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An Overview of the RF Acoustic Wave Filters Patent Landscape

first_imgSAW is the main technology used in mobile telecommunication. Patenting activity started in the early 90’s and IP players are now well established. The IP activity is driven by Murata Manufacturing thanks to its impressive number of granted and pending patents.BAW patenting activity is showing more dynamism compared to SAW market segment. Broadcom has the strongest portfolio also consolidated thanks to its acquisition by Avago Technologies. BAW IP landscape is less established than SAW and KnowMade’s analysts expect a reshaping of this market segment during the next 5 years due to the race between the main IP challengers. For example both companies, Qualcomm and Qorvo are showing interesting IP activities focused on the 4G to 5G transition. This strategy will probably reshuffle the BAW IP landscape and enhance the competition.In the 1990s, SAW filter patent publications grew rapidly, heralding the development of the RF acoustic wave filter market in the 2000s. Since 2010, the market has consolidated, witnessing the flattening of the patent activity growth and the strengthing of the IP position of several companies. It is now essential to understand the RF acoustic filter patent landscape, the key patented technologies and players’ IP positions. Such knowledge can help anticipate the upcoming revolution, detect business opportunities, mitigate risks and make strategic decisions to strengthen one’s market position.Yole Group of Company including KnowMade, System Plus Consulting and Yole Développement is definitely involved in the RF FE Front-End industry. Based on its market, technology, patents, reverse engineering and manufacturing costing expertise and its knowledge of the “More than Moore” industry, analysts are answering the industry questionings with a comprehensive collection of reports.Click here to buy/download the report. In their latest report, “RF Acoustic Wave Filters” patent landscape analysis, KnowMade has investigated the patent landscape for RF acoustic wave filters including SAW, TC-SAW, BAW-FBAR, BAW-SMR, etc. to describe the related ecosystem. The technology intelligence & IP strategy consulting company has evaluated the IP position of key players through detailed analysis of their patent portfolios, including the legal status of the patents, their geographic coverage, their claimed inventions and their prior art contribution. IP strategy and IP blocking potential are also part of this analysis. Who are the key players involved? What are their IP positions? How will the IP landscape evolve? IP dynamics are changing and KnowMade’s analysts, combined with Yole Développement and System Plus Consulting expertise, put the RF acoustic wave filter players and their strategy in the spotlight. Acoustic wave filters patenting activity was very high between 2000 and 2006. Since then, it has progressively decreased and reached a plateau since 2010. The market is dominated by historical players with a strong international position that strongly reduce the penetration of new comers in this industry. Between 2017 and 2022, 8% CAGR is expected.The IP landscape is showing the same evolution, dominated by a limited number of large companies including Broadcom, Skyworks, Taiyo Yuden, Murata and more. After the fast growing period of 2000-2006, acoustic wave filter players have consolidated their position. The recent and numerous mergers and acquisitions have led to the strengthening of players portfolios. Broadcom’s acquisition by Avago Technologies is one good example. Moreover, as 5G communication protocols take shape, players are now developing filters that will address the requirements of the upcoming sub 6 GHz applications and future 5G mass markets. The number of frequency bands used in mobile telecommunications has seen a huge increase from 4 bands in the early 2000’s to more than 30 bands today. This number will only go up from here, specially with the introduction of 5G and other new wireless technologies. With the increase in the number of frequency bands being used by a device filters are one of the most important devices in the RF communication chain. The RF filter industry is expecting to see strong growth, with USD $16 billion revenue expected by 2022. This growth is the result of the need of new antennas and development of multiple carrier aggregation.According to one, Dr. Paul Leclaire, Patent Analyst at KnowMade, under this dynamic context, RF acoustic wave filters have appeared as the best solution to achieve filter operations in the sub 6 GHz regime. Acoustic wave filters offer low manufacturing cost as well as a high level of integration and performancesKnowMade is part of the Yole Group of Companies including Yole Développement and System Plus Consulting. The 3 partners have explored the RF world and done a value-added analyses on this sector which includes market trends, company positioning, IP landscape, technology roadmaps, manufacturing processes and related costs.last_img read more

Ja coaches picked for ITF’s Valencia training

first_img HELP PLAYERS GROW KINGSTON: Local tennis coaches, Tinesta Rowe and Joel Jones, are basking in the opportunity to take their game and the country’s to the next level through an upcoming International Tennis Federation (ITF) Level Two Coaching Certification Programme, which will take place in Valencia, Spain, next year. Both benefited from their participation in the ITF Level One Coaching Certification Course hosted by Tennis Jamaica, which ended at Eric Bell Tennis Centre last week. The course was conducted by John Goede, the ITF’s Regional Development Officer for the Caribbean and experienced local coach, Evan Williams. “I will support Tinesta Rowe and Joel Jones to go to the Level Two in Valencia in 2019,” said Goede, whose recommendations will go through a number of channels before the ultimate ITF sign-off. The regional tennis director explained how he had pushed course participants beyond the norm, an action to be reciprocated in their teachings. “For those in management, you need to place the bar high for every level of coaching if we want to maximise the level of each individual in Jamaica and the Caribbean,” he said. Jones said he was excited at the selection and along with Rowe, they plan to maximise their learning in Spain. “I’m particularly excited and very humbled. I feel very blessed to have been selected to go and do the Level Two. It’s not something that we take for granted because it is an opportunity to take your coaching to the next level. Two of us in the course were lucky enough to be given that privilege, Tinesta Rowe and myself,” Jones observed. Rowe was one of Jamaica’s most outstanding female players, winning championships at every age group – Under-14, Under-16, Under-18 – before becoming national champion, with the number one ranking to boot. “Playing and coaching are definitely two different things. Some people have the perception that the best players are the best coaches, but it’s not just about playing the game, it’s about being able to impart that information to somebody else and then helping them grow and ensuring that they grow in different stages,” she reasoned. The former Hoolebury All-Age and St Hilda’s High student started playing at age nine and first represented Jamaica at 13 years, then went on to earn a scholarship to North Carolina State University. Afterwards, she got involved in coaching in the United States at the Rick Macci Tennis Academy in Florida, before returning home and has been helping to develop talent through Russell Tennis Academy.last_img read more