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NDP’s Walsh looking to break through in riding

first_imgIn his second run to become the MP for Chatham-Kent-Leamington, NDP candidate Tony Walsh is finding he has a better opportunity to get his message out.The Chatham man said social media is playing a larger role than the last election while more debates are scheduled this time.“I’m hopeful that we can break through in this riding and that I can help contribute to more NDP members of Parliament fighting for the everyday people, small business and farmers, the folks that need a voice,” he said.Walsh earned 9,549 votes, or 18.3 per cent of the vote, in 2015, placing third. The member in the last Parliament, Dave Van Kesteren, is retiring and not seeking re-election.An investment specialist with CIBC, Walsh said his interest in running for politics goes back to volunteering in his community at a young age alongside his parents.“There has always been a sense that one should be active in one’s community and so, as I got older and developed a career, I went into a career where I was helping people,” he said.Eventually, he came to a point where he thought he needed to “make a bigger impact by affecting policy” and he became inspired by former NDP leaders Jack Layton and Tom Mulcair, Walsh said.He also started a family, which he said made him think more about the future he was leaving them.The biggest issues for the riding this time, he said, are addressing the cost of living and prioritizing job opportunities sustainable with the “current climate crisis.”“People are finding that they’re not getting ahead,” he said. “The economy is doing well, but they don’t see more money in their bank accounts, so why is that?”The candidate said there have been cuts to services and, with an aging population in the region, there needs to be a seniors’ strategy in place.Walsh said he “absolutely” trusts the 97 per cent consensus among peer-reviewed climate research that climate change is real and caused by human activity. He said the melting of polar ice caps, “massive” flooding and forest fires are all signs something needs to be done.“We can’t stand idly by when we have the technology and we have the resources to make life better for those that are in those spots,” he said.With the flooding experienced in the riding along Lake Erie and the Thames River, Walsh said the NDP has a $2.5-billion plan to help municipalities when disaster strikes and to improve infrastructure, as well as $15 billion to address the climate crisis.The NDP candidate said he has also heard from people in the riding about a national dementia strategy, national pharmacare, mental health and the opioid crisis. He said he believes addiction should be treated a health issue and not a criminal offence.Walsh said he encourages everyone in the riding to follow all of the candidates on Facebook.“It’s up to us, the candidates, to engage the voter to come out and vote,” he said. “I take full responsibility for that, for my part anyways, and if anyone is not feeling engaged . . . I would encourage them to contact me directly.”last_img read more

Rustenburg gets 2010 info centre

first_imgThe information and reservation system used in the centres was developed in South Africa and is designed specifically for the South African market. Source: BuaNews The cost-effective system has the ability to allow users to plan and finalise a travel itinerary by means of touch screens and web-based technology. Deputy Tourism Minister Thokozile Xasa launched the R7.6-million centre in Rustenburg in North West province on Monday. 22 September 2009 Centres have already been launched in Port Elizabeth and Polokwane, while two more centres are planned for Bloemfontein and Nelspruit. The Rustenburg centre covers 412 square metres and includes offices, a coffee shop and a retail area for locally produced crafts. The centres provide tourists with a one-stop service where they can get assistance with information on a wide range of tourism products, including information on accommodation, tours, vehicle hire, entertainment, dining, sports, adventure, shopping and travel tips. With less than 10 months to go before the 2010 Fifa World Cup, another 2010 visitor information centre has been launched to give tourists arriving in the country easy access to accommodation, road maps and other information.last_img read more

Calculate Your “Digital Footprint” with New Tool from EMC

first_imgEarlier this month, EMC released their findings regarding the digital universe in a publication entitled “The Diverse and Exploding Digital Universe.” Some of the research focused on mind-blowing figures – like the 281 billion GB size of the digital universe or the predicted size of the digital universe by 2011, nearly 1.8 zettabytes (1,800 exabytes). However, what really peaked our interest was information provided on your “Digital Shadow,” that is, all the digital information generated about an average person on a daily basis.You may already be familiar with the term “digital footprint,” which you probably take to mean your online data trail. If asked to describe what would comprise this “footprint,” likely responses would include things like your social network profiles, your web site or blog, your photos shared on an online service, videos you uploaded to YouTube, perhaps even mentions of you in the local paper or your school’s web site. You may even go so far as to include information about you or your businesses that are public record. Certainly those things are contributing factors to your digitally encoded self, however, this recent EMC-sponsored study discovered that your digital footprint includes far more than just the data related to individual actions.Out of the 281,000,000,000 GB digital universe, each person’s contribution is about 45 GB, and out of that 45 GB, only about half of the digital footprint would be related to these “active” individual actions – taking pictures, making VoIP calls, uploading videos, downloading content, etc. Awareness of those sorts of self-created data trails has been steadily increasing according to a recent PEW Internet report (Dec. 2007), with nearly half of all internet users (47%) having searched for information about themselves, up 22% from 2002. But this new research shows that we need to be aware of much more than just online mentions. What we need to concern ourselves with now, is the other half of our digital footprint. This “ambient content,” the research team concluded, comprises of passive contributions, something termed as your “digital shadow.”Your shadow includes things like images of you on a surveillance camera, your bank records, your retail and airline purchase records, your telephone records, your medical database entries, copies of hospital scans, information about your web searches, general backup data, information about credit card purchases, etc.John Gantz, Chief Research Officer and Senior Vice President of IDC explains the digital shadow as simply “information about you,” but what’s surprising about this shadow, he explains, is that “for the first time your digital shadow is larger than the digital information you actively create about yourself.” While for you this means being aware of the numerous places your information is stored to protect yourself from identity theft, for businesses, especially enterprise IT organizations that gather this information, it means a tremendous responsibility for the security, privacy protection, reliability and legal compliance of this information. “Society is already feeling the early effects of the world’s digital information explosion. Organizations need to plan for the limitless opportunities to use information in new ways and for the challenges of information governance,” said Joe Tucci, EMC Chairman, President and CEO. “As people’s digital footprints continue growing, so too will the responsibility of organizations for the privacy, protection, availability and reliability of that information. The burden is on IT departments within organizations to address the risks and compliance rules around information misuse, data leakage and safeguarding against security breaches.”If you’re interested in the current size of your own digital footprint, you can download a copy of the Personal Digital Footprint Calculator. This tool walks you through a questionnaire that calculates your impact based on the responses to questions about your computer usage, email usage, digital camera/camcorder usage, web downloading habits, potential surveillance areas, and geographical information, among other things. The questions do make you think about your online activities, but they may be hard to answer if you’re not really aware of your online activities or good at coming up with averages for things like “number of emails sent per week,” for example. Digital Footprint CalculatorHowever, if you take the time to fill out the Digital Footprint Calculator correctly, you’ll be presented with your current “daily digital footprint,” in megabytes. You can then click “Start Ticker” to launch your own personal ticker that increments over time according to your digital information creation. You can even upload this, along with the .swf file, to your own web site and share your results with others.Example Ticker (taking wizard defaults)Having a digital shadow is not necessarily a bad thing, the study points out, as it’s what allows Amazon to make recommendations for you or display your “trustworthiness” as a seller on eBay, the downside is that, in many cases, erasing that shadow is still difficult or impossible: think about the Facebook user rebellion that took place when it was discovered how difficult/impossible it was to remove your profile from the service. But there are other examples of where people have even less choice in the matter, like government-mandated traffic light cameras or citywide surveillance. And of course, your safety is at the mercy of credit card companies and the like – if they aren’t taking security seriously, your digital shadow can be snatched away from you while an identity thief goes on a a rampage with your good name.In the long run, it will be up to businesses to adapt to these changes and protect their customer’s data. Those that don’t will pay as their clients take their business to safer, more protective businesses elsewhere. And for us, just being aware of our impact on the digital universe is a good place to start. A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Related Posts Tags:#Features#Trends#web sarah perezcenter_img Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Checkpoint Systems Announces EVOLVE-Store to Increase Retail Store Conversion Rates

first_imgCheckpoint Systems recently announced its EVOLVE-Store™ solution while at the Retail Asset Protection Conference.The rise in omni-channel shopping is driving retailers to make key investments in their inventory management to conquer the current and growing demand and fulfill customer expectations. However, with customers choosing how they want to shop and where, it is crucial that physical stores increase their conversion rates by making every visitor to their store count. Based upon this market need, Checkpoint developed EVOLVE-Store.EVOLVE-Store’s three components include the following:- Sponsor – EVOLVE-Store Network combines different sensing devices into a single network, enabling retailers to capture the event data. It also enables remote technical support to stores for maximum system uptime and fast response.EVOLVE-Store App provides real-time visibility of the store sensing devices’ activities and encourages attentive staff. Helping store staff to manage these activities efficiently on the shop floor enhances the shopping experience for customers.EVOLVE-Store Analytics delivers chain-wide visibility (whether a retailer has 10 or 10,000 stores) of the sensing devices’ data, including all staff interactions via the App. It helps drive store policy compliance and measures the effectiveness of processes. Being a software-as-a-service platform, any reporting updates and improvements are instantly applied to data, removing the need for retailers to develop their own.According to Carl Rysdon, vice president of inventory control solutions for Checkpoint, “While fighting competition from the online stores, store managers must strike a balance between adequately staffing the sales floor and completing back-office tasks. At the same time, they must create a welcoming store environment that encourages customers to keep coming back, while discouraging opportunities for theft. EVOLVE-Store brings together people, processes and products to expand the potential of physical stores by combining various sensing devices into a single, actionable data-led solution, with enterprise-wide data analytics.”Key capabilities:Visitor Counting: Measuring a store’s hourly visitor flow across the day can help see opportunities to match staffing levels to visitors and drive up conversion.Occupancy Management: Having real-time visibility of the number of visitors to stores and/or fitting rooms can help store staff drive up sales conversions while organically reducing the opportunities for theft.Booster/Magnet Monitor: Safeguarding stores with Checkpoint’s HyperGUARD Booster/Magnet detection systems can deter, detect or displace the threat of organized retail crime gangs shoplifting on premises. With the EVOLVE-Store App, staff are alerted to the threat entering stores.System Control: Using the EVOLVE-Store App, key staff can control their EVOLVE EAS systems in the event of technical issues, to avoid major disruption to the store environment, allowing time for Checkpoint’s Technical Service team to diagnose any issues or faults remotely or by visiting the store.Alarm Management: Capturing all the alarm events from EVOLVE EAS detection systems can help identify stores at risk. When used with the optional EVOLVE-Store App, staff responses to alarm events can be included in the analysis.With Checkpoint’s RFID-as-EAS detection systems, staff can also be alerted about the number of RFID-tagged items detected via the EVOLVE-Store App.Built upon an Internet-of-Things (IoT) platform.EVOLVE-Store is backed by a global technical service from Checkpoint that supports this retail investment over its lifetime. The new solution is available immediately. Stay UpdatedGet critical information for loss prevention professionals, security and retail management delivered right to your inbox.  Sign up nowlast_img read more

PLM: Oracle’s Agilent Leads

first_imgIn an effort to distinguish themselves from CAD vendors, PLM vendors, like Oracle, now prefer to call themselves Enterprise Product Lifecycle Management vendors (EPLM). The space is expanding from a tight emphasis on the management of product information to include a business perspective that ranges across all phases of the business process and product lifecycle.With Oracle’s $495 million acquisition of Agile Corporation in 2007, Oracle has vaulted into a lead among PLM vendors. While Oracle pledges to provide long term support for Agile customers under their Applications Unlimited program, Oracle is actively integrating software assests from Agile into their broader enterprise systems, and as part of that effort, are redefining their approach to PLM. Oracle’s effort in that area is on-going throughout 2008.Past 2008, Oracle hopes to bring together EPLM with Oracle products like Siebel CRM, demand planning, and quality and financial management systems.Among EPLM vendors, Oracle is ranked by both Gartner and ARM Research as the number one player. The AMR report surveyed 11 vendors across six broad areas of functionality. Most vendors tend to focus on a niche area within EPLM. Oracle is an exception to that and is the only vendor that ranked at least at medium-high level across all categories. The AMR report is great reading. It can be downloaded here.last_img read more

Abe Trudeau to tout trade gains without Trump participation in Pacific Rim

first_imgOTTAWA — Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s whirlwind visit to Ottawa this weekend offers the Liberal government a rare chance to trumpet a strong international alliance in the face of unyielding strain with its two top trading partners.Canada finds itself between a rock and a hard place with the United States and China: the Trump administration is holding firm on punitive metal tariffs while the People’s Republic’s ongoing imprisonment of two Canadian men following the arrest of Huawei’s chief financial officer in Vancouver has thwarted the Trudeau government’s Asian trade ambitions.Abe and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will celebrate their successful launch of the rebooted Trans-Pacific Partnership late last year — the 11-country Pacific Rim trade alliance that was rescued after President Donald Trump withdrew the U.S. from it in January 2017, nearly killing it.The two countries are also charter members of another international club that doesn’t include the U.S.: the Alliance for Multilateralism, a French-German initiative aimed at supporting the post Second World War architecture — the United Nations, NATO, the World Trade Organization, and others — to which Trump has taken a wrecking ball.Abe is to host the G20 summit in June and will join Trudeau at the G7 leaders’ gathering in France in late August, and while Trump’s seat at those two multilateral tables is guaranteed, continuing U.S. participation is no longer a given with its mercurial president.International Trade Minister Jim Carr, who met Abe in Japan in January and will accompany Trudeau on Sunday, said the summit is about reinforcing strong Japanese-Canadian ties that have only flourished more since the new TPP. He cited increased exports of Canadian beef, pork and heavy machinery to Japan.“The Americans chose for their own reasons not to be part of that group,” Carr said in an interview Saturday. “Our interest is to take advantage of the ratification of this agreement in our countries, to deepen the trading relationship, which we are already doing.”Abe arrived in Ottawa on Saturday, hours after playing a round of golf with Trump at his Virginia course on a visit that demonstrated personal bonhomie but bore no fruit towards advancing a U.S.-Japan trade deal to replace the TPP that Trump abandoned.Carr said the Abe-Trudeau bond is also strong and that it will help “set the stage” for this summer’s round of multilateral summitry — foreign trips that will be Trudeau’s last before Parliament breaks in June ahead of the October election.“We are agreed that the rules-based multilateral trading order is in the interest of all of those nations who have benefited from post-war freer trading relationships among countries. We believe that rules-based trading systems create growth and create jobs,” said Carr.Mike Blanchfield, The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Kante is very important for us – Sarri

first_imgMaurizio Sarri is over the moon about N’Golo Kante’s new contract at Chelsea after the Frenchman signed a new five-year deal on Friday.Chelsea on Friday confirmed that midfielder N’Golo Kante has signed a new five-year contract that will keep him at Stamford Bridge till 2023, and Sarri says he’s very happy about the news.“N’Golo, for us, is not just an important player, he’s a determined player, so I’m really very happy with the new contract,” Sarri told the club’s website.Maurizio Sarri, JuventusMaurizio Sarri satisfied despite Juventus’ draw at Fiorentina Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Maurizio Sarri was satisfied with Juventus’ performance on Saturday afternoon after finishing a tough game at Fiorentina 0-0.“I’m really pleased for him. It’s very important news.“I know that David Luiz said something about him, that he doesn’t want to pay the bill in the restaurant, so he has a flaw like everybody, but he’s very professional on the pitch and out of the pitch.“He’s very important for us in the defensive phase but he’s improving in offensive movements, now he must improve in the last 20 or 25 meters, he can score more goals,”last_img read more

Magazines Pushing Rich Media in 2008

first_imgPublishers this year are making a push to dramatically increase their production of rich media assets. From education to entertainment, sites are all about “engagement” now, and rich media applications are helping to drive that metric.Broadband use is widespread, and publishers are expanding what was once an opportunistic placeholder into a full-fledged rich media operation. Mansueto Venture’s Fast Company, CNNMoney.com and Meredith are just a few examples of publishers that have dramatically stepped up their online video operations.More Video, Much More Last week, Fast Company announced its plans to upgrade its video offeringsto a full-scale network with the March launch of FastCompany.tv. Joining as managing director is Robert Scoble [above, right], an influential and prolific technology blogger and online video producer himself. After the addition of several more personalities alongside Scoble, Mansueto’s video production will effectively jump from 4 to 86 technology-oriented segments per month across six shows in 2008. Also last week, CNNMoney.com announced its own video network, featured prominently on its homepage. According to Chris Peacock, CNNMoney.com’s vice president and executive editor, video production is increasing from an average of one or two segments per day to more than 30. “Broadband is fast enough and pervasive enough and people are adopting video much more than they did even a year ago,” says Peacock.A week after launching the new video platform, Peacock says the number of streams has increased two to three times its previous usage. As for FastCompany.tv, the audience that has already coalesced around Scoble’s existing body of work as a blogger and online video producer could approach approximately 200,000 unique monthly visitors from his Scobleizer blog, which has joined the Mansueto Digital’s network of sites, and about 125,000 feed subscribers from a previous video site.Kieran Clarke, who was promoted last November to executive vice president and general manager of Meredith Corp.’s Video Solutions—the in-house video production group for the publisher of Better Homes & Gardens—generalizes a “healthy” budget for the division. Admittedly, this is for an operation that runs from two studios and produces broadcast-quality video, but the company’s digital strategy mirrors the same growing commitment to a ‘more is more’ sentimentality. The seven-figure budget is capital set aside for the second year, which does not include fixed costs such as equipment and the build out of the studios. Clarke adds that revenues are also in the seven figures, but expects the operation to break even in its next fiscal year. Like Fast Company’s model, the bulk of Meredith’s video content is through Better.tv and is also available on Better Homes & Gardens’ site BHG.com. Sponsorship opportunities are varied, and Clarke notes that sponsors are becoming savvier about their branding choices with video. “I would say that 65 percent of the marketers and advertisers we deal with are [knowledgeable],” he says. “The other 35 percent is readily listening to what we’re talking about. They’re prepared and structured where they can at least listen to the idea and value transaction.”last_img read more

Army to Cover 39M Cleanup Cost at Former Riverbank Ammo Plant

first_imgThe city of Riverbank will receive a $39.5 million environmental services grant from the Army to remediate contaminated buildings and soil at the former Riverbank Army Ammunition Plant in northern California.The work will be performed in partnership with Weston Solutions, and includes cleaning and remediating interior building surfaces contaminated with non-liquid PCBs, the removal and disposal of siding and roof panels, and surface soil remediation. The project at what is now called the Riverbank Industrial Complex is expected to take four years, according to a news release from the Riverbank Local Redevelopment Authority. The LRA plans to hire and train 25 to 30 local workers and will use local trades workers whenever possible.“This grant allows the city to move forward with reuse plans that transform the property from a contaminated military site into a job-producing, economic engine for the community,” said Riverbank Mayor Richard O’Brien.The effort marks the second environmental services project the Army has funded at the facility that closed following the 2005 BRAC round. The Army previously awarded the LRA $11.9 million in 2013. The LRA is managing the property under a master lease with the Army until the federal government finishes transferring the site. Dan Cohen AUTHORlast_img read more