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Houchin to Serve on Four Senate Committees

first_img“Committee meetings allow legislators to gather feedback on proposed legislation providing opportunities for supporters and critics to help influence new laws,” Houchin said. “I am eager to begin studying issues that are brought before these committees during my first session as a state senator.”Committee hearings can be viewed online by visiting www.in.gov/legislative. Schedules and meeting agendas can also be found on this site.The 2015 legislative session ceremonially began Tuesday, Nov. 18, with Organization Day. Legislators will reconvene Jan. 6, and by law must conclude by April 29. Indiana Senate President Pro Tem David Long (R-Fort Wayne) appointed State Sen. Erin Houchin (R-Salem) to serve on four standing senate committees for the 119th General Assembly.Houchin was named to the Senate Committee on Commerce and Technology, the Senate Committee on Family and Children Services, the Senate Committee on Local Government and the Senate Committee on Utilities.last_img read more

Central Wisconsin teams open season at Marshfield Boys Indoor Track Invite

first_imgBy Paul LeckerSports ReporterMARSHFIELD — Marshfield won three individual events and a relay to win the team title at its 2015 Marshfield Tigers Boys Indoor Track and Field Invitational on Tuesday at The Boson Company Fieldhouse at Marshfield High School.A total of 13 teams from Central Wisconsin competed in the event, with the Marshfield squad being split into three teams.Marshfield totaled 109.5 points to win the team title. Athens was second with 91.5, Stratford took third with 56, Auburndale was 10th, Marshfield Black 12th, Spencer 14th, and Marshfield Orange 15th.Athens’ Aaron Wickman was the lone dual-event winner, taking first in the 60-yard dash (6.72 seconds) and the 220 (24.65).Marshfield’s winners included the 1,600 relay (3.55.72), Chris Pahl in the 440 (58.65), Hunter McManus in the mile (5:12.62), and Will Spindler in the 60 hurdles (8.45).Marshfield’s Andrew Rutschow takes a throw during the shot put competition at the 2015 Marshfield Boys Indoor Track Invitational on Tuesday at Marshfield High School.Tyler Peterson was second in the shot put (46 feet, 4 ½ inches), Pahl took second in the triple jump (37-10 ¾), Calden Wojt finished second in the 220 (24.84), Noah Schulz was second in the pole vault (9-6), and the 640 relay team also was second for Marshfield.Spindler added fourth-place finishes in the long jump (17-3) and triple jump (36-6.75), and Nate Beyer was third in the high jump (5-4) and fifth in the 60 hurdles (9.52) for Marshfield.Auburndale’s top performance came from Cody Gehrke, who was second in the mile in 5:19.36, 6.5 seconds behind McManus. Lee Jepsen took second in the long jump (18-2.25) and fifth in the 60 (7.03).Stratford won a pair of events. The 3,200 relay team won in 9:28.11, and John Geissinger took first in the pole vault (10-0). Cade Lehman also placed third in the 880 (2:26.62).Spencer’s Jacob Miller had a pair of top-10 finishes, taking fifth in the high jump (5-4) and ninth in the pole vault (8-0).(Hub City Times Sports Reporter Paul Lecker is also the publisher of MarshfieldAreaSports.com.)2015 Marshfield Tigers Boys Indoor Track InvitationalTeam scores: 1. Marshfield 109.5; 2. Athens 91.5; 3. Stratford 56; 4. Medford 46; 5. Tomah and Rib Lake 42; 7. Pittsville 36.5; 8. Abbotsford 36; 9. Stanley-Boyd 28; 10. Auburndale 26; 11. Necedah 17; 12. Marshfield Black 16; 13. Marathon 15.5; 14. Spencer 12; 15. Marshfield Orange 11.Individual Results (Winners and local finishers; distances in yards)60: 1. Aaron Wickman (ATH) 6.72; 4. Adam Elhendy-Gunnarsson (MARSH) 7.02; 5. Lee Jepsen (AUB) 7.03; 7. Zach McManus (MARSHB) 7.11; 10. Thomas Gisvold (MARSH) 7.18; 12. Grant Urban (MARSHB) 7.28; 13. Jesse Dickman (STR) 7.34; 14. Quinton Alexander (MARSHB) 7.40; 17. Ethan Young (STR) 7.52; 21. Kyler Haupt (STR) and Kenny Pietrowski (STR) 7.68; 27. A.J. Leonhardt (MARSHO) 7.90; 33. Davis Dietel (STR) 7.99; 34. Adam Walter (SPEN) 8.09; 35. Logan Schmoll (MARSHB) 8.15; 36. John Roherty (MARSHB) 8.30; 37. Brian Garcia (MARSHB) 8.31; 39. Joshua Gayle (MARSHB) 8.34; 40. Seth Kundinger (AUB) 8.43; 41. Hector Rojas (STR) 8.46; 42. Brad Schneider (STR) 8.49; 43. Nick Manecke (STR) 8.52; 45. Andrew Rutschow (MARSHB) 9.15; 46. Miguel Baldovino (MARSHB) 9.34.220: 1. Wickman (ATH) 24.65; 2. Calden Wojt (MARSH) 24.84; 6. Tyler Gilbertson (STR) 26.85; 8. McManus (MARSHO) 27.03; 9. Elhendy-Gunnarsson (MARSHO) 27.18; 12. Isaiah Schilling (SPEN) 27.97; 13. Anthony Gliniecki (STR) 28.12; 15. Dyllan Griepentrog (SPEN) 28.50; 18. Gage Stoflet (AUB) 29.15; 26. Dietel (STR) 30.08; 29. Jacob Rabehl (MARSHB) 31.33; 30. Pietrowski (STR) 31.47; 32. Kundinger (STR) 33.24; 34. Gayle (MARSHB) 34.34.440: 1. Chris Pahl (MARSH) 58.65; 8. Neil Ott (MARSH) 1:01.75; 9. Mark Wenzel (STR) 1:02.00; 11. Kyle Gielbel (STR) 1:02.47; 13. A.J. Schoenfuss (STR) 1:03.21; 15. Rylie Schmidt (SPEN) 1:04.41; 18. Jacob Schneider (SPEN) 1:05.52; 20. Gage Stoflet (AUB) 1:06.28; 26. David Kieke (MARSHB) 1:08.63; 27. Darren Kieffer (AUB) 1:10.34; 29. Schmoll (MARSHB) 1:12.85; 30. David Snortheim (STR) 1:14.84.880: 1. Dillon Novak (ABBY) 2:26.02; 3. Cade Lehman (STR) 2:26.62; 5. John Geissinger (STR) 2:28.72; 7. Carver Empey (AUB) 2:32.56; 18. Kieffer (AUB) 2:52.40; 19. Schneider (SPEN) 2:54.40; 20. Max Weber (SPEN) 2:54.68; 23. Cade Esker (MARSHO) 3:02.59; 24. Caleb Houk (MARSHO) 3:05.84.1-mile: 1. Hunter McManus (MARSH) 5:12.62; 2. Cody Gehrke (AUB) 5:19.36; 4. Geissinger (STR) 5:20.86; 6. Empey (AUB) 5:30.40; 8. Sam Huettl (MARSH) 5:31.30; 13. Collin Fravert (MARSHB) 6:06.96; 14. Lukas Ellefson (SPEN) 6:10.99; 20. Caleb Houk (MARSHO) 6:42.96; 21. Colten Post (SPEN) 6:49.34.2-mile: 1. Cody Simonson (ATH) 11:39.37; 6. Jared Oemig (MARSHB) 12:32.18; 7. James Kollross (MARSH) 12:33.71; 9. Paul Fischer (MARSH) 13:24.93.60 hurdles: 1. Will Spindler (MARSH) 8.45; 5. Nate Beyer (MARSHO) 9.52; 6. Damon Weix (STR) 9.93; 7. Aaron Peters (MARSH) 10.16; 8. Skyler Theisen (MARSHB) 10.25; 13. Eric Kubash (MARSHB) 11.09; 14. Braedon Corteen (MARSHO) 11.50.640 relay: 1. Athens 1:14.94; 2. Marshfield 1:16.47; 4. Stratford 1:19.87; 5. Marshfield Orange 1:20.50; 7. Spencer 1:21.69; 11. Marshfield Orange B 1:24.56; 12. Marshfield Black 1:26.37; 13. Stratford B 1:26.64.1,600 relay: 1. Marshfield 3:55.72; 6. Stratford 4:12.52; 11. Marshfield Black 4:40.90.3,200 relay: 1. Stratford 9:28.11; 4. Marshfield Black 10:01.72; 8. Marshfield Orange 11:01.59; 11. Spencer 11:19.21.High jump: 1. Tyler Masephol (ATH) 5-8; 3. Beyer (MARSH) 5-4; 5. Jacob Miller (SPEN) 5-4; 6. Alex Sainterme (MARSH) and Hunter Reif (STR) 5-2; 9. Chase Conrad (MARSHO) 4-10.Pole vault: 1. Geissinger (STR) 10-0; 2. Noah Schulz (MARSH) 9-6; 4. Kyle Giebel (STR) 9-6; 7. Taylor Schreiner (MARSH) 8-6; 9. Miller (SPEN) 8-0; 14. Jacob Roehl (MARSHB) and Kollross (MARSHB) 6-0.Long jump: 1. Nick Eisner (RL) 18-3.25; 2. Jepsen (AUB) 18-2.25; 4. Spindler (MARSHB) 17-3; 7. Pahl (MARSH) 16-10; 8. Empey (AUB) 16-9; 9. Elhendy-Gunnarsson (MARSH) 16-6.5; 14. Gilbertson (STR) 15-6.5; 16. Schilling (SPEN) 15-4.25; 17. Aaron Riedel (MARSHB) 15-2.75; 19. Conrad (MARSHO) 14-9; 20. Peters (MARSHO) 14-8; 22. Haupt (STR) 14-1; 24. Seth Browne (STR) 13-1.75; 29. Schmoll (MARSHB) 11-9.75.Triple jump: 1. Jordan Blomberg (RL) 38-8.5; 2. Pahl (MARSH) 37-10.75; 4. Spindler (MARSH) 36-6.75; 11. Danen (STR) 34-4.25; 12. Jimmy Draeger (MARSHO) 34-4; 16. Jacob Zuelke (STR) 33-8.5; 17. Grant Urban (MARSHB) 33-7; 18. Jacob Hainzlsperger (SPEN) 31-3; 19. Kieke (MARSHO) 30-4; 20. Manecke (STR) 29-7.75.Shot put: 1. Kasey Kollmansberger (ABBY) 47-3; 2. Tyler Peterson (MARSH) 46-4.5; 8. Andrew Gilkerson (MARSH) 41-9; 9. Jon Wittman (MARSHO) 40-8.5; 10. Chris Collins (MARSHB) 39-8.5; 13. Alexander (MARSHB) 36-5.5; 15. Peters (MARSHO) 36-3; 17. Tyler Krall (STR) 35-8; 19. Dakota Andreae (SPEN) 35-1; 20. Ronnie Drymon (STR) 35-0; 22. Bryce Murray (STR) 34-1; 24. Z. McManus (MARSHB) 33-9; 25. Rutschow (MARSHB) 33-2.5; 28. John Roherty (MARSHB) 32-4; 29. Trent Anderson (MARSHB) 21-8; 31. Leonhardt (MARSHB) 31-4; 32. Ryan Schauer (SPEN) 31-3; 35. Miguel Baldovino (MARSHB) 29-9.5; 43. Hector Rojas (STR) 26-0; 45. Trevor Krueger (STR) 23-6; 46. Ryan Patyk (AUB) 23-1; 47. Kundinger (AUB) 22-2.last_img read more

SA sport’s fantastic fans

first_img20 May 2004Fans are the lifeblood of the sporting industry. Without them, a sizeable chunk of the world’s media would be out of a job, outdoor advertising would be restricted to bus stops, and sponsorships would not have been invented.For many South Africans, supporting, playing, living, breathing sport is simply the way things are. It is how they are meant to be. And they wouldn’t want it any other way.Many years ago, I read an interesting book by James Michener. Not a novel the size of a brick, which is what most people think he produces, it was called simply “Michener on Sport”. A true fan of sport, Michener named just three countries as being absolutely fanatical about sport: the then East Germany, Australia, and South Africa.The fans and the flagToday’s South African sports fans are easily spotted – the flag “new” South African catches the eye at sporting events around the world. And with face-painting so much in vogue, it is common to see the six colours leaping out from cheering South African faces.The ubiquitous flags are popular items on sale at big matches, along other regalia. Supporters’ kit and memorabilia are big business in South Africa, and soccer’s Bafana Bafana, rugby’s Springboks, and cricket’s Proteas sell huge numbers of shirts.South African sports fans love a winner, but they can be extremely critical of failure, and the chorus of disquiet when things are not going well can become quite deafening.However, despite dire predictions, and ceaseless complaints, South African sports fans continue to support their teams. Even when national support is not an issue, South Africans are true sport lovers at heart. Want to use this article in your publication or on your website?See: Using SAinfo materiallast_img read more

Internet advertising companies hot in 2006

first_imgrichard macmanus Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Related Posts 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai…center_img Tags:#advertising#web Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… The June 2006 edition of Business 2.0magazine lists the 100fastest-growing tech companies of 2006. One trend that has emerged is that onlineadvertising has replaced retailing as the Web sector that is most in demand. While in2005 eBay was ranked 14 and there were two other retail companies in the top 20, thisyear eBay is ranked 92 and its the only retail company in the entire top 100. On the other hand there are now two online advertising companies in the top 10 in the 2006list – ValueClick (#5) and aQuantive (#7). Digitas comes in at #54 and two Chineseonline advertising companies – Sohu.com (#32) and Sina (#52) – are in the top 100.BusinessWeek notesthat the Internet ad market grew to $12.5 billion last year, a 30 percent increase from2004. All other reports I’ve been reading indicate that there is much more growth tocome. Digitas is currently the marketleader in online advertising. It creates online ad campaigns for big clients likeAmerican Express and GM, “which together accounted for nearly half of ’05 sales”. Thesecond biggest player in this market is aQuantive.The Chinese market is obviously one towatch – “Web advertising is growing three times faster in China than in the States;Sohu is the top seller, with rights to represent the ’08 Olympics in Beijing.”last_img read more

Shopify now lets stores create AR experiences for iOS 12

first_imgShopify now lets stores create AR experiences for iOS 12You are here: Posted on 19th September 2018Digital Marketing FacebookshareTwittertweetGoogle+share Shopify unveiled Monday new tools for their vendors to create augmented reality (AR) experiences. The announcement comes on the heels of Apple’s Monday release of iOS 12, which includes new functionality that provides AR experiences from within a web browser.Shopify AR provides businesses with a toolkit to create their own AR experiences, and includes a services marketplace of 3D modeling partners, a 3D Warehouse App as well as an easy way to add AR Quick Look support to their stores.Why you should careAR is on the rise. Last month, 8th Wall launched what it called the “first AR solution for mobile browsers.” And now Apple’s AR Quick Look allows anyone with an iOS12 device to do the same.The Shopify platform hosts more than 600,000 stores selling their wares, all of whom now have access to AR technology for their websites. This so-called democratization of AR could signal a sea change for a technology that’s been hamstrung by user requirements such as downloading an app, wearing a headset or scanning a QR code. Sellers can now provide customers with a new, 3D way to view their products and experience their brands, which leads to longer interaction times and the potential for less returns — good news for marketers this holiday season. And it’s a boon for creative marketers who can use the technology to create branded experiences and more.More about the announcementSafari claims nearly half of the market share of mobile browsers. Those users will now be able to experience AR right in the browser.Jordan Schau, co-founder of fixed gear bicycle shop Pure Cycles has already modeled some products through Shopify AR in anticipation of the launch and says that it “empowers customers to remotely explore every inch, every part, and every angle of their products — an area where traditional product photography has fallen short.”The post Shopify now lets stores create AR experiences for iOS 12 appeared first on Marketing Land.From our sponsors: Shopify now lets stores create AR experiences for iOS 12 HomeDigital MarketingShopify now lets stores create AR experiences for iOS 12 Related postsLytics now integrates with Google Marketing Platform to enable customer data-informed campaigns14th December 2019The California Consumer Privacy Act goes live in a few short weeks — Are you ready?14th December 2019ML 2019121313th December 2019Global email benchmark report finds email isn’t dead – it’s essential13th December 20192019 benchmark report: brand vs. non-brand traffic in Google Shopping12th December 2019Keep your LinkedIn advertising strategy focused in 202012th December 2019last_img read more

Aishwarya’s 15-year-Cannes journey decoded; plus, how you can make her choices your own

first_imgAishwarya Rai Bachchan is a constant reminder to us lesser mortals that a thing of beauty is a source of depression forever.   The global icon is so flawless that it must be a Herculean task to design anything that would do her justice. Add her penchant for diplomacy and an icy cool image and any designer is set to fail. It’s perhaps because of her stunning looks, and not despite them, that the actress has faltered many a time on the red carpet.  But a look at her Cannes appearances over the years will show you that with baby missteps the gorgeous actress has finally got her style sensibilities in line with international trends.   Let’s make it a teachable moment. How do you adapt Aishwarya’s top couture looks to your boardroom? Or more practically, to your neighbour’s sangeet? We can help.  The ex-beauty queen made her Cannes debut in 2002 at the premiere of Devdas . Accompanied by her director Sanjay Leela Bhansali and leading man Shah Rukh Khan, she went the traditional route. Clad in a golden Neeta Lulla saree and weighed down by what looked like all the gold in the Indian coffers, Aishwarya’s beauty still managed to shine through and made the world sit up and take notice. Cop it: If you have a Malayali wedding to attend, this exact look might still be in fashion. No, that’s not racist when I say it because I’m a South-Indian.Aishwarya Rai Bachchan wore a saree while walking the red carpet for the first time. Picture courtesy: Pinterest/ishasharma0004  Aishwarya returned to Cannes in 2003 as a jury member; she went the traditional route again and chose friend Neeta Lulla to design again. A green saree with her hair done up in a top knot, she played it safe and she played it bad. The look fell flat and earned her a lot of flak.Cop it: If you have a similar green saree, you can make a cushion cover out of it to cry into for your poor fashion choices.  advertisementHer second outing was also a Neeta Lulla saree. Picture courtesy: Pinterest/sushantshukla Aishwarya glammed it up in 2004, she was walking as the brand ambassador of L’Oreal for the first time, an association that has continued till now and she continued her association with Neeta Lulla as well. It was a risque shimmery cut out gown that didn’t fit well but strangely managed to flatter the stunner despite that.Cop it: Ever been invited to a “Shine bright like a diamond” theme party and didn’t know what to wear? Well, me neither. But now you do. Aishwarya glammed it up in 2004. Picture: Reuters In 2005, Aishwarya opened the film festival at the French Riviera, which was the first for an Indian. A black Gucci gown with a short train and a plunging neckline showcased the stunner like never before.Cop it: This is a study in seduction. A decade is mercifully sufficient time for couture to become high-street It shouldn’t be too difficult to get a similar dress for the next black tie event you’re invited to. And definitely wear it if your significant other’s ex has RSVPed yes.  The actress wore a black Gucci gown with a short train and a plunging neckline. Picture: Reuters Aishwarya starrer Provoked was screened at Cannes in 2006. Aishwarya hit it out of the ball park again in a midnight blue Roberto Cavalli gown and a trend setting snake choker.  Cop it: A snake bracelet was all the rage one season ago. It’s a pity we didn’t write this back then. Her midnight blue Roberto Cavalli gown was a red carpet hit. Picture courtesy: Pinterest/aay307 Abhishek Bachchan made his Cannes debut alongside wife Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in 2007. Mani Ratnam’s Guru starring the then newly-married couple was screened and so was the teaser of the magnum opus Jodhaa Akbar. Aishwarya kept it simple in an ethereal Giorgio Armani gown with an imposing diamond choker.Cop it: Her choker is proof that you can never wear too many diamonds. Try a heavy diamond choker just peeking out of a buttoned up white shirt. Extra points if you can get your husband to sport this look. Abhishek Bachchan made his Cannes debut alongside wife Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in 2007. Picture: Reuters In 2008, Aishwarya attended the Cannes film festival with her family in tow, she was flanked by her husband Abhishek Bachchan, and in-laws Amitabh and Jaya Bachchan.  Out of her all her looks, the fuschia pink Cavalli she wore to the Vicky Cristina Barcelona premiere would go down as one of her best looks.Cop it: A fuschia pink pleated scarf is the perfect addition to a cool-toned outfit to set off the Indian complexion. If you must have an agenda, let it be magenta.  advertisementShe stunned in a fuchsia pink number in 2008. Picture: Reuters In 2009, Aishwarya was a vision in white at Cannes. The white Cavalli gown with a tiered skirt might have looked like a wedding cake on anyone else but the diva managed to pull it off with aplomb.Cop it: Just what the doctor ordered to wear to your frenemy’s church wedding. Your therapist doesn’t like this doctor.  In 2009, Aishwarya was a vision in white at Cannes. Picture: Reuters Raavan premiered at Cannes in 2010, and Aishwarya accompanied by husband Abishek kept it simple yet stunning in a fail safe gold Sabyasachi. A severe updo and a simple blouse helped keep the spotlight firmly on the shimmering saree.Cop it: When you’re meeting your boyfriend’s parents for the first time at a wedding this is perfect sanskaari outfit to lull them into think they’re getting a big fat dowry. Little do they know you’ve bought this saree on EMI after selling your family car. A severe updo and a simple blouse helped keep the spotlight on the shimmering saree. Picture courtesy: Pinterest/kamalchheda 2011 saw Aishwarya at her most futuristic yet. She cut a fine figure in a structured two toned Armani Prive. The monochrome palette provided the perfect backdrop for her dramatic blue and gold smokey eye.Cop it: Wear it with two buns to the next Star Wars/Star Trek special screening. Better yet, organize one. She cut a fine figure in a structured two toned Armani Prive. Picture: Reuters All eyes were on Aishwarya at the Cannes red carpet in 2012. Back home in India her post natal weight gain was the talk of the town. But Aishwarya embraced her curves and her post-baby body and rocked an Elie Saab, which won her the admiration of international media and style gurus across the world.Cop it: Update this to 2016 by snagging a fawn/nude version with a short hemline. You’ll be the hostess with the mostest sparkle at your candlelight soiree.  Aishwarya embraced her curves and her post-baby body and rocked an Elie Saab in 2011. Picture: Reuters After a series of monochromes, Aishwarya finally opted for colours on the red carpet in 2013. She attended the premier of Cleopatra in a fittingly regal teal Gucci Premiere gown complemented by hot pink lips. A sculpted hairdo was just the icing the outfit needed.Cop it: Be a Scarlett O Hara, in reverse. You can never have too many satin curtains in your parlour.  Aishwarya finally opted for colours on the red carpet in 2013. Picture courtesy: Pinterest/lindaluau By 2014 Aishwarya had dropped the pounds and was back to her svelte self. She made her most dazzling appearance yet in a gold Roberto Cavalli gown with a bold red lip. A flying kiss here, a wave there and her A-game on the red carpet, this was Aishwarya at her uninhibited best. That outfit and those pictures have become definitive of the golden actress.Cop it: Teach your daughter that mermaids are real by twirling around her in this.  advertisementShe made her most dazzling appearance yet in a gold Roberto Cavalli gown with a bold red lip. Picture: Reuters Last year an on trend voluminous Ralph and Russo with muted makeup did the trick for Aishwarya. With dramatic ruffles, the dress provided just the right amount of oomph on the red carpet. Cop it: Visit your friendly neighbourhood Gauri and Nainika store for the perfect ruffles for Sunday brunch.Aishwarya won the red carpet in her Ralph and Russo number. Picture: Reuters That’s been quite a style evolution. This year Aishwarya completes 15 years at the Cannes red carpet. It will be interesting to see if she will continue to favour international labels like she has in the recent past or if she will go the desi route. Heavy lies the head that has worn a beauty pageant crown!last_img read more