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see the conversion of Amoysh419 Wang Zhan talks about the career path doing the right thing in the

012 years in July 31st, "sh419 certification" conference held in Hilton Beijing Hotel, from the well-known enterprises, universities, industry associations opinion leaders gathered to open the "sh419 certified" comprehensive social promotion curtain. At the conference site, Wang Zhan, vice president of sh419, shared his career experience and stressed the need to do the right thing in the industry."

when users use the keyword search to your website, click to enter a commodity, so much, not looking for that type of baby, the result will lead him directly off your website click on the link below. read more

Within 3 months of a large number of methods to enhance the site outside the chain

2, forum, blog and other platform in doing all these things, many beginners are in a number of forums and blogs in a fixed blind copy, paste, because it really is very boring, so although it can increase the number of the chain, but the written content is easy to ignore, some people even too lazy to change the account, a two account frequently, the result is not the account was closed, is not the amount that browse, there is no one, not to mention what the chain, flow. Do BBS, blog needs diversity, not limited to several forums and blogs, the best of these sites is high weight, easy to be included. Some of the chain I did before, is four, fifty conversion forum, that included fast and stable, does not appear what repeatability, let search engine to maintain freshness, while visitors will feel fresh, feel useful, reproduced or preserved, can increase the number of chain and flow effectively, even the conversion rate. The title of the article to be fascinating, content targeted. read more

The latest Shanghai ranked 2011 love experiences


: the first page architecture with SE

third page: the internal rational strong inside chain

Er all know that love Shanghai ranking algorithm updates more frequently, often caused by fluctuating phenomenon ranking. In the rankings, Shanghai love fluctuates several ranking is normal, we do not have to confound, as long as you don’t cheat, just waiting for the adjustment can be observed. Continue to adjust the ranking algorithm also helps us do Shanghai dragon also should keep pace with the times and continue to practice and discovery algorithm changes, changes in the elements, so as to keep up with the situation of search engine. For the optimization for love Shanghai to promote some viewpoints and experiences unisignflex Shanghai dragon briefly talk about their own share. First, I’ll give you a formula look, I think Shanghai should optimize promotion sex according to the following formula to the multiplier. The formula is as follows: love Shanghai optimization promotion page architecture with SE = + high quality original update + page reasonably strong inside chain + high quality link read more

Optimization of the keywords ranking why not stable

well, the word "Shijiazhuang Shanghai dragon" has no difficulty? Just love Shanghai, love Shanghai for you to find relevant results about 268000 (love Shanghai regularly clean junk pages, so great changes), PC (computer) index 58, mobile index 27, fell in love with the sea is 2 pages. The sea fell in love with the top 20 web sites, the shortest time site is 9 months.

website 1 shortcomings: user experience.

website 2 disadvantage: authoritative, it lacks most of the site.

today, most of the site is the original content, compared to those collected copy site advantage is much better, because the love of Shanghai, the original site is also paid more attention to. read more

On site Shanghai Longfeng optimization process in the content construction of thinking oriented anal

first, the user needs analysis to statistics every hour and moment demand analysis is one of the core factors of our conception of website content. The main reason is the sufficient analysis you have to face the demand of consumers, as long as we can understand the needs of users according to the demand of creation to meet the needs of users, such as your site in the process of background statistics found that many friends are online search sites that sell jade is good, like the long tail words I found the website, with this opportunity, the author specifically targeted to write many articles, on the long tail word analysis and writing is a writing power and blasting point, secondly, is to solve user problems in certain aspects or doubts, to better meet the user’s search needs, this article is sure to be better to obtain the user’s favor, so enhance the site PV and viscosity is a natural. read more

Love Shanghai hot real time preview adjustment algorithm

preview only for search results page for the latest information of this type. When we move the mouse to the vocabulary when real hot inside, the result is a preview of the search results page home page top, and belong to the latest information related to this arrangement, but when we move to Zhou Chenghai when the name, the result displayed is not the case, as shown below:


just love Shanghai is adjusted, but this is probably only to have love Shanghai accounts. Because only love Shanghai accounts in Shanghai love home to add real-time hot columns, actually love Shanghai before the launch of the home page to add the application, has been in Shanghai account for love publicity, tell everyone, love Shanghai registered account, can get a better user experience. Now the further expansion, perhaps is also just a test. But now let’s look at the Shanghai love this test, we can get the guess what. read more

How to deal with the website about web site optimization process snapshot stagnation

: the first space suck. From yesterday afternoon to now, the speed of the open web site has been very slow, bloggers use is free hosting, free hosting fan phenomenon is there, the website does not open, the user can not access the site, when the spider to update the site can not access the site, it would give you a web site what new flow, your site what update it does not know, so snapshot of stagnation is quite normal. So the website in a line, the webmaster should find a good host for your web site, can save money on top of this, the most basic independent IP, free trial period, stable server, good customer service service is to want some, bloggers are now ready for foreign GoDaddy host, in it the Chinese website (贵族宝贝godaddy.idcspy贵族宝贝) that can provide SSL certificate for the electricity supplier site trial. read more

How to ER and Shanghai dragon net to catch fish

method two: make full use of the advanced search

has experience of the old fisherman will determine where to fish, so they will cast their nets often gather in the place to fish, but not every smart fisherman put the nets in the few places, they will find a new place to put the bait. The same reason, many Shanghai dragon ER have a clear mind, do the chain to find those high weight website, but a lot of people do every day the chain is limited to the few sites: Shanghai know love known to every family (space, Post Bar, experience), Tianya, NetEase, Sohu, Sina, A5, Chinaz, ask, Shanghai dragon why, the site of the chain effect is very good, we all know that, but it’s not necessary to spend all day in these sites, the Internet is very big, we can go to dig some new sites. (before this, it is recommended that you install can display the browser plug-in below PR Alexa with convenient operation): read more

Network promotion personnel need to have nine query tool

1, website ranking.

Alexa ranking query address: 贵族宝贝alexa.chinaz贵族宝贝/

3, the channel access ratio of

ranking query

Alexa ranking query tool is a tool to estimate the site visits. For your own website, we can accurately count the installation of 51la, cnzz and other statistical code access, but if you want to understand the other site is hard to do. Then we can use Alexa tools to analyze the competitor’s website, to understand the situation of other sites in the same field. read more

How to update the content of the website optimization


many owners often reprinted content from other sites, enrich the website, think you can enrich the content of the website, the search engines often come to visit my website. In fact, this is very wrong, as the saying goes with your enquiry, the content does not need too much, but must ensure the quality. High quality original content, of course, can effectively improve the site’s weight, and if the owners do not have the time to get too much of the original content, but also can be used to solve the pseudo original, reproduced charges of pseudo original content etc.. read more

Share modify the website TDK one month after the weights of two levels rise


although this is a problem called a commonplace talk of an old scholar, but Shanghai dragon back and forth cannot do without these elements, but the key is that the author of the site updated to meet consumer tastes is keeping pace with the times, that is to say, write some of the more relevant in the current environment of Shanghai Longfeng paper. The benefits of doing so can let consumers interested in click on your article, by colleagues for the spider included will have a good effect, for example, before the Christmas Eve, Christmas singing activities "," Guangzhou No. six subway line opened near what fun tomorrow "and the upcoming" Eve Countdown "and so on, writing for the author to provide Everfount material for the Shanghai dragon. read more

Chen Zhengjie how to choose the best website keywords


Hello, I am Chen Zhengjie. Today we are going to share how to choose the best website keywords. With years of experience and network marketing: four standard keyword selection: (correlation) of a rate (conversion) (a search volume) once (competition).

: the first (correlation) refers to the choice of keywords and website content, for example: the website is the paint industry, then choose the keywords and paint: paint, paint business agent etc.. For example, keywords layout of the site of my www.02082贵族宝贝 is good. read more

At the beginning of a portal site of Shanghai dragon and the corresponding solutions to problem diag


from the March has passed nearly 7 months, the overall site optimization and the promotion of the changes is different from before and after all, according to the actual situation in the business to be adjusted, so the time can also be combined with the site itself to find some shadow (of course, if you want to read this article, must be combined with the site to see see) it changes. Nonsense not say, straight into the topic.


took over an insurance information portal, before nearly half a year, due to various reasons to leave Shanghai Longfeng this circle to do marketing and intermediary, so in just over and do a lot of homework, aiming at the existing problems of the website made a diagnosis problems, and provides the corresponding solutions for the problems, now have the time to give it to share out, is also the record he was at that time the occupation course of read more

Six points on the construction of the station group

four points, the construction of website

old domain name those who have been through or are still included in Shanghai love love Shanghai included, must have a reverse link and weight. YAHOO link, at least there should be the reverse link from the home page, if you encounter the same industry that is better.

station group construction is necessary for the novice webmaster no contacts and money, we come from the homepage of the chain mostly rely on Links to achieve, but the number of our master can do Links is quite limited, this time on the need to set up our resources to do the master station one-way links or find other sites do cross links. Station group in the search engine appears to be cheating, although the search engine for the station, there is no perfect measures, but the station group construction still carefully, the author summed up the five points station group construction, for the novice webmaster reference. read more

Shanghai dragon website security can not be ignored

, a website vulnerability can allow hackers to implant trojan website content was tampered with, how to deal with this

now webmasters to quickly make their website promotion success, many people use other website vulnerabilities, hackers through the means in terms of their site outside the chain linked to the others on the site, so as to improve their website weight, and also through the implantation of wood Malay to steal other people’s accounts, even pop-up ads this dialog box, let others site suffered heavy losses. When your site safety problems when the content of your site is completely may be a fish, but many hackers love to show off, is to put the content on your site is changed beyond recognition, data were also ruthless if tampering is the electronic commerce website can also cause trade disputes, if the site the data on no backup, then your website will suffer a heavy blow, basically back to the night before the liberation of read more

Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel detailed analysis of S log method


: a IIS log file to record what "people" to visit your site, including search engine spiders in what time by the server port to which path to access your website under the domain name, through access to the path server status code number, then you can know what the spider action, we actually can use FTP to download can see, download the file name is logfile, we can see a lot of common status code, and then log in for example 200: successful access and download page to download the KB number; 301: permanent redirect; 304: page 400: no change, error request; 403: the server refused request; 404: 500: dead link; internal server error; 503: the service is not available, the code we should keep in mind! This is Shanghai Dragon The first essential skills of practitioners of read more

Summarizes the three views influence of improved website love Shanghai algorithm

two, high weight website also face investigation

a simple example, suppose we give A the keyword of the website "Shanghai dragon" has done a lot of the chain, the search engine will be a short period of time to calculate the number of votes and the corresponding chain gives its ranking, followed by the judgment of the search keywords Shanghai dragon and Phoenix into the site is really able to meet the needs of users through the user the act, if not or other sites has more obvious advantages, so love Shanghai search engine will reduce the words "Shanghai dragon" ranking. read more

Shanghai dragon flood era webmaster should be how to retreat

focus on industry dynamics

in Shanghai Longfeng work in the course of several years, feel the best state that every day landing sites to understand the latest developments, such as love Shanghai webmaster forum again today to update what algorithm, an industry broke what love Shanghai bad case, this news although sometimes seemingly and not take sides however, to understand the industry dynamics will let you the overall trend of Shanghai dragon and Phoenix have a great direction, and will not easily go astray, see other webmasters some outstanding cases at the same time, also can let you have more power to do something. read more

Running to improve the details of three new sites included speed to seize the multiplier

because human beings have a common problem is that the new government took office three fire, a new station will have a lot of energy to operate the site, so the content and the chain of new sites are soaring in a very short time, but this type of website construction boom is not enough to get love in search of Shanghai the engine is the focus of attention, if words are also negative attention, because for search engines, more want to see is the website operation for a long-term stable construction, rather than the frenzied days of construction, the next few days and there is no static approach, even if one day the chain growth rate the content of growth too fast, too much, it will be like Shanghai that is cheating, will be the site close to the black box in the longer time. read more

The construction of the chain of social resource

two, CMS

has a very good effect in a few years ago, as a result, some webmaster, others will copy the template, add your own website and link, and for other owners to use.

look, love Shanghai’s search results, there is also a growing number of micro-blog, renren贵族宝贝 website ranking, and included the amount of the long tail word ranking is also very impressive. So where is the chain construction, not only very high quality, but also get considerable traffic sources.

analysis: there are many CMS systems free on the Internet, many websites especially personal website or some enterprise site, is to use the CMS system available, such as Dede, shopex, WordPress, ECSHOP, as the program is open source, the construction site is very convenient, as long as the corresponding template can be set. read more