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Takeaways from Accessibility Summit 2015 Day 2

first_imgAmazing new tools for accessibility testing! We are gonna have fun with it @garcialo #a11ysummit @pixotech— Carmel Segal (@carmelper) September 9, 2015 “We know opinion data is always going to be less valuable than experience data.” –@jared_w_smith #a11ysummit Great phrase: opinion data!— Genevieve Howard (@HowGen) September 9, 2015One other key takeaway from Smith: if you’re a designer or developer creating accessible solutions, share what’s working so others can learn. Apple Watch AccessibilityMany attendees (me included) moved up to the front of the room for Paul Adam’s talk and demo on Apple Watch accessibility. Adam walked through the setup of the Apple Watch for accessibility (no sighted person or plug in to computer required to enable VoiceOver or Zoom) and demoed many of the features on the watch.Helpful features: VoiceOver supports 14 languages, you can get vibration alert notifications, and there’s an option to ping your iPhone (useful for when you can’t locate your phone). For me, the highlight of his talk was when Paul showed how the watch worked with apps. The results indicate there’s more work to be done:The Weather Channel app wouldn’t load at allYelp’s app displays the number of ratings, but skips over reviewsA missing label on the Amazon app results in the Apple Watch announcing “button” The second day of Accessibility Summit 2015, the annual online virtual conference organized by Environments for Humans, was a day of practical tips, resources, and information for web designers, developers, UX practitioners, accessibility specialists, content strategists, and project managers. For the sixth year, I co-hosted an Accessibility Summit meeting room this week at the University of Michigan for web professionals in southeast Michigan. Here are my takeaways from the Day 2 sessions.Whitney Quesenbery on Usability Testing for Accessible UXUser research expert Whitney Quesenbery highlighted the importance of listening and learning from your usability testing participants. The best way to understand a problem is to see it firsthand.When you recruit for your usability testing, recruit people, not disabilities. Look for aptitude, attitude, and ability. Prioritize issues by their impact on people: those that stop users from using an app or feature, to those that are annoying, or minor. A few tips for successful sessions:Talk with participants about how they currently work, the products they use, and the features they like/dislikeDon’t distract participants during testing. If participants are traveling to research location, ensure there is public transportation, parking, and space in room for wheelchairs or dogsWhatever location you use, ensure there is a reliable Internet connectionHelpful resources shared during Quesenbery’s talk:Consent forms on Usability.gov: usability test, recording release, etc.Usability test script (PDF) from Steve Krug New to me: You can share reports on WAVE online by copying URL once report is created. Thanks @garcialo for tip. #a11ysummit— Deborah Edwards-Onoro (@redcrew) September 9, 2015David MacDonald on Demystifying WCAG 2.0For the last session of Accessibility Summit 2015, David MacDonald (WCAG team member and president of CanAdapt) had a short presentation about WCAG 2.0, history and future work and then opened up the session to Q&A. Great way to end the online conference. He commented:There’s been quite a bit of criticism of WCAG. We’ve been a victim of our own success.I was impressed to learn that when WCAG was a work in progress, 1,200 comments were made on the 2006 WCAG draft. Every single comment was replied to.MacDonald highlighted how the supporting documents fit together, and gave us preview of the rough mockup of the WCAG Quick Reference Guide. Personally, I liked the layout of the new guide, with linked techniques, an ability to customize the layout. .@davidmacd bringing humor to this #a11ysummit session on the WCAG! Fun & informative. (Never thought I would say fun about WCAG discussion)— Genevieve Howard (@HowGen) September 9, 2015 At end of test, you can have a genuine human conversation about how to improve test & product; can learn a lot. @whitneyq #a11ysummit— P. F. Anderson (@pfanderson) September 9, 2015 Fix the big frustrations first, then, attack the noise.Great UX advice from @whitneyq via #A11ySummit— Heather (@_hmig) September 9, 2015 “You cannot design or program a user’s experience, you can only enable that experience.” @jared_w_smith | #A11ySummit @e4h— Jameson Amadeus (@jamesonamadeus) September 9, 2015 Krack shows limitations of tooltips. My thoughts? Get smart with @cjforms’ http://t.co/LaNpQTO4Rl #PDF #forms #A11ySummit #techcomm— Accessible Techcomm (@AccessTechcomm) September 9, 2015Want more information about creating accessible documents? Check out Joe’s How do I construct accessible documents? resource page. Accessibility Testing ToolsGiven so many different accessibility testing tool options, how do you choose? Based on his daily use of accessibility testing tools, Luis Garcia analyzed the tools and narrowed the choices by looking at tools that were:FreeEast to useRobustwhich resulted in a review of the following tools:HTML CodeSnifferChrome Accessibility Developer ToolsaXe, also aXe Chrome and aXe FirefoxWAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool (online), also WAVE for Chrome and WAVE for FirefoxTenon, also Tenon for ChromeGarcia explained and demoed the features each tool offered in terms of the number of accessibility checks, whether it was open source, if it explained the issue, offered suggestions for fixes, as well as whether the report could be shared (something I find useful for clients).Tools highlighted: HTML CodeSniffer, Accessibility Developer Tools, aXe Firefox, aXe Chrome, WAVE Chrome, WAVE online, Tenon #a11ysummit— P. F. Anderson (@pfanderson) September 9, 2015 “Go meet people where they are” for UX testing. @whitneyq went to gyms, coffee shops, libraries. Test group reflects population #a11ysummit— Genevieve Howard (@HowGen) September 9, 2015center_img I like layout of new WCAG Quick Reference Guide, linked techniques, ability to remove sidebar. #a11ysummit pic.twitter.com/bFEbd03q9P— Deborah Edwards-Onoro (@redcrew) September 9, 2015Can’t Get Enough Accessibility?Has the Accessibility Summit inspired you to learn more about web accessibility? Here’s a few of my favorite places to learn more:Following the #a11y hashtag on TwitterWebAIM community with blog, newsletter, an email discussion listWeb Accessibility Initiative (WAI) resources mentioned in my Day 1 takeawaysPhoto credit: Michael Stork, University of MichiganShare this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Like this:Like Loading…RelatedAccessibility Summit 2015, Ann Arbor Group Meeting RoomFor the sixth year, I’m partnering with my friend Scott Williams, Web Accessibility Coordinator at the University of Michigan, to host a group meeting room for the online live Accessibility Summit conference. Organized by Environments for Humans, this year’s Accessibility Summit 2015 conference returns for two full days of online…In “Accessibility”Accessibility Summit 2014, Ann Arbor Group Meeting RoomFor the fifth year, I’m partnering with my friend Scott Williams, Web Accessibility Coordinator at the University of Michigan, to host a group meeting room for the online live Accessibility Summit conference. Organized by Environments for Humans, this year’s Accessibility Summit 2014 conference is a two-day online event bringing accessibility…In “Accessibility”September 2013 User Experience and Web Professionals EventsAlong with friends and colleagues, my friend Nick DeNardis has been after me for years to create a calendar of local events. Given my interests, I hear about and attend several UX, web design and development, social media and entrepreneur events each week. Which I tell Nick about after the…In “Calendar” Sounds like Apple Watch has some growth to do regarding #a11y “This is my favorite one” [clicks] Watch says “Button. Button.” #a11ysummit— P. F. Anderson (@pfanderson) September 9, 2015 If it’s important enough to be on a visual form, it’s important enough to be heard on the auditory version. #a11ysummit— Amanda Dahling (@akdahling) September 9, 2015 “We want to leverage WCAG as long as possible. Opening for change is can of worms.” #a11ysummit pic.twitter.com/BdNHghjRkC— P. F. Anderson (@pfanderson) September 9, 2015 You’re there to learn from people. Give them opps to show you, tell you. They can help you improve your product. #a11ysummit— Deborah Edwards-Onoro (@redcrew) September 9, 2015The Future of Web AccessibilityHaving heard Jared Smith from WebAIM speak at past Accessibility Summit events, I was intrigued by the title of his presentation. And he didn’t disappoint. His talk was a natural fit after Quesenbery’s talk, with comments about empathy, interacting with people with disabilities, and discussion of the recently released results of the 2015 WebAIM screen reader survey.The future of web accessibility depends on our understanding of individuals with disabilitiesSmith pointed out that accessibility without empathy will result in failure. You may have short term gains, but best efforts are gained by interacting with people with disabilities. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) levels don’t indicate user impact. If it’s a serious issue, it shouldn’t have to fit into WCAG criteria to be a valid issue.More and better data on web accessibility is needed (usability testing, not just surveys). Did you know WCAG 2.0 contrast formula and requirements are based on 1988 and 1992 data/reports? What Jared sees in the future:Browsers support basic keyboard accessibility out of the boxWeb developers learn basic accessibility through education and training (YES!)Web accessibility is a feature in beta products, not added in the 4.x.x.x version if we find an issue that impacts users, it’s an issue. Shouldn’t have to fit it into WCAG criteria for validity. #a11ysummit @jared_w_smith— Steve Sawczyn (@A11YForAll) September 9, 2015 Link to Tim Noonan’s Apple Watch accessibility review @pauljadam mentioned during his #a11ysummit talk http://t.co/dtGCM1yIKq— Deborah Edwards-Onoro (@redcrew) September 9, 2015Creating Accessible and Usable PDF FormsIf you’re responsible for creating public facing PDF forms, Joseph Krack, digital accessibility consultant at the California Department of Rehabilitation, has the tips and resources you need to know. Be sure to have a screen reader available. Since screen readers users often stay in forms mode, you’ll need to create both a visual and auditory form. When you write your tooltips, be aware there are no hard returns, and you can’t apply headings or lists. Additionally, check your tabbing order to ensure it’s logical. And don’t rely on automated testing, include testing with people. “Can’t build a visual form w/o a monitor. Can’t build an auditory form w/o a screen reader” Joe Krack #a11ysummit— P. F. Anderson (@pfanderson) September 9, 2015last_img read more

Bold Purpose on the Global Stage

first_imgBold Purpose.  But Audacieux.  Proposito Audaz.  Algharad Jaree’.However you say it, over the past year SHRM has been speaking out around the world on all things work.  Before the year ends, our work on immigration and the skills gap will culminate at four international events.  As our Head of Global Outreach and Operations, I have the privilege of travelling abroad on SHRM’s behalf, but it’s our collective work that shapes the opinions of the world’s leaders.  Let me share how.You may have seen that the G20 Heads of State met last week in Buenos Aires.  While the media often focuses on “who talked to or stood by whom”, the real importance of this meeting was the adoption of a Declaration committing the world’s largest economies to addressing challenges confronting our societies – such as the future of work.  For the past several years, I have served on a task force of business leaders (B20) that makes recommendations on education and employment issues to the G20.  I have shared SHRM research, news articles and feedback from our Special Expertise Panels with the B20. We should all feel proud that the Declaration includes some of our thinking on equal education and employment opportunities for girls, inclusion of the disabled in the workplace, and migration.  We will continue to push these issues forward at the Japanese G20 Summit in 2019.Five years ago, the G20 leaders committed to building apprenticeships and created an organization called the Global Apprenticeship Network (GAN).  Johnny recently joined the GAN’s board of directors and participated at an event at JPMorganChase in London where we shared the #wearework skills gap video.   This work dovetails with work we have done with the Embassy of Switzerland and the U.S. Department of Labor to promote apprenticeships in the United States.  Our Northern California staff and members participated in a “Zurich Meets San Francisco” discussion on the role of apprenticeships in the future of work.Also last week, I participated in an off-the-record meeting with 17 governments and international organizations at the Intergovernmental Consultations on Migration in Geneva.  Although the “Chatham House” rules of this meeting mean that I cannot tell you most of what we talked about, I can share that I was one of only two business representatives, and that our #wearework commercial on  immigration, our skills gap data, and the Principles video caught their attention!  I’ve attended these meetings several times over the past fifteen years and while the wheels of policy change often move incredibly slow, I am gratified to hear that some of what we’ve been saying is now being echoed by policymakers. Several governments asked me to connect them to their national HR associations which I am able to do because of our role as permanent Secretariat of the World Federation of People Management Associations—WFPMA.This week, I am in Marrakech at separate, but related events.   This week governments (including the U.S.), business and civil society will gather at the 11th Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) Summit.  I co-chair the official business delegation to the Summit (known formally as the Business Mechanism) and will present recommendations for improving employers’ access to foreign talent and ensuring that migrant workers are treated with dignity and respect. Next week, many Heads of State will gather here to adopt the first-ever Global Compact for Migration. Although the US and several other nations have withdrawn from this agreement, it is still a historic step to ensuring that the large movements of migrants around the globe are managed in a safe, orderly and legal process. As with the B20 recommendations, the business input to these events was developed with SHRM research and consultations with our members.  And, while these events may not make big news in the United States, you can be sure that the outcomes will have an impact on HR professionals and SHRM members around the world. We will continue working on raising the voice of the HR profession on the Global Stage and move, Together Forward. Ensemble en Avant.  Juntos Hacia Adelante. Maeaan ‘iilaa al’amam.Lynn ShotwellSVP and Head of Global Outreach and Operationslast_img read more

Indo-Pak series sees largest influx of Pakistani citizens to India in search of friends

first_imgShehzada Shahrukh, Pakistani Olympian met old friend and former Indian hockey captain Balbir Singh (right) in ChandigarhRana Khurshid Alam looks out of the window of the car on a road flanked by endless wheat fields and wipes tears from his eyes.Spotting the signboard which reads Institute of Engineering and Technology,,Shehzada Shahrukh, Pakistani Olympian met old friend and former Indian hockey captain Balbir Singh (right) in ChandigarhRana Khurshid Alam looks out of the window of the car on a road flanked by endless wheat fields and wipes tears from his eyes.Spotting the signboard which reads Institute of Engineering and Technology, Bhaddal, he says, “Our village has become famous.” This is Alam’s first visit to Bhaddal, a small, farming village in Ropar district, an hour’s drive from Chandigarh.But for this 53-year-old jeweller from Kassowal in Pakistan’s Sahiwal district, it is a homecoming of sorts. His forefathers, hereditary goldsmiths, left this village for Pakistan during Partition.Alam grew up on nostalgic reminiscences of Sonaron di Kothi (the house of goldsmiths), the ancestral home which his grandfather longed to return to but never could. Today, Alam stands in the pillar-lined courtyard, caresses its walls like he would his children and reaches out to the past.Pakistani cricket fans cross the Wagah borderIn the village of Mehmoodwal Yusuf pur on the outskirts of Jalandhar, Darshan Singh, 75, squints through his spectacles at the visitor from Pakistan: “Aren’t you Ghulam Nabi’s son? You look exactly like him.”It has been over 50 years since Abdul Majeed Khan’s father crossed the border. Now, the 53-year-old audit officer with the Pakistan Agricultural Storage and Services Corporation Ltd hugs the villager and weeps at the memory of his father. Alam and Khan weren’t alone. Such poignant scenes were replayed across Punjab’s countryside as nearly 4,000 Pakistanis used their short-stay cricket visas to fan out into the countryside, to home in with salmon-like instincts on the land of their forefathers.Cricket was merely an excuse, an afterthought. At the PCA Stadium in Mohali, as Pakistan played its first Test in India in six years, white-bearded Abdul Jalil “Chacha Cricket”, Pakistan’s best known cricket fan, and his cohorts swathed in green clothes filled the near-empty Pakistani stands with chants of “Jivey Jivey Pakistan”. advertisementRana Khurshid Alam, Jeweller at his ancestral house in Bhaddal, Ropar, which his forefathers left during PartitionFor the past 12 months, cricket, once the stress-generator between India and Pakistan, has become a bureaucracy-booster. Over 8,000 Indian fans crossed the border last spring for India’s first tour of Pakistan in 14 years. A year later, the largest influx of Pakistanis in recent memory has made a new passage to India.Some belonged to a generation that knew India only through family stories. Others knew the pain of fleeing home first-hand. Fifty-eight years after he left as a distraught refugee, Syed Athar Hussain, 72, stepped across the old Radcliffe Line at the Wagah border. He now lives near the Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore but had never bought a match ticket-until last month when he paid $35 (Rs 1,575) to come home. Once in India, Hussain didn’t need directions to find his way to Ropar. “It was out of sight but never out of mind,” he says.For Shehzada Shahrukh, an 82-year-old Pakistani hockey Olympian, India was home turf. In Chandigarh, this Olympic vice-captain was reunited after two decades with an Indian hockey legend-Olympic gold medallist and former captain Balbir Singh. The duo, sporting foes-turned friends, relived a friendship that went back to the 1940s when Balbir played in Amritsar’s Khalsa College team, captained by Shahrukh’s brother Khurram.Shahrukh rolls his dentures and demonstrates Balbir’s flick to score a winning goal in an old Punjab vs Punjab hockey match. Balbir chuckles, “Is that why I was the first person you asked for at Wagah?”Fans at Mohali stadiumShahrukh-who would have you believe that the Bollywood superstar was named after him, after a chance encounter with King Khan’s father in Bombay in the 1950s-says he doesn’t have much time left and has many friends to meet. There is Pran Nath, a school buddy from Lahore, now a gold trader in Kolkata. Three years ago, Nath came to Lahore looking for him but the two could not meet. “Please tell Pran,” he says, as tears begin again, “His friend Shahrukh is alive.”At the Mohali stadium, the only reminder of conflict was a few hundred feet above the pitch- the steady stream of Indian Air Force transport aircraft taking off from Chandigarh air force base with belly loads of supplies for soldiers in Kashmir. But outside, India’s Track II diplomacy over whelmed Pakistani fans.The Nada Sahib Gurdwara ran a non-stop langar and the Chandigarh Club hosted a dinner for every Pakistani. The Chandigarh administration laid out a week-long carnival-from halal meat burgers and prayer mats in hotel rooms to special screenings of Veer-Zaara and Mughal-e-Azam. Shops often dispensed with the formality of seeing the Pakistani passport before granting 10 per cent discount. “I had to force shopkeepers to accept money,” grins Ammad Arshad from Lahore.Meanwhile, Shahrukh was hosted by Arun Bakshi, a 43-year-old marketing executive. In the past decade, Bakshi had twice tried to go back to his father’s village in Pakistan but his visa applications were turned down. This week he did, however, persuade Sajjad Shah and his family to vacate their hotel room and be his guests. The Bakshis sleep in the drawing room.Only half of 7,000 tickets the Punjab Cricket Association sent to the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) have been sold but no one cares. This is not about filling stadia. “Cricket is the new goodwill multiplier. It will put people-to-people ties on a stronger wicket,” says Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh. Perhaps it is time for Bakshi to apply for that visa.- with Ramesh Vinayakadvertisementlast_img read more

How Injuries To Steph Curry And Chris Paul Affect The Playoffs

ATL122+1 It’s been a bad couple of days for MVP-caliber point guards.On Monday afternoon, Warriors fans waiting for the results of the MRI on Stephen Curry’s right knee got their answer: Curry will miss at least two weeks with a Grade 1 MCL sprain, according to the Warriors’ PR Twitter account. CLE233525+2 Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Clippers were hit with even worse injury news Monday night. Chris Paul broke his hand and will likely miss the remainder of the postseason.The good news for Golden State is that Curry hasn’t been ruled out for the rest of the playoffs, particularly if the Warriors advance beyond the second round. The bad news is that he’s out for the time being. So for each team still active in the playoffs, let’s game out the chances they’ll win the title depending on various (hypothetical) levels of Curry participation over the rest of the playoffs.For this exercise, I’m going to use the plus-minus metric that drives our CARMELO projections1Specifically, I’m using a 50-50 blend of ESPN’s Real Plus-Minus and Basketball-Reference.com’s Box Plus/Minus, according to research by FiveThirtyEight editor-in-chief Nate Silver. to generate Pythagorean ratings for the Warriors based on Curry’s availability. With Curry in the lineup, for instance, the metric says the Warriors possess roughly 67-win true talent (per 82 games) based on plus-minus; with Curry absent, that number falls to 53 wins. Those numbers can then be used to generate expected probabilities of advancing in the playoffs, all the way up to winning the NBA title.(Obviously this ignores all the ways in which matchups matter, as well as the dynamic effect of teammates’ playing together that isn’t captured by plus-minus. But as a rough cut, this method ought to do the trick.)Here’s how each team’s title odds would change if Curry played at full strength and had never been injured (specifically, logging 81 percent of the Warriors’ available minutes — the rate at which he played in last year’s playoffs), if he misses “two weeks” (which we’ll define here as being out until the conference finals), and if he doesn’t play at all: OKC5149+4 BOS000— ODDS OF WINNING TITLE WITH … GS52538-14 Source: ESPN, Basketball-Reference.com VIDEO: Neil Paine on the Warriors’ and Spurs’ title chancesCheck out FiveThirtyEight’s 2016 NBA Playoff Predictions. LAC000— MIA000— HOU000— CHA011+1 Which teams benefit from Curry’s absence? POR000— TOR233+1 TEAMFULL CURRYNO CURRYCURRY OUT 2 WKSDIFF., 2 WEEKS AND FULL SA16%39%22%+6 Regardless of how long Curry is out, the biggest beneficiaries of his injury are obviously the San Antonio Spurs. Their title odds jump by about 23 percentage points if Curry doesn’t play from here on out and 6 percentage points even if he is back in action after the conference semifinals. One reason is simple: The Curry-less Warriors pose far less of a threat to the Spurs than the 73-win superteam San Antonio battled all season. But the Spurs also benefit disproportionately from an increased chance, however small, that Golden State could be knocked out before ever facing San Antonio.Before Paul’s injury, the Clippers were in position to profit from Curry’s absence. If Curry missed the entire second round and CP3 had been healthy, LA’s chances of winning the title would have roughly quadrupled. But without Paul, the Clippers have very little chance of going all the way, regardless of Curry’s status — the latest in a string of missed opportunities for the franchise over the past few seasons.Finally, it’s worth noting that the second-biggest leap in title probability if Curry is absent for the rest of the playoffs belongs to the Cleveland Cavaliers, whose chances of winning the championship go up 12 percentage points even though they couldn’t be affected by the injury until the NBA Finals. (For those curious, the plus-minus-based system I used in this article is higher on the Cavs than something like our Elo ratings, because plus-minus thinks Cleveland is more talented than how it’s played the past few seasons.)Of course, all these calculations can change if Curry is able to return — and play like himself — at some point in the Warriors’ playoff run. The sheer gravity of Golden State’s presence in the bracket has been enough to derail the Spurs’ and Cavs’ claims to favorite status all season long. So best-case, the Warriors weather the second round against the Blazers or depleted Clippers and then pick up where they left off with Curry back for the conference finals. But if his return is delayed or scrubbed entirely, the Warriors’ chances of defending their title will look more fragile than Curry’s knee. IND000— read more

Football Former Ohio State quarterback JT Barrett signs with Indianapolis Colts as

Ohio State redshirt senior quarterback J.T. Barrett (16) calls a play in the first quarter of the 2017 Cotton Bowl against University of Southern California on Dec. 29 in AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX. Ohio State won 24-7. Credit: Jack Westerheide | Photo EditorOne of Ohio State’s most decorated players found his way onto an NFL team.The Indianapolis Colts have signed former Ohio State quarterback J.T. Barrett as an undrafted free agent Saturday, according to a tweet from Ohio State. Free Agent Alert: @JT_theQB4th @Colts #GoBucks #DevelopedHere #ColtsForged pic.twitter.com/t39FoIQyZa— Ohio State Football (@OhioStateFB) April 29, 2018Barrett led the Buckeyes to two Big Ten championships during his four years, including a 2014 National Championship that Barrett watched from the sidelines after breaking his ankle against Michigan.Barrett got his first start in an Ohio State uniform following Braxton Miller’s season-ending shoulder injury in 2014. The then-redshirt freshman amassed 45 touchdowns and 3,772 total yards and finishing fifth in the Heisman voting.After 50 starts across four years, Barrett finished his Ohio State career with more offensive yards (12,697), passing touchdowns (104) and total touchdowns (147) than any other player in Big Ten history.Along with the numerous records accomplished while at Ohio State, Barrett went 38-6 as a starter while completing over 60 percent of his passes in each of his four seasons.The three-time captain led the Buckeyes to a 24-7 Cotton Bowl victory over USC and this year’s No. 3 pick Sam Darnold in the last game of his OSU career.In his sophomore season, Barrett threw for 211 yards and ran for 96 in a 44-28 Fiesta Bowl win over Notre Dame. A year later, again in the Fiesta Bowl, Barrett threw for 127 yards and two interceptions in a 31-0 defeat to Clemson in the College Football Playoff.At the NFL combine, Barrett was the second fastest quarterback in the 40-yard dash at 4.70 seconds. On the other end, Barrett finished with the third slowest three cone drill times of all quarterbacks (7.38 seconds). read more

Football Urban Meyer gives update on Bosa injury previews Purdue in weekly

After leaving Ohio State’s win over TCU on Sept. 15, junior defensive end Nick Bosa has been sidelined with a core muscle injury with no timetable for return. In Monday’s press conference, Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer said Bosa will be getting reevaluated this week in Philadelphia, but could not really say whether or not the defensive end would return to the field this season. “I am hoping,” Meyer said. Bosa has been seen at Ohio State practices and on the sideline during games, but only in street clothes.Meyer also said junior linebacker Malik Harrison and junior defensive end Jonathon Cooper are back with the team this week after being sidelined for the Minnesota game after being placed in concussion protocol. Redshirt junior defensive lineman Robert Landers was deemed probable while Meyer called redshirt junior cornerback Damon Arnette questionable for Saturday’s game against Purdue. In special teams, Meyer said redshirt senior kicker Sean Nuernberger suffered a strained groin prior to the start of the game against Minnesota. Sophomore kicker Blake Haubeil started in Nuernberger’s place and hit three field goals, being named by the coaching staff as the special teams player of the week. Meyer also said sophomore left tackle Thayer Munford is “sore,” but probable heading into Saturday. Meyer praises Justin Hilliard With the injury to Harrison, redshirt junior linebacker Justin Hilliard had the opportunity to play significantly more on defense than he usually does. Meyer said he was happy to see a player like Hilliard get the opportunity to play. “He’s one of my favorite players, favorite families,” Meyer said. “He’s a guy that means so much to us on the kicking game. He played pretty good. Not great, but pretty good.”Hilliard recorded five tackles, including two solo tackles, against Minnesota on Saturday, with two broken up passes in the middle. With the biceps injuries Hilliard faced, Meyer compared his journey to former Ohio State cornerback Marshon Lattimore, who started his collegiate career sidelined due to injury. Meyer said the redshirt junior linebacker still has a ways to go, but has shown growth. “You never give up on a player,” Meyer said. “Keep working with him.” Meyer prepares to defend Rondale MooreOver the first six games of the season, Purdue has put together one of the more dynamic offenses in the Big Ten, recording the No. 4 scoring offense in the conference, averaging 33.5 points per game and beng one of two offenses in the Big Ten to average over 500 yards per game, the other being Ohio State.Much of that success has been helped by the emergence of Purdue freshman wide receiver Rondale Moore. In six games, Moore has become on of the core dynamic playmakers in the conference, recording 100-yard performances and a touchdown in four of the six games. Even though Meyer has not studied Purdue at length yet, he said Moore does bring something to the table. “Just explosive player,” Meyer said. “I studied him in the return game. And he’s a guy you have to be careful with in the return game. He’s a dynamic player.” read more

Womens Soccer Ohio State heads to Wake Forest for first round of

Ohio State senior midfielder Sarah Roberts (10) heads the ball upfield against the Wisconsin Badgers on Oct. 21st. Ohio State won 2-1. Credit: Cori Wade | For The LanternAfter awaiting a decision from the NCAA selection show, the Ohio State women’s soccer team (9-5-4, 6-2-3 Big Ten) will now compete in the first round of the NCAA tournament against Wake Forest at 7 p.m. on Friday at Spry Stadium.Senior midfielder Bayley Feist and sophomore forward Estelle Laurier have driven Wake Forest’s potent offense this season. Feist is up to six goals and Laurier has four so far this season. The team’s offense also had a season-high six points against Longwood. “I think we have a good chance to come into Wake Forest and give them a good game,” Ohio State freshman forward Kayla Fischer said.On Monday, the Buckeyes were granted an at-large bid to the NCAA tournament, marking its 13th appearance in the tournament. Like Ohio State, the road for Wake Forest (8-8-1, 4-6-0 Big Ten) has remained relatively unsteady throughout the season. While Wake Forest has had no problem scoring goals, it has encountered difficulties preventing other teams from doing the same. Virginia scored five against the Demon Deacons in a loss on Sept. 30 and Duke scored three against them the following game in a loss on Oct. 4, starting a four-game losing streak. The last time both teams met was in the 2014 season opener, where the Buckeyes came away with the 1-0 victory in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. This time, the stakes are even higher. After starting off the regular season with two losses, dealing with multiple injuries and falling just short of the Big Ten semifinals to Nebraska, the Buckeyes have not had an easy road to the NCAA tournament. “We’ve faced a lot of adversity this year,” Ohio State senior midfielder Sarah Roberts said. “At this point, anything that gets thrown against us we look at it more as an opportunity, an opportunity to get better, an opportunity to show the rest of the country what the Buckeyes are made of.”For the Demon Deacons, this rematch presents an opportunity for the team to put its best foot forward and gain a win in front of the home crowd.  This matchup for the Buckeyes will be the most important road test it has faced thus far. For some of the players on the team, this will be their first experience playing soccer in an NCAA tournament, including Fischer, who said the team is excited for the upcoming matchup.“Never being in a tournament before,” Fischer said, “I’m definitely excited to see what it’s going to bring. I’m expecting that our team can compete and keep going in the tournament. I know throughout the season we’ve been getting better and better. I think as long as we continue that, we have a good shot.”One key element that remains a strength for the Buckeyes is its  performance on defense. Ohio State has allowed 14 goals in 18 games this season.. “From a senior perspective,” Roberts said, “I think we’re excited that we get one more chance and one more game to kind of make our mark on the program.” read more

Tourists left behind Premier wanted more evacuees

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:#evacuation, #HurricaneIrma, #magneticmedianews, #TCIPremier Recommended for you Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppTurks and Caicos, September 7th, 2017 – Providenciales – The Premier is concerned about residents who did not evacuate and when she addressed the nation yesterday, Hon Sharlene Robinson had hoped the few left in Salt Cay and the many who opted to remain on Middle Caicos would change their minds.  Government staff got an early payday to help with storm preparations and some guests to the country, who tried to get home were unable to get out despite charter flight arrangements which in one case did manage to get about 60 people into the Continental USA.   The Premier and Home Affairs minister took tours around the country on Monday and Tuesday, and are satisfied with the level of preparedness of government offices and that includes Her Majesty’s Prison in Grand Turk.  Premier Sharlene Robinson also requested for prayer warriors to pray.By Deandrea Hamilton August 30th – One Year since Hurricane Irma named Turks and Caicos Premier says nation ‘elated’ over removal from Zika list; praises CARPHA and CARICOM OECD listed but never informed of concerns on TCI investor policy, Premier calls clarity and proof of any breachlast_img read more

Kiesslings wife helped him heat his fitness tests

first_imgThe former Nuremberg, Bayer Leverkusen, and Germany national team footballer has explained how he used to pass fitness testsGerman striker Stefan Kiessling played professionally from 2003 to 2018.And he just came out to explain how his wife used to help him cheat in his fitness tests.“I never did one hundred percent of the exercises in the preparation periods, not once,” he told The Talking Baws.Kiessling: Lewandowski’s back-up Martin Varga – November 2, 2017 The 33-year-old Bayer Leverkusen forward’s name has been associated with a January move to Bayern Munich Potential Bayern Munich transfer target Stefan Kiessling is delighted…“You get a heart rate monitor on which all runs are saved.”“As my wife is very athletic, she did some racing with the wristband according to my specs,” he explained.“She did it so well that nobody noticed.”last_img read more

Van Dijk appeals for patience from Liverpool fans

first_imgLiverpool defender Virgil Van Dijk has called for more patience from the club’s supporters after the crowd appeared nervy during the home draw with Leicester City.The Reds failed to extend their lead over Manchester City at the top of the Premier League standings to seven points following their 1-1 draw at Anfield with the Foxes on Wednesday night.The result means Jurgen Klopp’s men failed to beat a team outside the top six in the league for the first time this season.Asked if he could sense the nervousness during the game, Van Dijk said, according to talkSPORT:“It sounded like it.”“I don’t think [it transmits to the players] but obviously you get that feeling as well from the crowd and I think it’s not really necessary at the moment.”Roberto Firmino, LiverpoolVirgil van Dijk praises Roberto Firmino after Liverpool’s win Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Virgil van Dijk hailed team-mate Roberto Firmino after coming off the bench to inspire Liverpool to a 3-1 comeback win against Newcastle United.“But obviously everyone wants to win so bad and that’s what we want as well but sometimes you need to be very patient.”“In the end it’s all about showing on the pitch and we’re not going to be affected by that.”“[But] we want everyone to cheer us on and keep pushing even if we have tough moments, even if we’re 1-0 down or maybe more.”“We just need everyone to pull in the same direction and keep going, that’s the only way forward.”last_img read more