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Central Wisconsin teams open season at Marshfield Boys Indoor Track Invite

first_imgBy Paul LeckerSports ReporterMARSHFIELD — Marshfield won three individual events and a relay to win the team title at its 2015 Marshfield Tigers Boys Indoor Track and Field Invitational on Tuesday at The Boson Company Fieldhouse at Marshfield High School.A total of 13 teams from Central Wisconsin competed in the event, with the Marshfield squad being split into three teams.Marshfield totaled 109.5 points to win the team title. Athens was second with 91.5, Stratford took third with 56, Auburndale was 10th, Marshfield Black 12th, Spencer 14th, and Marshfield Orange 15th.Athens’ Aaron Wickman was the lone dual-event winner, taking first in the 60-yard dash (6.72 seconds) and the 220 (24.65).Marshfield’s winners included the 1,600 relay (3.55.72), Chris Pahl in the 440 (58.65), Hunter McManus in the mile (5:12.62), and Will Spindler in the 60 hurdles (8.45).Marshfield’s Andrew Rutschow takes a throw during the shot put competition at the 2015 Marshfield Boys Indoor Track Invitational on Tuesday at Marshfield High School.Tyler Peterson was second in the shot put (46 feet, 4 ½ inches), Pahl took second in the triple jump (37-10 ¾), Calden Wojt finished second in the 220 (24.84), Noah Schulz was second in the pole vault (9-6), and the 640 relay team also was second for Marshfield.Spindler added fourth-place finishes in the long jump (17-3) and triple jump (36-6.75), and Nate Beyer was third in the high jump (5-4) and fifth in the 60 hurdles (9.52) for Marshfield.Auburndale’s top performance came from Cody Gehrke, who was second in the mile in 5:19.36, 6.5 seconds behind McManus. Lee Jepsen took second in the long jump (18-2.25) and fifth in the 60 (7.03).Stratford won a pair of events. The 3,200 relay team won in 9:28.11, and John Geissinger took first in the pole vault (10-0). Cade Lehman also placed third in the 880 (2:26.62).Spencer’s Jacob Miller had a pair of top-10 finishes, taking fifth in the high jump (5-4) and ninth in the pole vault (8-0).(Hub City Times Sports Reporter Paul Lecker is also the publisher of MarshfieldAreaSports.com.)2015 Marshfield Tigers Boys Indoor Track InvitationalTeam scores: 1. Marshfield 109.5; 2. Athens 91.5; 3. Stratford 56; 4. Medford 46; 5. Tomah and Rib Lake 42; 7. Pittsville 36.5; 8. Abbotsford 36; 9. Stanley-Boyd 28; 10. Auburndale 26; 11. Necedah 17; 12. Marshfield Black 16; 13. Marathon 15.5; 14. Spencer 12; 15. Marshfield Orange 11.Individual Results (Winners and local finishers; distances in yards)60: 1. Aaron Wickman (ATH) 6.72; 4. Adam Elhendy-Gunnarsson (MARSH) 7.02; 5. Lee Jepsen (AUB) 7.03; 7. Zach McManus (MARSHB) 7.11; 10. Thomas Gisvold (MARSH) 7.18; 12. Grant Urban (MARSHB) 7.28; 13. Jesse Dickman (STR) 7.34; 14. Quinton Alexander (MARSHB) 7.40; 17. Ethan Young (STR) 7.52; 21. Kyler Haupt (STR) and Kenny Pietrowski (STR) 7.68; 27. A.J. Leonhardt (MARSHO) 7.90; 33. Davis Dietel (STR) 7.99; 34. Adam Walter (SPEN) 8.09; 35. Logan Schmoll (MARSHB) 8.15; 36. John Roherty (MARSHB) 8.30; 37. Brian Garcia (MARSHB) 8.31; 39. Joshua Gayle (MARSHB) 8.34; 40. Seth Kundinger (AUB) 8.43; 41. Hector Rojas (STR) 8.46; 42. Brad Schneider (STR) 8.49; 43. Nick Manecke (STR) 8.52; 45. Andrew Rutschow (MARSHB) 9.15; 46. Miguel Baldovino (MARSHB) 9.34.220: 1. Wickman (ATH) 24.65; 2. Calden Wojt (MARSH) 24.84; 6. Tyler Gilbertson (STR) 26.85; 8. McManus (MARSHO) 27.03; 9. Elhendy-Gunnarsson (MARSHO) 27.18; 12. Isaiah Schilling (SPEN) 27.97; 13. Anthony Gliniecki (STR) 28.12; 15. Dyllan Griepentrog (SPEN) 28.50; 18. Gage Stoflet (AUB) 29.15; 26. Dietel (STR) 30.08; 29. Jacob Rabehl (MARSHB) 31.33; 30. Pietrowski (STR) 31.47; 32. Kundinger (STR) 33.24; 34. Gayle (MARSHB) 34.34.440: 1. Chris Pahl (MARSH) 58.65; 8. Neil Ott (MARSH) 1:01.75; 9. Mark Wenzel (STR) 1:02.00; 11. Kyle Gielbel (STR) 1:02.47; 13. A.J. Schoenfuss (STR) 1:03.21; 15. Rylie Schmidt (SPEN) 1:04.41; 18. Jacob Schneider (SPEN) 1:05.52; 20. Gage Stoflet (AUB) 1:06.28; 26. David Kieke (MARSHB) 1:08.63; 27. Darren Kieffer (AUB) 1:10.34; 29. Schmoll (MARSHB) 1:12.85; 30. David Snortheim (STR) 1:14.84.880: 1. Dillon Novak (ABBY) 2:26.02; 3. Cade Lehman (STR) 2:26.62; 5. John Geissinger (STR) 2:28.72; 7. Carver Empey (AUB) 2:32.56; 18. Kieffer (AUB) 2:52.40; 19. Schneider (SPEN) 2:54.40; 20. Max Weber (SPEN) 2:54.68; 23. Cade Esker (MARSHO) 3:02.59; 24. Caleb Houk (MARSHO) 3:05.84.1-mile: 1. Hunter McManus (MARSH) 5:12.62; 2. Cody Gehrke (AUB) 5:19.36; 4. Geissinger (STR) 5:20.86; 6. Empey (AUB) 5:30.40; 8. Sam Huettl (MARSH) 5:31.30; 13. Collin Fravert (MARSHB) 6:06.96; 14. Lukas Ellefson (SPEN) 6:10.99; 20. Caleb Houk (MARSHO) 6:42.96; 21. Colten Post (SPEN) 6:49.34.2-mile: 1. Cody Simonson (ATH) 11:39.37; 6. Jared Oemig (MARSHB) 12:32.18; 7. James Kollross (MARSH) 12:33.71; 9. Paul Fischer (MARSH) 13:24.93.60 hurdles: 1. Will Spindler (MARSH) 8.45; 5. Nate Beyer (MARSHO) 9.52; 6. Damon Weix (STR) 9.93; 7. Aaron Peters (MARSH) 10.16; 8. Skyler Theisen (MARSHB) 10.25; 13. Eric Kubash (MARSHB) 11.09; 14. Braedon Corteen (MARSHO) 11.50.640 relay: 1. Athens 1:14.94; 2. Marshfield 1:16.47; 4. Stratford 1:19.87; 5. Marshfield Orange 1:20.50; 7. Spencer 1:21.69; 11. Marshfield Orange B 1:24.56; 12. Marshfield Black 1:26.37; 13. Stratford B 1:26.64.1,600 relay: 1. Marshfield 3:55.72; 6. Stratford 4:12.52; 11. Marshfield Black 4:40.90.3,200 relay: 1. Stratford 9:28.11; 4. Marshfield Black 10:01.72; 8. Marshfield Orange 11:01.59; 11. Spencer 11:19.21.High jump: 1. Tyler Masephol (ATH) 5-8; 3. Beyer (MARSH) 5-4; 5. Jacob Miller (SPEN) 5-4; 6. Alex Sainterme (MARSH) and Hunter Reif (STR) 5-2; 9. Chase Conrad (MARSHO) 4-10.Pole vault: 1. Geissinger (STR) 10-0; 2. Noah Schulz (MARSH) 9-6; 4. Kyle Giebel (STR) 9-6; 7. Taylor Schreiner (MARSH) 8-6; 9. Miller (SPEN) 8-0; 14. Jacob Roehl (MARSHB) and Kollross (MARSHB) 6-0.Long jump: 1. Nick Eisner (RL) 18-3.25; 2. Jepsen (AUB) 18-2.25; 4. Spindler (MARSHB) 17-3; 7. Pahl (MARSH) 16-10; 8. Empey (AUB) 16-9; 9. Elhendy-Gunnarsson (MARSH) 16-6.5; 14. Gilbertson (STR) 15-6.5; 16. Schilling (SPEN) 15-4.25; 17. Aaron Riedel (MARSHB) 15-2.75; 19. Conrad (MARSHO) 14-9; 20. Peters (MARSHO) 14-8; 22. Haupt (STR) 14-1; 24. Seth Browne (STR) 13-1.75; 29. Schmoll (MARSHB) 11-9.75.Triple jump: 1. Jordan Blomberg (RL) 38-8.5; 2. Pahl (MARSH) 37-10.75; 4. Spindler (MARSH) 36-6.75; 11. Danen (STR) 34-4.25; 12. Jimmy Draeger (MARSHO) 34-4; 16. Jacob Zuelke (STR) 33-8.5; 17. Grant Urban (MARSHB) 33-7; 18. Jacob Hainzlsperger (SPEN) 31-3; 19. Kieke (MARSHO) 30-4; 20. Manecke (STR) 29-7.75.Shot put: 1. Kasey Kollmansberger (ABBY) 47-3; 2. Tyler Peterson (MARSH) 46-4.5; 8. Andrew Gilkerson (MARSH) 41-9; 9. Jon Wittman (MARSHO) 40-8.5; 10. Chris Collins (MARSHB) 39-8.5; 13. Alexander (MARSHB) 36-5.5; 15. Peters (MARSHO) 36-3; 17. Tyler Krall (STR) 35-8; 19. Dakota Andreae (SPEN) 35-1; 20. Ronnie Drymon (STR) 35-0; 22. Bryce Murray (STR) 34-1; 24. Z. McManus (MARSHB) 33-9; 25. Rutschow (MARSHB) 33-2.5; 28. John Roherty (MARSHB) 32-4; 29. Trent Anderson (MARSHB) 21-8; 31. Leonhardt (MARSHB) 31-4; 32. Ryan Schauer (SPEN) 31-3; 35. Miguel Baldovino (MARSHB) 29-9.5; 43. Hector Rojas (STR) 26-0; 45. Trevor Krueger (STR) 23-6; 46. Ryan Patyk (AUB) 23-1; 47. Kundinger (AUB) 22-2.last_img read more

#Nextchat Recap: Diversity & Inclusion In The 21st Century: What’s Next?

first_img[View the story “#NEXTCHAT RECAP: Diversity & Inclusion In The 21st Century: What’s Next?” on Storify] On June 20 as #Nextchat invited special guest Joe Gerstandt to join us for an informative discussion on “what’s next” for Diversity and Inclusion in the 21st century. In case you missed it, here are all the tweets from the chat:last_img

Internet advertising companies hot in 2006

first_imgrichard macmanus Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Related Posts 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai…center_img Tags:#advertising#web Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… The June 2006 edition of Business 2.0magazine lists the 100fastest-growing tech companies of 2006. One trend that has emerged is that onlineadvertising has replaced retailing as the Web sector that is most in demand. While in2005 eBay was ranked 14 and there were two other retail companies in the top 20, thisyear eBay is ranked 92 and its the only retail company in the entire top 100. On the other hand there are now two online advertising companies in the top 10 in the 2006list – ValueClick (#5) and aQuantive (#7). Digitas comes in at #54 and two Chineseonline advertising companies – Sohu.com (#32) and Sina (#52) – are in the top 100.BusinessWeek notesthat the Internet ad market grew to $12.5 billion last year, a 30 percent increase from2004. All other reports I’ve been reading indicate that there is much more growth tocome. Digitas is currently the marketleader in online advertising. It creates online ad campaigns for big clients likeAmerican Express and GM, “which together accounted for nearly half of ’05 sales”. Thesecond biggest player in this market is aQuantive.The Chinese market is obviously one towatch – “Web advertising is growing three times faster in China than in the States;Sohu is the top seller, with rights to represent the ’08 Olympics in Beijing.”last_img read more

Web Office Week

first_imgA Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… richard macmanus Tags:#web#Web Office This week Read/WriteWeb will be featuring a series of posts about the Web Office. Let’s start by summarizing what exactly is a Web Office. In a June post we mentioned that a Web Office suite should have, at the least, the following apps in it: email, calendar, word processing, spreadsheets, presentations. These are the core products of Microsoft Office, the dominant office suite package. You could also make a case for apps like contacts manager, task manager or even project management to be in the core products, but we’ll keep things real simple. Here’s how the main Web Office contenders shape up:Web Office Suite: Core Products Note: Zimbra and Microsoft Office Live don’t have separate names for their appsIt’s certainly over-simplifying, but it helps to get a sense of where all the main players are in creating a basic Web Office suite. Google Apps has everything but Presentations, but that is rumored to be here soon after recent acquisitions in that space. Zoho has the most complete offering so far, including many other apps not listed (Meeting, Wiki, etc). Zimbra also has an impressive offering – like Google it is only missing Presentations. ThinkFree has the main productivity apps, but it doesn’t have email or calendar.A note about Microsoft. Currently it has a number of different offerings, all under the ‘Office Live’ banner – there are 7 products listed on this page, including Office Live Premium and Office Live Groove. But as yet, no sign that Microsoft will risk its massive desktop Office revenues, by offering an online office suite. Indeed, that may never happen – as Microsoft attempts to create a desktop/online hybrid around its ‘services’ strategy. There are signs though that Microsoft is at least experimenting – earlier this month they announced a free, ad supported version of Microsoft Works, its ‘lite’ office suite. However it isn’t a browser-based office offering, as was rumored last year.Here’s this week’s poll: Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Related Posts 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

CMIH DNV GL Enter Strategic Cooperation

first_imgzoom China Merchants Industry Holding (CMIH) and DNV GL have signed a strategic cooperation agreement with a focus on advancing shipbuilding in the gas carrier, offshore and special vessel segments.The deal will see the companies working together to optimize construction processes and quality control, in order to develop vessels that meet the varying requirements of these markets.“This agreement offers both our companies a great opportunity to learn from each other and work together to drive new developments in the gas carrier, offshore and special vessel segments,” Torgeir Sterri, Regional Manager Greater China at DNV GL – Maritime, said.“CMIH is highly regarded for its expertise in building a variety of vessels and offshore units and we look forward to collaborating with CMIH now and in the future,” Sterri added.Signed at Nor-Shipping this week, the cooperation deal covers collaborations on classification issues, regulatory questions and extends into research and development as well as training.last_img read more