers, pre-positioning oral rehydration salts and essential medicines, and chlorinating and monitoring water supplies. WHO had also supplied five emergency kits for diarrhoea and cholera, and they will arrive shortly, he added.The spread of AWD was being facilitated by the overall situation in the Horn of Africa, Mr. Jasarevic said, as recurring drought in both Djibouti and neighbouring countries was weakening the population and exposing it to contagion. He also noted that 54,000 cases of AWD had been reported in south-central Somalia, resulting in 795 deaths, while the outbreak of the disease was also on an upward trend in the all five refugee camps at the Dadaab complex in Kenya. read more

Aimia in talks with new Aeroplan partners as it braces for Air

MONTREAL — Loyalty program operator Aimia Inc. (TSX:AIM) swung to a loss of $25.1 million in its latest quarter as it said it’s in talks with a number of potential partners to replace its departing Aeroplan partner Air Canada (TSX:AC).CEO David Johnston wouldn’t provide details of the Montreal-based company’s plans for replacing Air Canada on a conference call with analysts Thursday, but said to “expect a re-invented program which will continue to be multi-airline.”Johnston and departing chief financial officer Tor Lonnum said during the call that Aimia’s diversified customer base and cash resources are giving management time to cut costs, simplify the business and find new offerings for card holders.Still, Johnston said Aeroplan customers mainly use their points for travel, and that’s likely to continue both before and after 2020 when Air Canada will begin to operate its own points program.By the end of 2019, Aimia said it expects to reduce annualized costs by $70 million, in part by cutting its workforce by 10 per cent this year.The company said its loss amounted to 19 cents per share for the quarter ending June 30, compared with net earnings of $7.2 million or two cents per share for the same period last year.Aimia’s shares are worth less than one-quarter what they were before Air Canada’s announcement on May 1.The company said that while Aeroplan activity was up in its latest quarter, there’s been no material change in redemption trends following elevated levels in May.Aimia also said it has maintained its overall 2017 company guidance. read more

MR for stronger ties with Iran

Noting that Sri Lanka and Iran enjoy strong historical, bilateral ties that predate the modern diplomatic relations, which were established more than six decades ago, President Rajapaksa said he looks forward to working with President Rohani to further strengthen relations between the two countries. (Colombo Gazette) “I am certain that your vast experience in the realm of politics and the affairs of the state along with your leadership qualities will provide the necessary guidance to steer Iran forward,” President Rajapaksa wrote in his message. President Mahinda Rajapaksa says he looks forward to working with the President-elect of Iran Hassan Rohani to further strengthen relations between the two countries.The President’s media unit said that President Rajapaksa had sent a congratulatory message to Rohani, who had won the recent Presidential elections. read more

Tips on steroids Social media both a help hurdle for police investigations

Peter German, a former RCMP deputy commissioner, said it’s clear that virtually every one of the tips about the case was incorrect.“That speaks to the issue that police have these days with social media,” he said. “The other thing … is that most of those people really believed that they saw them and that speaks to eye witness identification, which can be so faulty.“That is a huge issue that police have to deal with … it’s the one that you don’t follow up that ends up being the critical one, and the question will then be asked: ‘Why didn’t you?”‘German said social media has facilitated what’s become “tips on steroids.”Several warnings from police and the federal public safety minister telling Canadians to be on alert for Schmegelsky and McLeod made people extra vigilant and led to even more tips, both German and Dionne said.“Going through all those tips then means more resources,” said Dionne. “If you put in more people to triage, then it means you have less people out there.”Dionne stressed that police want people to report what they see because it could be the tip that matters to the investigation. A sighting in Meadow Lake, Sask., for instance, helped police identify Schmegelsky and McLeod as suspects rather than missing persons.Cormier said the large number of tips shows how intensely the public was tuned into the case.“Any story that catches the attention of social media becomes multiplied,” he said. “It can magnify people’s emotional response and that can lead people to be a little bit caught up and police can be flooded with speculation.“They are people who want to help, but they become a little caught up in the excitement of the story.”In some cases, he said, there are also people who feed false rumours and lies.“They’ll just make things up,” said Cormier. “We have trolls everywhere. They take great delight in messing with various processes and procedures.”It’s easy to see both sides, he said.“Social media makes it so much easier, but it can obviously also be a bad thing in some cases.” RCMP Social media can help or hurt police investigations such as the one into three homicides in northern British Columbia, says a criminologist.Frank Cormier, head of the sociology and criminology department at the University of Manitoba, says police have started using social media as a way to get their message out.“It can be fairly effective as a tool,” he said . “Like any newer technology, it’s always a double-edged sword.”RCMP confirmed earlier this week that two bodies found in the dense brush outside of Gillam, Man., were those of Bryer Schmegelsky and Kam McLeod, suspected of killing a young tourist couple and a botanist in B.C. last month.RCMP Assistant Commissioner Kevin Hackett told a news conference in B.C. last week that media coverage and public engagement were key to the public’s level of awareness.Story continues belowThis advertisement has not loaded yet,but your article continues below.“(It) resulted in police receiving a consistent stream of information and over 1,000 tips,” he said.Hackett didn’t elaborate on how the tips came in or where they came from, and no one from the RCMP responded to an interview request.The Ontario Provincial Police had assigned a team of investigators earlier this month to look into the 100-plus tips about the fugitives in that province.“It was a combination of a lot of things,” said Staff Sgt. Carolle Dionne. “One (was) the coverage in the media, knowing that these two suspects were wanted and running away from police. And then you (had) the indication that they were moving east.”Dionne said the provincial police don’t take tips on social media, but received calls from people reporting comments that they had seen on Facebook or Twitter.“They would say, ‘Yeah, I think I’ve seen them,’ and then people would come to us and say, ‘So and so said this on their social media account’ and then we get it third hand.” Kam McLeod, 19, and Bryer Schmegelsky, 18 were found dead by RCMP on Aug. 7. read more

UN backs attempt to set world record for largest lesson during education

The UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) today said it is supporting the 9 April record attempt, organized by the Global Campaign for Education, a coalition of charities, trade unions and citizen groups worldwide. UNESCO will also participate in the celebrations that will focus this year on the importance and benefits of education girls and women.The current record for the largest lesson, according to the Guinness Book of Records, was set in March last year when 28,801 children took part in a language class in the United Kingdom. The simultaneous lesson in observance of EFA week, 6 to 8 April, will be held under the theme, “All for Girl’s Education.”UNESCO said although more girls are getting into school, there are still gender disparities three years after 164 countries met in Dakar, Senegal, during the World Education Forum where they agreed to eliminate such inequalities in primary and secondary education by 2005. The EFA Global Monitoring Report last year stated that women make up two-thirds of the world’s 861 million illiterate adults. In addition, of the estimated 11.4 million children out of school some 56 per cent are girls. read more

UN SecretaryGeneral Security Council urge probe of massacre at Burundi refugee camp

The rebel Forces Nationales de Liberation (FNL) of Agathon Rwasa – the only group which has not joined the Burundi peace process – claimed responsibility for barrage of bullets and grenades which rained on the Gatumba refugee transit camp, some 16 kilometres northwest of Bujumbura near the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The victims were Banyamulenge (ethnic Tutsi) women, children and other innocents who were shot dead and burned in their shelters.Meeting in a hastily called session this evening, the Security Council adopted a Presidential Statement calling for UN envoys to the region “to establish the facts and report on them to the Council as quickly as possible.” The UN missions in Burundi and DRC were asked to help the authorities in those countries to help the investigation and to protect vulnerable populations.“The Security Council calls upon the authorities of Burundi and of the Democratic Republic of the Congo to cooperate actively so that the perpetrators and those responsible for these crimes [can] be brought to justice without delay,” said Andrey I. Denisov, the Ambassador of the Russian Federation, which currently holds the 15-member body’s rotating presidency.The Council statement also addressed States in the region, calling for them to “ensure that the territorial integrity of their neighbours is respected” and to protect security for civilians.Separately, in a statement released by his spokesman, the Secretary-General voiced outrage at the massacre, stressing that it must be promptly investigated “so that those responsible are identified, apprehended and brought to justice.”He urged the Governments of the DRC, Burundi and Rwanda “to exercise restraint and to take the steps necessary to prevent a further deterioration of the situation in the region.”The Congolese and Rwanda Governments were urged to establish a joint verification mechanism, with the participation of Uganda and Burundi, to help in curbing the actions of armed groups operating in the border areas.“The Secretary-General offers all support to these governments to help them to restore peace and stability and to put an end to the tensions that have caused so much suffering to innocent people in the region,” the spokesman said. read more

Multotec sampling solutions to boost Gamsberg metallurgical outcomes

first_imgProcess control slurry samplers from Multotec Process Equipment installed at the Gamsberg zinc project near Aggeneys in the Northern Cape, South Africa,  will allow reliable real-time process results to be generated by the metallurgical plant. Gamsberg is currently being constructed by ELB Engineering Services, and Multotec Process Equipment’s process engineer Modisaotsile Nyokong says the equipment supplied includes gravity (shark fin type) and pressurised (pressure pipe) samplers. Significantly, each sampler is custom-designed to suit the flow requirements of each analyser.The samplers will provide a continuous sample to the online particle size analyser (PSI) and X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysers. PSI analysers require 100 litres per minute, while XRF analysers require 100 to 300 litres/min.According to Nyokong, the unique single-stage vezin sampler and double-stage ‘Two In One’ metallurgical accounting samplers will collect representative final composite sample sizes of less than 20 litres per shift from streams ranging from 80 NB to 700 NB inlet-correct.Nyokong emphasises the importance of metallurgical accounting in ensuring that AMIRA standards and best practice are being applied in the plant’s sampling applications. “The metallurgical plant needs to ensure that samples collected from metallurgical accounting samplers are representative of the whole shift operation and are used for accurate metal accounting balances,” he says.The benefit of the total sampling solution supplied by Multotec is to have both a process control sampler and a metallurgical accounting sampler in the same stream. Process control samplers are specimen takers, providing samples that are used for real time process control purposes.The ‘Two in One’ metallurgical accounting sampler comprises two separate sample units in one, with a primary and a secondary sampler unit assembled into a compact unit allowing for a net plug and play solution. The design allows easy access, as the primary cutter can be inspected through a bolted hatch on the top and side of the housing. The secondary cutters can also be inspected with ease, through an inspection cover on the top of the secondary housing.An advantage is that the sampler cutter of the primary unit cuts the full stream of the slurry at constant speed with sufficient volume to collect the sample, minimising sampling extraction and delimitation errors. The sampled slurry then reports to the secondary vezin sampler where the four cutters cut the full stream of the primary sample.The picture shows a primary slurry sampler complete with a 450  steel angle, 304 stainless cutter to allow free flow of sample increments, minimising sample extraction error.last_img read more

Gran Turismo 6 listing for PS3 appears on Newegg

first_imgThe Gran Turismo series is a system seller for Sony. Whenever a new game carrying that name gets released it sells millions of copies and console sales spike. So with the launch of the PlayStation 4 later this year we were a bit surprised to discover in February that Gran Turismo 6 will remain a PS3 title.More evidence that GT6 continues to be a PS3 title has appeared this week in the form of a listing for the game on Newegg. No price, release date, or details about the game are included in the listing, but it’s clearly marked as a PS3 game. And according to CVG, Sony will officially announce the game in the next few weeks.Polyphony Digital are well known for their very slow pace of development, so asking them to switch Gran Turismo 6 over to the very different PS4 architecture would likely come with years of delay. I’d be very surprised if there isn’t a plan in place to update the game (quickly) for a PS4 re-release though.For PS3 owners, GT6 could form the last AAA title for Sony’s current gen console. That game, along with The Last of Us, would form a nice end to this generation of PlayStation and give Sony some extra revenue to spend on the PS4 marketing campaign. However, there must also be a concern such games will eat into potential PS4 sales at launch. A PS3 and two games is going to cost less than the price of a PS4 after all.last_img read more

Historic legal ganja tree planted at UWI

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppJamaica, 20 Apr 2015 – THE University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona, planted its first legal ganja (marijuana) plant yesterday, symbolising its position as the pioneer in legally cultivating and researching the benefits of the drug in Jamaica.Emotive adjectives coloured the presentations from government and university officials at the function marking the event, at the Agora Gardens, Faculty of Medical Sciences Teaching and Research Complex.Minister of Science, Technology, Energy, and Mining Phillip Paulwell suggested that it was “a wonderful day”, while UWI principal, Professor Archibald McDonald, pronounced it a “historic and amazing day”.“If we can play our cards right, good things can happen for the people of Jamaica,” Minister of Justice, Senator Mark Golding, who piloted the Bill in the Senate decriminalising the drug, commented.Under the provisions of a ministerial order issued by Paulwell recently, under the Dangerous Drugs Act, the UWI, Mona, as well as the University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech) are now licensed to grow ganja for research purposes.Yesterday’s event was to witness the planting of the first legal ganja plant on the UWI campus.Paulwell explained that he issued the order under Section 7 (d) of the Dangerous Drugs (Amendment) Act, which was passed by Parliament in February.He said that the order was “absolutely critical” if Jamaica is to be cited as the place for medicinal research and development of the product.“We now have an opportunity to catch up (and) I want Jamaica to be the centre of excellence for research in medicinal ganja,” Paulwell said.He stated that the order will also allow the university to contract farming of the weed outside of the Mona campus, but suggested that, when that is done, the university should pay particular attention to the small farmers.He said that the law also allows him to grant authorisation to other bodies. However, he warned those interested in the commercial aspects of the drug to start by looking at their own research and development capabilities, and the opportunities being created at the university for research and development.Professor McDonald, noting that the UWI has recently assumed pole position among tertiary institutions in the Caribbean, thanked the Government and the parliament for making the ganja experiment possible.“Almost two years ago this was the most conservative institution in the Caribbean, and today here we are planting the first legal ganja plant after 102 years,” McDonald said.He said that ganja had been demonised for economic reasons, and alcohol and cigarettes were never so demonised because they originated in the northern countries.“Ganja originated from countries in the south, therefore, it was important that the interests of alcohol and cigarettes were protected,” he said.He said that the UWI will now do the necessary research aimed at providing the scientific basis to show that ganja is a medicine, and is effective against a range of diseases.Senator Golding, meanwhile, reiterated that the interest of the Rastafarian community would be protected.He said that there were three areas to protect their interest: (1) entitlement to certain lands designated for cultivation for sacramental purposes; (2) places of worship to be designated as such for the use of ganja as a sacrament; (3) and events primarily for observing the faith to be exempted from the Act.Golding also said that he will also be setting up an advisory group to give guidance on how the permits are to be issued. Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Turks and Caicos another step closer to being newest UWI Open Campus site Turks and Caicos Hosts UWI Open Campus Council Meeting Related Items:dangerous drugs act, ganja, legal, planting, UWI Recommended for you Universities organization formed – French, Spanish, Dutch and English speaking representedlast_img read more

ASA WISHH Program Sponsors Conference in Cote dIvoire

first_imgThe American Soybean Association’s World Initiative for Soy in Human Health (ASA/WISHH) hosted a conference in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire on Wednesday, Nov. 13 entitled” High Quality Nutritious Foods and the Role of Proteins.”WISHH Executive Director, Jim Hershey and Africa Regional Representative, Anita Florido, were in attendance, and were joined by representatives of the U.S. government from the U.S. Department of State and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA); industry representation from the United States included Pam Schubbe of CHS, Inc. and local representatives from DuPont Nutrition and Health and Archer Daniels Midland (ADM).The purpose of the conference was to inform traders, processors, suppliers, government staff, NGOs and the general public about the benefits of soy protein. The conference allowed participants to learn about the value of soy from a cross-section of speakers involved in its utilization. The conference was made possible by funding from the USDA’s Emerging Markets Program (EMP).last_img read more

Westminster Abbey reports a 2 mean gender pay gap

first_imgWestminster Abbey has reported a 2% mean gender pay gap for fixed hourly pay.The religious establishment has reported its gender pay gap data in line with the government’s gender pay gap reporting regulations and ahead of the private sector submission deadline of 4 April 2018.The gender pay gap reporting regulations require organisations with 250 or more employees to publish the difference between both the mean and median hourly rate of pay for male and female full-time employees; the difference between both the mean bonus pay and median bonus pay for male and female employees; the proportions of male and female employees who were awarded bonus pay; and the proportions of male and female full-time employees in the lower, lower middle, upper middle and upper quartile pay bands.Westminster Abbey’s median gender pay gap for fixed hourly pay is 11.6% in favour of women.The employee demographic in the abbey’s highest pay quartile consists of 44 female employees (58%) and 32 male employees, with a mean gender pay gap of 6.2% in favour of men. In its second pay quartile, there are 31 female employees (41%) compared to 45 male employees, creating a mean gender pay gap of 2.2% in favour of women, and in the third quartile, there are 27 female employees (36%) versus 49 male employees, causing a mean gender pay gap of 0.03% in favour of men. In Westminster Abbey’s lowest pay quartile, there are 39 female employees (51%) and 37 male employees, with a mean gender pay gap of 1.8% in favour of women.Westminster Abbey has not reported any gender pay gap data relating to bonus payments. The government’s online gender pay gap viewing service indicates that Westminster Abbey has a 0% mean and median gender pay gap for bonuses.To address its gender pay gap, Westminster Abbey seeks to frame its recruitment person specifications differently to focus on task descriptions and the duties that will need to be performed rather than on the type of environment required skills have been gained in. Westminster Abbey is also considering wording on its recruitment descriptions that encourages female applications if women are underrepresented in that type of job role.Its report said: “The dean and chapter of Westminster are not complacent about the pay gap reported in these figures and have considered ways in which to address the particular gaps in the upper quartile pay range.“For example, the abbey will in future seek to frame person specifications in slightly different ways, such as focusing more on the description of the tasks and duties in which candidates need to be able to demonstrate their skills and competence, rather than on the type of environment the skills have been gained in. The Abbey may also state in recruiting for roles in which women are underrepresented that [it] would welcome applications from women.”last_img read more

Hearst Magazines and Condé Nast Joint Venture PubWorX Acquires ProCirc

first_img PubWorX launched in February 2016 with the purpose of providing a range of services to small and large publishers in procurement, production, marketing, and circulation management, at scale. Essentially, it’s a one-stop shop that allows publishers to streamline resources and allow them to focus on their core business propositions, like content creation and audience and business development. It also saves publishers money by allowing them to work with fewer vendors. It’s also a unique media partnership, with two of magazine media’s largest private publishing companies teaming up to deliver publishing solutions to potential competitors across a range of categories. According to both Hearst and Condé, PubCirc will continue to operate independently as a division of PubWorX. President and cofounder Cary Zel, and CEO Marc Passarelli will remain in their leadership roles at the company. Further, a company spokesperson tells min that sales teams will be integrated to increase productivity. And PubWorx will continue to look for opportunities for interdivisional synergies down the road. The Hearst Magazines and Condé Nast joint venture — PubWorX — has acquired ProCirc, a Florida-based publishing services company with more than 50 publishing clients across more than 250 titles. The deal also adds more than 18 million readers to its service base. “ProCirc is a company we have long admired for its strategic, analytical approach to circulation management,” says PubworX CEO, Al Perruzza. “Both PubWorX and ProCirc have strong industry and supply-base relationships, and together, we can provide even more personalized service to a broader range of clients, amplifying our ability to quickly deliver bottom line results for their businesses.”center_img This deal is significant because it further consolidates a shrinking marketplace of publishing services. Magazine media once had a vast network of service providers — from printers to fulfillment houses to circulation management companies, which ranged from small regional companies, to large national operations. But now, fewer players are left at the negotiation table, and those remaining may find it difficult to compete with large entities like PubWorX that can offer more robust, affordable solutions. Terms were not disclosed. However, ProCirc’s clients include a list of notable magazine publishers, including Bonnier, Rodale, Outside Magazine, and New York Media.last_img read more