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first_imgFor the first time ever, the ancient feast day of ‘May Day’ will be celebrated in Falcarragh, west Donegal. It will take place this Saturday afternoon at 2pm.Originally, in Pagan times, a day commemorating the feast of Bealtaine, in May 1890 it became a holiday recognising international workers’ day and the fight for better working conditions.“We decided to celebrate it as an act of solidarity with our own working people, many who have been made unemployed or who have been forced to emigrate over recent years,” said Owen Curran, one of the leaders of the four-year-long ‘Cloughaneely Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay’ campaign against household charges, and now water charges. “The stark facts are that despite the Government telling us we’re ‘turning the corner,’ mass un-employment and emigration remains the reality here. More than 400,000 people are on the live register with many more on ‘Job Bridge’ type schemes. Our young people continue to emigrate.”Curran believes there are two reasons for continuing unemployment.“One is the slump in demand because of the cuts to peoples incomes. The second is lack of investment. Meanwhile, large profits are being made and wealth has increased for the rich. Oxfam estimates that the super-wealthy have 700 billion euro stashed in Irish bank accounts.“The policy of incentives for the private sector to create jobs clearly has not worked. It most certainly has not worked in the Gaeltacht where Udaras has spent large sums of tax-payers money since their foundation. The result: mass unemployment levels and emigration from the area. What is needed is a real jobs plan, with investment channelled into a programme of necessary works such as school building, the fitting of buildings for rain-water harvesting, upgrades to sewage and water infrastructure, with work to begin immediately.” The ‘May Day’ event begins at Falcarragh crossroads at 2pm Saturday.There will be an open-mike discussion on pertinent issues such as local and national government job-creation strategies, as well as the planting of a tree in solidarity with all those from the area who have been made unemployed or forced to emigrate.Mr. Curran added that there will also be music and song, “because in the words of Emma Goldman, political activist, writer and feminist, ” If I can’t dance to it, it is not my revolution.”For further information, contact Owen Curran at 086 312 2784 or Maire at 086 739 3116. Organisers say everyone is welcome. FALCARRAGH TO HOLD ITS FIRST EVER MAY DAY CELEBRATION was last modified: April 30th, 2014 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:FalcarraghMay Day celebrationsOwen Curranlast_img read more

Web Office Week

first_imgA Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… richard macmanus Tags:#web#Web Office This week Read/WriteWeb will be featuring a series of posts about the Web Office. Let’s start by summarizing what exactly is a Web Office. In a June post we mentioned that a Web Office suite should have, at the least, the following apps in it: email, calendar, word processing, spreadsheets, presentations. These are the core products of Microsoft Office, the dominant office suite package. You could also make a case for apps like contacts manager, task manager or even project management to be in the core products, but we’ll keep things real simple. Here’s how the main Web Office contenders shape up:Web Office Suite: Core Products Note: Zimbra and Microsoft Office Live don’t have separate names for their appsIt’s certainly over-simplifying, but it helps to get a sense of where all the main players are in creating a basic Web Office suite. Google Apps has everything but Presentations, but that is rumored to be here soon after recent acquisitions in that space. Zoho has the most complete offering so far, including many other apps not listed (Meeting, Wiki, etc). Zimbra also has an impressive offering – like Google it is only missing Presentations. ThinkFree has the main productivity apps, but it doesn’t have email or calendar.A note about Microsoft. Currently it has a number of different offerings, all under the ‘Office Live’ banner – there are 7 products listed on this page, including Office Live Premium and Office Live Groove. But as yet, no sign that Microsoft will risk its massive desktop Office revenues, by offering an online office suite. Indeed, that may never happen – as Microsoft attempts to create a desktop/online hybrid around its ‘services’ strategy. There are signs though that Microsoft is at least experimenting – earlier this month they announced a free, ad supported version of Microsoft Works, its ‘lite’ office suite. However it isn’t a browser-based office offering, as was rumored last year.Here’s this week’s poll: Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Related Posts 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Seesmic Goes Hollywood

first_imgWhy Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting corvida 1 Will Seesmic Take Off?There will definitely be benefits from the stars showing up on Seesmic. In fact, the service is already experiencing an influx of replies and user activity. However, we wonder if that’s just due to the appearance of the celebs and how long activity lasts. Whether or not this publicity stunt will catapult Seesmic into the web stardom is the $200,000 question on everyone’s mind. We have our guesses, but first we’d like to hear your thoughts in the comments section! Videos From Seesmic Just last week we wondered if video messaging services Seesmic will take over the world. Looks like we won’t have to wait for our answer any longer. A service that was once just just a blip on the radar made a rather huge leap today, a leap that could catapult the service past Twitter. Earlier today, the Hollywood crew members starring in the new film Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull took the time for a cool Q&A on Seesmic!Q&A On SeesmicLive for the Q&A, the Guardian’s Jemima Kiss had some questions for at the all-star cast that consisted of Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford, George Lucas, Shia Laboeuf, Karen Allen and Cate Blanchett. Some of her thoughts on the ordeal are:It’s a simple enough idea but incredibly exciting; I just posted a few direct questions to Spielberg and Karen Allen (Marian was always one of my favourite heroines) and it’s quite a buzz watching them reply directly to your own questions.Simple enough indeed, and the videos are generating massive headlines for Seesmic. Though all of the videos werent posted in realtime, Seesmic CEO Loic Le Meur notes on his blog:I wish we would have given some notice to our community but we did not know obviously until the last minute if it would happen or not and the production team had requested the videos being posted in private first, then unlocked, which would not have allowed us enough interactivity.Star Studded Seesmic PagesHere are the links for the Seesmic pages of the stars and we’ve also provided a few of the Q&A videos at the bottom of the post.Steve SpielbergGeorge LucasHarrison FordShia LeBoeufCate Blanchett Tags:#Product Reviews#Video Services#web Related Posts A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Cloud Computing: The Big Nine

first_imgNine vendors are dominating the cloud ecosystem in the US, according to recent research from Synergy Research Group. Of those nine vendors, the top four are Microsoft, Amazon/AWS, Dell EMC and IBM. John Dinsdale, chief analyst at Synergy Research Group , said that the “cloud started to go mainstream in the 2014-2016 period and we tagged 2017 as the year when cloud became the new normal. In 2018 cloud started to dominate IT spending in some areas, sucking up potential growth opportunities for non-cloud technologies and services. Cloud technologies are now generating massive revenues for both cloud service providers and technology vendors and our latest forecasts show that while market growth rates will inevitably erode due to the sheer scale of the numbers, the overall market will double in size in under four years.” Synergy measured seven different cloud services and infrastructure market segments. They found that Cloud sales surpassed $250 billion in revenues in 2018, growing more than 32 percent. In fact, the IaaS and PaaS services segment grew by more than 50 percent.last_img read more

Huawei, LG may manufacture two separate Nexus devices this year

first_imgNexus devices have been Android’s frontier smartphones and thecompany uses these devices to expand its pure Android operating system. Every yearthe company collaborates with different manufacturers to create a new Nexusdevice. According to a report from IBTimes,Huawei will be the next manufacturer that might release the purported Nexus 7. This mightcome as a surprise as this will be the first time the Search giant will becollaborating with a Chinese company for a Nexus device.After the launch of Android M at the Google I/O event,people have been speculating the next manufacturer who will pair up with theSearch giant to build the next Nexus device. Earlier Google has worked with industry giants like Samsung, HTC, LG andMotorola to create these power oriented devices. This new partnership will be mutually beneficial for boththe companies. Huawei is on the top spot in the Chinese market but it does nothave a strong hold on the Western smartphone market whereas Google might gainacceptance in the biggest market of the world. Google’s decision to work withHuawei might possibly invite a lot of flak from the American government asthere were rumours that Huawei has colluded with the Chinese government.According to the report, the company will work things out with the Chinesegovernment to provide users with the Google services.Earlierwe reported that Google might also be planning to launch another Nexus devicein collaboration with LG, which could mean we might get another Nexus device inthe same period of the year. The next Nexus device is rumoured to sport a 5.7-inch screen which is smaller than the previous 6 inch Nexus 6 but still fallsin the phablet category. A lot of users and developers believe that the phabletcategory is not ideal for a Nexus device which is why the information about asecond Nexus device sporting a normal 5 inch screen might be apossibility. advertisementAlso read: AndroidM top features, how you will get it, and everything else you need to knowlast_img read more