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As the Saradha scam taint threatens to wash up at her door, the cheers quickly morph into jeers for Mamata Banerjee, West Bengal’s promised change agent not so long ago

first_imgIllustration by Pawan TiwaryA stranger in Kolkata would be forgiven for thinking that a bunch of Rabindrasangeet-singing aliens had landed, all extremely disciplined and determined to synchronise their music with the traffic lights turning red in the centre of the city. Beware, the bewilderment metamorphorsing into consternation, as you take,Illustration by Pawan TiwaryA stranger in Kolkata would be forgiven for thinking that a bunch of Rabindrasangeet-singing aliens had landed, all extremely disciplined and determined to synchronise their music with the traffic lights turning red in the centre of the city. Beware, the bewilderment metamorphorsing into consternation, as you take the lift at the state secretariat building on the other side of the Hooghly called Nabbano-the Raj-era Writers’ Buildings that have housed the government for the last 300 years or so are under renovation-and the same music assails your privacy. This must be a happy city, one hopes, or at least a singularly tuneful one.If only music was the food of politics, West Bengal Chief Minister and Trinamool Congress (TMC) President Mamata Banerjee would be playing on and on. Unfortunately for her, the last few weeks have been particularly stressful as the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), in accordance with a May 2014 Supreme Court order, has been investigating several of her closest aides and confidantes in the alleged Rs 10,000-crore Saradha chit fund scam. Late in December, the state Transport and Sports Minister, Madan Mitra, was arrested, while in mid-January the party’s General Secretary and second-in-command Mukul Roy was summoned by the CBI. His questioning will take place on January 30.In an exclusive interview with INDIA TODAY (see box), Banerjee rubbished the allegations of the involvement of her close aides, especially Roy, widely acknowledged to be her man both in Delhi and in Bengal. “He is a brilliant man,” she said of him, emphasising that the BJP was using the CBI to embark upon a political vendetta against her and her party, especially in the run-up to elections to the Kolkata Municipal Corporation as well as 90-odd other cities and towns in the state around April.advertisementIf the TMC wins Kolkata, the jewel in the West Bengal crown, Banerjee will prevail in this bout of shadowboxing the BJP has unleashed since it came to power at the Centre in May 2014. If she loses Kolkata, the attendant body blow could seriously endanger her party. Already the main prize looms large-the assembly polls in mid-2016-and the challenges are reaching right inside Banerjee’s lair. In mid-January, Refugee Relief and Rehabilitation Minister Manjul Krishna Thakur, who belongs to the lower-caste Matua community, left to join the BJP; the Matuas, originally from Bangladesh, command about 10 million votes. Meanwhile, Dinesh Trivedi, a former Banerjee favourite and railways minister underManmohan Singh, and Birbhum MP Anupam Hazra are openly complaining about the party, perhaps in the hope that they will be expelled for indiscipline and can then join the BJP without fear of attracting the anti-defection law.As for the BJP, party chief Amit Shah seems determined to light a fire under the TMC. The fact that Bengal has always been disdainful of the BJP, despite Jan Sangh founder Syama Prasad Mookerjee, has only fanned the flames of desire in Shah’s heart. Apparently, he will do anything to win Bengal. A massive enrolment drive since January has already logged 1.4 million members. At the time of the last polls in 2011, there were only around 50,000.It wasn’t supposed to be like this, certainly not so soon after Banerjee dislodged the mighty Left Front from power after 34 years in 2011, on the slogan of “poriborton”, or change. She was like a whirling dervish then, everywhere at the same time, a lithe figure in a white or cream cotton sari and rubber chappals. She took on the mighty Tatas, scorching their well-laid plans in Singur in 2007, and taunted the venerable Communist and then chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee for daring to dream about building a 1,000-acre factory at Nandigram in the heart of picture-postcard Bengal.Congress supporters burn effigies of Mamata Banerjee and TMC leaders accused in the Saradha scam. Picture by Debajyoti ChakrabortyHow things change. The same Didi, or elder sister, as several Bengalis insist on calling her in affection as well as gratitude for daring to take on the Left, has, at least in large parts of Kolkata, today become a figure of derision, disparagement and disdain.She is reputed to have a temper and often flies off the handle. She has a penchant for transferring bureaucrats and is believed to allow her party cadre the freedom to indulge in violence when local panchayats don’t fall in line. The Bengali word tolabhaari, loosely interpreted as the alleged regular bribe to local alleged TMC goons, is rampant in the state. Banerjee is said to be wilful and intolerant of criticism, especially from the once-fawning media, and definitely from the powerful Anandabazar Patrika Group, whose owner-editor Aveek Sarkar she accuses of fomenting a conspiracy against her. In fact, Kunal Ghosh, a former confidant and MP who later fell out with her and was arrested by the state police for his alleged involvement in the Saradha scam, is believed to have told Banerjee that it was imperative to build, operate and support an alternative media house which would, naturally, also be sympathetic to her.advertisementAs the Saradha Ponzi scheme evaporated, the alleged involvement of several TMC leaders, including Madan Mitra, Kunal Ghosh and Srinjoy Bose, Mukul Roy’s aide Asif Khan, and former inspector-general of police Rajat Majumdar, came to the fore. And now with the CBI summoning Roy to question his familiarity with Saradha owner Sudipta Sen, it’s clear that the noose is tightening around Banerjee.As a TMC leader, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said, “If winter is here, can spring be far behind?”But the fact remains that Amit Shah’s rhetoric may not quite be able to challenge the power of TMC cadres on the ground, especially in rural Bengal. Truth is, Banerjee has plastered the districts of Jangalmahal (which were overrun by self-proclaimed Maoists in the 2011 polls) as well as Darjeeling and Cooch Behar with roads and electricity lines, giving development the good name it deserves. She is rightfully proud of several affirmative action schemes in education, including for OBCs in higher education, especially ‘Kanyashree’, which seeks to delay the marriage of girls by keeping them in school till the age of 18 by offering them a stipend of Rs 500 a year; evidently 2.1 million young women have taken advantage of the idea. A tableau on the scheme was omitted from the Republic Day parade, leading to much heartburn in the TMC. She has ordered the opening of medicine shops in each hospital across the state where drugs are discounted by as much as 67 per cent, while maintaining quality controls.Sitting behind a large glass table in her otherwise brutally plain office on the 14th floor in Nabbano-with not even a Rabindranath Tagore painting or print for company-the interview with Banerjee begins on an affectionate note. She has ordered a piece of fish fry for this reporter and soon the tea arrives, in small, handmade ceramic cups, which Banerjee shyly admits that she has personally bought from a shop in Kolkata’s spanking new airport. By now you are definitely getting the “mamati-manush” feeling, a slogan that translates into “mother-earth-people” and which she popularised during those days of the “movement” in Singur and Nandigram in 2007.She has lost so much weight she looks emaciated. She insists that it’s not stress, but walking, 10 km a day on her treadmill. But she rotates one fist into the other palm, a clear sign that something is definitely wrong in Bengal. Small chit-chat about how many books she has written (52 so far, six of them in the last year), why she hasn’t hung her own art work on the walls (Sudipta Sen famously bought a painting for Rs 1.8 crore, according to income tax records) as well as the successful handling of the Gangasagar Mela (over three days 2.1 million pilgrims from across the country have visited the sacred island where the river finally flows into the Bay of Bengal) are all contributing to a soft afternoon in which the second Hooghly bridge seemingly sways over a gleaming river through the large glass window panes at the far end of her room.advertisementThen the thunderstorm breaks and it has Saradha written all over it. Asked why Roy was summoned by the CBI and whether he met Sudipto Sen-whose statement that he spoke to Roy 86 times when he was on the run in Kashmir have not been denied by Roy-Banerjee reacts as if all the eastern goddesses have been collectively scorned and personally betrayed. The BJP, she fulminates, “is deliberately targeting my organisation and trying to malign me. But make no mistake, we will fight back, in Parliament against the land acquisition bill and outside. We are not scared of the Enforcement Directorate. We gave birth to a movement. Whoever is doing this will have to face the music.”And then, the throw of the poison dart: “How do you think Amit Shah got a clean chit from the CBI after he was charged in a murder case in Gujarat?”Another TMC leader who spoke on the condition of anonymity pointed out that “Mamata is torn between loyalty to those who worked with her closely, such as Madan Mitra and Mukul Roy, and the possibility that they are involved in the Saradha scam”. So when it became clear Mitra would be arrested, he was dropped from cabinet meetings while Roy was removed from public view when summons came from the CBI. Leaders such as MP Subrata Bakshi, Urban Development Minister Firhad ‘Bobby’ Hakim, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Partha Chatterjee, Finance Minister Amit Mitra, her own nephew Abhishek Banerjee and party spokesperson and MP Derek O’Brien have now begun to lead the pack of party faithful.But the feeling that the Supreme Court-ordered CBI investigation into the Saradha scam is actually a witch hunt by another name runs deep in Banerjee. Finance Minister Mitra points out that the scam broke much before the TMC came to power in 2011, and wonders why institutions such as SEBI, RBI and the Registrar of Companies did nothing about it. So when the CBI came for Mukul, Banerjee decided to counterattack, pleading before the Supreme Court to monitor the investigation.”The BJP strategy is to undermine Didi’s popularity, to defile her image,” Mitra says, pointing out that when the TMC inherited Bengal it was severely broke, at least 58,000 factories had shut down and capital flight of a serious nature had already taken place.Mitra’s fightback has yielded significant results. He says the tax collection has nearly doubled from Rs 21,000 crore to Rs 40,000 crore, fiscal deficit has fallen from 4.12 per cent to 3.08 per cent, capital expenditure has grown from minus 26.08 per cent to 103 per cent, and the index of industrial production has grown by 6.3 per cent. Much of this money has been spent on massively adding infrastructure, including the aforementioned roads and highways, as well as in the creation of 31 colleges, six new universities and 195 industrial training institutes.Mitra staunchly defends the private sector investment promises made at the Bengal Global Business Summit in early January-Rs 93,329 crore of the total of Rs 2.43 lakh crore-but he has not been able to overcome the perception that small remains beautiful in Bengal, a reflection of how his Chief Minister’s political struggle has shaped her world view. The long shadow of the Singur debacle, which she once leveraged to oust the Left Front government, chases her in power. Harsh Neotia, one of the state’s richest businessmen who was part of the Chief Minister’s steering committee to promote the global summit, believes she is “deeply empathetic about the poor and believes they need much more support than the rich”.But another businessman who spoke on the condition of anonymity said “the problem is that because she has always been a grassroots leader, she has no understanding of the economic process. For her, the handloom industry has the same weightage as the automobile industry.”Sugato Bose, MP from Jadavpur and a professor at Harvard University, believes that the TMC could “project a vision of federal unity and protect the economic interests of the underprivileged, considering the BJP under Modi seems much too beholden to big business? The rule of law must prevail but only a corruption-free TMC can fight the majoritarianism of the BJP”.Bose was referring to the Saradha scam-accused whose defence by none other than the Chief Minister is creating disaffection within the party. Certainly, as Banerjee well knows, the perception of corruption can be as damaging as corruption itself, and at least Kolkata- never mind that it is a much cleaner city under her than under its previous ruler-seems to have decided that the time has come to abandon its capricious new memsahib. Talk that she is besotted with Tollywood, as Kolkata’s Bengali film industry is known, is rife and only adds to her gathering Alice in Wonderland reputation. Indeed, as many as five actors-Moon Moon Sen from Bankura, Sandhya Roy from Medinipur, Satabdi Roy from Birbhum, Tapas Pal from Krishnanagar and Deepak ‘Dev’ Adhikari from Ghatal- are members of Parliament, while Bengali singer Indranil Sen, part-time film producer Shibaji Panja and film distributor Shrikant Mohta are said to be part of Banerjee’s inner circle.And so the battle for Bengal is fully underway, no matter that the assembly election is over a year away. Banerjee is already marshalling her forces- consolidating the Muslim vote, a formidable 30-31 per cent of the electorate, and travelling in districts where she hopes voters won’t be influenced by Kolkata’s critical media-for what she knows is a life-and-death election. The CPI(M) may have got 29 per cent of the vote in the 2014 General Election, compared to the BJP’s 17 per cent, but Banerjee is fully aware that the CPI(M) is yesterday’s party; moreover, several of her TMC cadres have allegedly killed scores of key CPI(M) cadres, thereby irrevocably breaking the link between party workers on the ground and the party’s senior leadership.Meanwhile, with Amit Shah as its charioteer, the BJP hopes to be able to dislodge a woman who is increasingly beginning to look like her own worst enemy. Unfortunately, instead of mounting a cold-blooded attack on the saffron party, Banerjee is losing her composure. She is letting the BJP get under her skin. That allows the mostly male, and probably chauvinist, opposition to paint her as a fragile, intemperate politician with a brittle ego.Certainly, Mamata Banerjee can reinvent herself. She can dump all the Saradha scam-accused and recover her standing within her party by announcing that she will not tolerate corruption. She can apologise to Bengal’s women for her terribly insensitive remarks against the Kolkata rape survivor some years ago. She can return to her rabble-rousing roots (some would say she never left) and fight the rising BJP as well as the remnant Left in ways she knows best.Certainly, too, the process of poriborton must begin with her. But if she refuses to recognise that she is the centre of this change, then she and her beloved TMC may just be blown away by the gathering winds of history.Followthe writer on Twitter @jomalhotraTo read more, get your copy of India Today here.last_img read more

SISCO Mawani Ink MOU for Expansion of Jeddah Islamic Port

first_imgzoomImage Courtesy: Pixabay under CC0 Creative Commons license Red Sea Gateway Terminal (RSGT), a subsidiary of Saudi Industrial Services Co. (SISCO), and Saudi Ports Authority (Mawani), have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for further expansion of Jeddah Islamic Port (JIP) in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Under the MOU, which was signed on January 28, 2019, the parties intend to further develop northern part of JIP on a long-term basis, in addition to RSGT’s existing terminal.JIP is Saudi Arabia’s largest seaport, handling approximately 50% of the all containerized volume of the country. Specifically, RSGT will consolidate the container facilities in northern part of Jeddah Port and execute a comprehensive development plan upgrading and adding berth capacity while modernizing yard and all support facilities, including RSGT’s existing terminal.This is expected to create a world-class facility capable of serving the local market, while also catering for the growing regional transshipment trade, according to SISCO.With a capacity of 2.5 million TEUs, RSGT is the first container terminal in the country built by the private sector. It is the only terminal at JIP capable of fully accommodating ultra large container vessels (ULCVs) of 14,000+ TEUs.In 2018, RSGT volumes grew by more than 16% as compared to 2017.The duo will announce more details once the binding terms are agreed.last_img read more

These are the 20 Ugandans most followed by Ugandans on Facebook

first_imgThe YouTube star has met many dignitaries around the world, I guess it was only a matter of time before she met our own President! Image Credit: Anne Kansiime Facebook Page Advertisement Facebook is the most used social media platform not only in the world but also in Uganda with close to 2 million users recorded in the year 2015.Many public figures in Uganda have over the years created Facebook pages for themselves so that they can interact with their fans and audiences who are already on Facebook, but they have had varying levels of success. Some have been there for years but only managed a few thousand likes whereas a few who joined recently have seen explosive growth. Irene Ntale gets nearly 30,000 new likes every month, which means in 2 months she would have more likes than number 20, Grace Nakimera’s total.In a series of articles we shall be looking into the details of the top Ugandans on Social Media, but for today we present to you the list of the top 20 on Facebook. – Advertisement – The list is dominated by musicians, with the only non musician appearing at number 11. Not surprisingly the only non entertainers on this list are politicians. I know some people might argue that politicians are also entertainers in a way!Given the National Theatre is next to The Parliament, they should just merge them. I can barely tell the difference.— Saro Wiwa (@Samwyri) August 19, 2015Just so you know, this ranking is based on the number of Ugandan based followers each page has, and at a later time we’ll give our own ranking based on engagement, content, creative and other factors. The breakdown of location of followers is from SocialBakers.Without further ado, here are the most popular Ugandans on Facebook:20: Grace NakimeraGrace taking a selfie with one her fans. Image Credit: Grace Nakimera’s Facebook PageAt number 20 is Grace Nakimera whose collaboration with the dynamic duo Gatimo and Paragon for the hit song in 2004 “Ani Akumanyi” brought her to fame. Her other popular hits include Kawoonawo and Sukuma. Grace Nakimera’s Facebook she started in 2011 has attracted a modest following over the years.Ugandan following: 44k Total Following: 53k Percentage of Ugandan following: 83%19: KekoKeko at one of her performances. Image Credit: Kekomusic Facebook PageThe female HIP HOP star Jocelyne Tracey a.k.a Keko came to fame in 2010 when she released “Fallen Heroes” alongside other top Ugandan Artsits. Although she has had some quiet moments in her career, she has remained popular and has made it to this list. Keko also has significant following from outside Uganda.Ugandan following: 45k Total Following: 70k Percentage of Ugandan following: 65%18: Peng PengSweden based “Peng Peng” is one of the most popular Ugandans on Facebook. Image Credit: Peng Peng Facebook PageThe Sweden based “Peng Peng” now calls himself “Online media journalist for Forum for Democratic Change” but his rise to fame is from his days of commenting on society issues and promoting local musicians. Remember “Jeng Jeng”?.Ugandan following: 46k Total Following: 70k Percentage of Ugandan following: 66%17: Angella KatatumbaAngella Katatumba featured by the GoodLyfe Crew in Multiply by two. Image Credit: YTImgThe singer, songwriter and daughter to H.E Boney Katatumba not only holds the Humanitarian Award for my “For You Gulu” and Climate Change Projects she won in 2013 but holds the 17th position for having the most followers on her Facebook page in Uganda. She opened up her social media page in 2006 and she also has considerable following from outside Uganda.Ugandan following: 48k Total Following: 312k Percentage of Ugandan following: 16%16: Radio & WeaselRadio and Weasel entertaining their fans at Freedom City. Image Credit: Radio and Weasel Facebook PageThe Dynamic Duo is the most liked group in Uganda, with major hits like “Juicy juicy” and “Ntunga”. With their Facebook Page they begun in 2011, the GoodLyfe Crew boys have managed to be among the top followed Ugandans.Ugandan following: 67k Total Following: 86k Percentage of Ugandan following: 78%15: PallasoPallaso performs for his fans at one of his concerts at Freedom City. Image Credit: Pallaso’s Facebook PageOn his return to Uganda in 2014, Pius Mayanja a.k.a Pallaso recorded a song with the GoodLyfe Boys a.k.a Radio and Weasel entitle “Amaaso” which was a mega hit in Uganda that also gave his an opportunity to win Best collabo at the buzz teen’s awards 2014. He is currently working on his new song “Bubble.”Ugandan following: 70k Total Following: 85k Percentage of Ugandan following: 83%14: Amama MbabaziAmama Mbabazi at one of his presidential rallies. Image Credit: Amama Mbabazi’s Facebook PageThe GO Forward presidential candidate and former Prime Minister of Uganda has had his following on Social Media increase over the past year when he announced his presidential bid.Ugandan following: 91k Total Following: 103k Percentage of Ugandan following: 86%13: Bobi WineBobi Wine takes a group pictures with some of his fans before the game begun. Image Credit: Bobi Wines’ Facebook PageRobert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi a.k.a Bobi Wine a.k.a the Ghetto President is loved by many because of his songs due to the fact that he bases them on real life so as to inspire people not to give up. He started his page in 2009 and he is among the most followed Ugandans on Facebook.Ugandan following: 96k Total Following: 116k Percentage of Ugandan following: 82%12: Rema NamakulaRema popular musical videos “Kukaliba.” Image Credit: Rema Namakula’s Facebook PageRema one of Uganda’s most outstanding and talented musician came to fame when she released “Oli wange” written by Nince Henry making her popular in the music industry of Uganda. She managed to grab the 12th position as the most followed top Ugandans on Facebook with her page she had opened in 2012.Ugandan following: 99k Total Following: 112k Percentage of Ugandan following: 81%11: Yoweri Kaguta MuseveniPresident Museveni’s supporters in Kanungu District turned up massively at his rally. Image Credit: Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s Facebook PageHe is the president of Uganda and the NRM flag bearer a.k.a “Sole Candidate.” Museveni is the most followed Ugandan although he was late to the social media party, and only opened this verified page in 2014. Not surprisingly, nearly half of his following is from the rest of the world.Ugandan following: 102k Total Following: 191k Percentage of Ugandan following: 53%10: Mariam NdagireMariam Ndagire (Extreme Right) attended the Kids Film Class 2015 at Bat Valley Theatre. Image Credit: Mariam Ndagire’s Facebook PageKnown for her role in “You can’t break my will,” she is a singer, entertainer, actress, playwright, film director and producer who managed to take the 10th position of the most followed Ugandan on Facebook, Mariam started her page in 2005.Ugandan following: 104k Total Following: 129k Percentage of Ugandan following: 81%9: Desire LuzindaDesire singing along with one her fans. Image Credit: Desire Luzinda Facebook’s PageDesire Luzinda opened up her Facebook page in 2010 but it seems it really gained traction and got verified last year when her leaked photos broke the internet. There are so many fake “Desire Luzinda” pages, she might get the award for “Most pirated page on Facebook” if it existed!Ugandan following: 107k Total Following: 131k Percentage of Ugandan following: 82%8: NavioNavio entertaining his fans at the “Street Bash.” Image Credit: Navio’s Facebook PageDaniel Lubwama Kigozi a.k.a Navio is best known for his song entitled “Ngalo”. He recently released his new ablum “Choosen” at one of Uganda’s popular hangouts Panamera. He is among the most followed rappers on Facebook on a page he started in 2010.Ugandan following: 117k Total Following: 146k Percentage of Ugandan following: 80%7: Eddy KenzoEddy Kenzo takes a selfie with his fans just after a football match. Image Credit: Eddy Kenzo’s Facebook PageWith his major hit “Sita Loss” Eddy Kenzo holds an award of the “Most Viewers Choice Africa” in the BET Awards. Winning the award contributed a lot to his life. Eddy started his page in 2013 and also has following worldwide with only 56% of his followers based in Uganda.Ugandan following: 141k Total Following: 257k Percentage of Ugandan following: 56%6: Jose ChameleoneChamelone (Left) performs with long time rival Bebe Cool at sheraton hotel on 31st, December, 2015. Image Credit: Dr. JOSE Chamelone Facebook PageJoseph Mayanja a.k.a Dr. JOSE Chameleone is one of the most popular musical artists in Africa, the Leon Island Records boss who is not only popular musically but also popular on social media. Joseph Mayanja was ranked as the 6th most followed top Ugandan on Facebook. He begun his page in 2011.Ugandan following: 166k Total Following: 309k Percentage of Ugandan following: 54%5: Maurice KiryaMaurice meets up with one of his favourite fans “Brendah” at Sound Cup. Image Credit: Maurice Kirya’s Facebook PageThis might be a little unexpected that the “Mwoyo” RnB singer Maurice Kirya beat other “big names” like Dr. Jose Chameleone and Bobi Wine on this list. Given that he has a unique sound, could it be that his followers are more likely to be online than those of some other artistes?Ugandan following: 173k Total Following: 212k Percentage of Ugandan following: 82%4: Irene NtaleIrene performing at one of Uganda’s top hotels…”Sheraton Hotel.” Image Credit: Irene Ntale’s Facebook PageIrene Ntale holds the award of the “Best Female Break through Artist 2013,” of the Hipipo Music Awards and has since grown into a force to reckon with on her own. Infact, Irene has been getting nearly 30,000 new followers every month, making her page the fastest growing Ugandan personality page! If she keeps this up she’s gonna be much higher on this list by end of this year.Ugandan following: 174k Total Following: 215k Percentage of Ugandan following: 81%3: Kansiime Anne / EntertainerAnne Kansiime at one of her comdey performances in Zimbabwe. Image Credit: Anne Kansiime’s Facebook pageThe now World famous comedian Anne Kansiime is the most followed Ugandan on Facebook. Although her page only went live in 2013, at 1.3  million fans in total, Kansiime has more than twice the following of the next Ugandan in the lineup. Kansiime’s global popularity is made evident by her Ugandan followers making up only 18% of her total following.Ugandan following: 227k Total Following: 1.3m Percentage of Ugandan following: 18%2: Juliana KanyomoziJuliana performing alongside Flavour at the Coke Studio mash up. Image Credit: Juliana Kanyomozi Facebook PageWith her popular song “Woman,” Juliana is the most “Ugandan-followed” female Ugandan on Facebook. She started her page in 2011 and is popular beyond Uganda, with her Ugandan following making up less than 50%. Over the last 6 months, Juliana’s page has been growing at a rate of over 24,000 new followers per month, making hers the 2nd fastest growing Ugandan page.Ugandan following: 244k Total Following: 502k Percentage of Ugandan following: 49%1: Bebe CoolBebe Cool is one of the artistes that have come out to support the incumbent in the 2016 Presidential race. Image Credit: Bebe Cool FacebookIt turns out that the loudmouth artiste Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool who calls himself Big Size is the Ugandan with the largest Ugandan following on Facebook.  Maybe he is “Big Size” afterall!Ugandan following: 281k Total Following: 389k Percentage of Ugandan following: 72%What do you think about these most popular Ugandans on Facebook? Are there any that have surprised you? Or any that you expected to be on this list? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.last_img read more